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1. Timloc Specification Guide NEW 2018
Cavity Trays DPC Cavity Closers Eaves Vent roof Ventilators Radon Barrier Methane Barrier Gas Sleeve Tray Acoustic Cavity Stop soffit vents

Published [25/06/18]File size [14838 KB]

2. Timloc Pocket Guide A5
Roof ventilation and accessories, cavity trays, loft access panels

Published [28/05/19]File size [1633 KB]

3. Timloc Dry Fix Launch Presenter 2016
dry fix solutions for Roof Trim roofline and above

Published [11/07/19]File size [6795 KB]

4. Timloc Loft Access Doors Section 08.17
A range of insulated loft access hatches with drop in or lift off doors.

Published [11/07/19]File size [1586 KB]

5. Timloc Access Panels - Specification Guide
A range of access panels fire rated and non fire rated available in both plastic and metel. Variants include clip in, hinged, locks, beaded, picture framed and circular Ideal as gas flue

Published [28/05/19]File size [276 KB]

6. Timloc Roofline and Above Product Guide 2016
Roof Ventilation Accessories

Published [12/07/19]File size [1337 KB]

7. Timloc Cavity Closers Fire Acoustic Stops - Specification Guide
Cavity Closers Fire Acoustic Stops

Published [12/07/19]File size [493 KB]

8. Timloc Gas Barrier Damp Proofing Accessories - Specification Guide
gas barrier and damp Proofing Accessories

Published [12/07/19]File size [271 KB]

9. Timloc Under Floor Through Wall Ventilation Specification Guide
Under Floor Through Wall Ventilation, Air Vents for walls and underfloors

Published [12/07/19]File size [607 KB]

Timloc 0.35 & 0.25 U Value Zero Air Leakage Hinged Loft Access Door Range
A range of Airtight insulated loft access hatches with hinged doors

Published [05/09/13]File size [323 KB]

Timloc 3500 and 3510 Ducting to Airbrick Adaptor Set

Published [15/09/15]File size [794 KB]

Timloc Airbrick Adapter Datasheet

Published [28/05/19]File size [463 KB]

Timloc DPC Cavity Trays - Specification Guide
cavity trays for brickwork

Published [12/07/19]File size [972 KB]

Timloc Drill Vent Datasheet
Cavity Ventilator and Drainage Weep

Published [15/08/19]File size [391 KB]

Timloc Dry Fix Verge System for Profiled Roof Tiles
Dry Verge Systems

Published [15/08/19]File size [6759 KB]

Timloc Invisiweep Datasheet 2019
Cavity Wall Weeps

Published [15/08/19]File size [203 KB]

Timloc Radiator Pipework Air Barrier Intro Brochure
Radiator Pipework Air Barrier

Published [12/07/19]File size [422 KB]

Timloc Sales Structure Map New Address 20.11.17

Published [16/02/18]File size [369 KB]

Timloc Telescopic Underfloor Ventilation Datasheet
Telescopic Underfloor Ventilation

Published [15/08/19]File size [97 KB]