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1. Relcross Door Control Brochure
Architectural Ironmongers & Door Hardware

Published [30/04/19]File size [1746 KB]

2. Relcross Escape Hardware Brochure
Architectural Ironmongers & Door Hardware Specialists

Published [18/10/19]File size [1384 KB]

3. Relcross Keylex Brochure - update 2016
End Users & Door Hardware Specialists

Published [18/10/19]File size [2512 KB]

4. Relcross Hinges and Pivots Brochure
Architectural Ironmongers & Door Hardware Specialists

Published [18/10/19]File size [426 KB]

41. Relcross Von Duprin 99 Series - Loddon Doors
Flood Doors Use Von Duprin Escape Hardware, escape devices

Published [15/02/18]File size [544 KB]

42. LCN Auto Equalizers at Harper Adams University
Case study of a range of pneumatic powered LCN Auto Equalisers installed at Harper Adams University in Shropshire

Published [02/06/16]File size [746 KB]

43. Relcross Automatics - Cheshire Homes - Relcross
Relcross Low Energy Swing Door Operators

Published [02/04/19]File size [585 KB]

44. Epernay Champagne Bar Washrooms
Hadrian Elite Powdercoated Steel toilet cubicles in RAL Colours.

Published [02/06/16]File size [616 KB]

45. No 1 Watson Street Bar uses LCN Automatic Closer
Case study of Manchester bar using LCN 9140 automatic door closer operated by wall mounted push buttons or "Push'N Go" setting. Door Controls, Door Openers.

Published [02/06/16]File size [583 KB]

46. Bamford Doors use LCN Closers for Door Solution
Case study of LCN 4111 door closer used by Bamford Doors of Stockport to solve closer problem at small housing association development.

Published [02/06/16]File size [487 KB]

47. Oaks Restaurant Washrooms
Case study. Hadrian Steel Toilet Cubicles in Nottingham hotel washrooms. Cubicles in unpainted galvannealed finish.

Published [02/06/16]File size [451 KB]

48. Dramatic Water Savings by Ambassador Theatre group
Case study of the installation of waterless urinals at 5 London theatres

Published [31/03/17]File size [403 KB]

49. Bath University Rely on LCN Door Closers
Case study about the installation of LCN door closers in new building at Bath University

Published [31/03/17]File size [516 KB]

5. Relcross Safe & Secure including Anti-Ligature Solutions
Specifiers, Architectural Ironmongers & Door Hardware

Published [08/09/16]File size [3514 KB]

50. Keylex Digital Locks at New Weston College
Case study about the use of Keylex mechanical digital locks at the new North Somerset Enterprise and Technology campus in Weston-super-Mare

Published [31/03/17]File size [472 KB]

51. Hadrian Toilet Cubicles Add to Shake Shack Style
Case study about the use of Hadrian steel toilet cubicles at Shake Shack branches throughout the UK.

Published [31/03/17]File size [541 KB]

52. Hadrian Cubicles at Putney Theatre
Hadrian steel toilet cubicles starred in the refurbishment of both the ladies and gents washrooms at the Putney Arts Theatre.

Published [19/03/19]File size [522 KB]

53. Relcross door closers keep brewery green
Hillside Brewery chose LCN door closers to solve a heat loss problem

Published [19/03/19]File size [542 KB]

54. Wonderful Washrooms at Walthamstow Wetlands
Hadrian Steel Toilet Cubicles have been installed in the visitor centre at Walthamstow Wetlands

Published [19/03/19]File size [488 KB]

55. Von Duprin Show the Way
Emergency Exit Devices,Luminous TouchbarsRelcross have employed their problem solving experience by supplying Von Duprin 99QEL exit devices to Advanced Diesel Engineering (ADE) of South Kirkby in Yorkshire.

Published [19/03/19]File size [389 KB]

56. DAF Trucks Choose Hadrian For Quality and Environmental Performance
Hadrian Elite steel toilet cubicles have been installed in all the washrooms at the DAF Trucks UK headquarters

Published [19/03/19]File size [442 KB]

57. Relcross Solve Door Closer Problems at John Ferneley College
Relcross recommended LCN 4111 door closers to solve problems affecting three sets of double doors at the John Ferneley College in Leicestershire.

Published [19/03/19]File size [584 KB]

6. Relcross Access Controls Brochure
Architectural Ironmongers & Door Hardware Specialists

Published [18/10/19]File size [1612 KB]

Hager Full Euroline Catalogue Relcross Door Controls
Hinges, Door trims, door controls, exit devices, mortise locks, cylinders, Door levers, door furniture. Euroline locksets. Overhead door closers, floor springs.

Published [17/12/19]File size [1749 KB]

Ives Full Catalogue 2017 Relcross Door Controls
Architectural hardware. Hinges and Pivots. Door Pulls and Push Plates. Flush Bolts & Coordinators. Latches, Catches & Bolts. Door Stops. Exterior Door Furniture. Hooks & Brackets. Window Hardware. Cabinet/Closet Hardware.

Published [17/12/19]File size [8330 KB]

Pemko Lites Louvres Relcross Door Controls
Door vision lights / panels Door grilles. Door ventilation louvres. Fire Glazing Tapes.

Published [17/12/19]File size [758 KB]

Pemko Markar Full Line Catalogue Relcross Door Controls
Hinges, Door Thresholds, Door Seals, Sliding and Folding Door Hardware, Carpet Trims, Floor Edgings, Stair nosings, garage door weatherstrrips, Door Vision lights, panels, grilles and louvres. Door frame accessories.

Published [17/12/19]File size [15513 KB]

Pemko PDL Privacy Door Latch
Pemko Privacy Door Latches door environments with corridor-to-interior openings such as hotels or dormitories. The door can be opened for identification while providing privacy for the guest or resident.

Published [19/02/20]File size [847 KB]

Relcross DDA Document
A Guide to Operating Forces on DDA Compliant Fire Door Assemblies

Published [20/01/14]File size [373 KB]

Relcross Falcon Waterless Urinals

Published [17/11/15]File size [688 KB]

Relcross Hardware Solution for Schools
Door and Washroom Hardware Expertise

Published [20/01/14]File size [1431 KB]

Schlage L Series Catalogue - Part 1 (pages 1-9)

Published [14/11/17]File size [891 KB]

Schlage L Series Catalogue - Part 2 (pages 10-18)

Published [14/11/17]File size [1025 KB]

Schlage L Series Catalogue - Part 3 (pages 19-27)

Published [14/11/17]File size [585 KB]

Schlage L Series Catalogue - Part 4 (pages 28-36)

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Von Duprin Door Control Security Full Catalogue Relcross Door Controls
Door control and security exit hardware. Electric Strikes, Electric Locks, Door exit alarms, Electrified removable mullions.

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