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Alumasc AWMS Introduction Pack
rainwater gutters, rainwater downpipes, rainwater products, rainwater goods, kerb drainage systems,Channel drainage, access covers, aluminium Facias, soffits, copings, floor drains, roof outlets,

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Alumasc AX Snapfix Gutters & Downpipes Overview
Extruded Aluminium Gutter Systems with new Snap Fix clip together fittings

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Alumasc Gatic Composite Cover
Gatic Composite is a comprehensive system of single duct and multispan access covers and frames for use in pedestrian areas where an anti-slip, light weight, lockable and aesthetic solution is required in environments up to B125 loading

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Alumasc Gatic F900 Assist Lift Covers
assist lift covers for rapid access

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Alumasc Gatic Kerbdrain Brochure June 18
Recycled Composite Combined Kerb Drain Solutions

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Alumasc Gatic Pave Access Cover Feb 17
Gatic Pave is a comprehensive system of single, duct and multi span access covers and frames for use in paved areas where an aesthetic finish is required in environments up to D400 loading

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Alumasc Harmer Floor & Shower Drains
Harmer Floor & Shower Drainage Outlets, Channels and Backflow Valves

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Alumasc Harmer SML Building Drainage 2019
Cast Iron Above & Below Ground Soil & Waste Systems. Cast Iron Soil Pipes, Cast Iron Waste Pipes, Cast Iron Underground Drainage Pipes

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Alumasc Skyline Showcase Brochure June 2019
Aluminium Fascias, soffits, cills, copings, column casings, window surrounds

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Alumasc Steel Rainwater Brochure June 2019
Infinity steel rainwater gutters & downpipes, Copper Gutters and Downpipes, Quartz Zinc Gutters and Downpipes, Rainwater goods, rainwater systems

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Aluminium Rainwater Technical Brochure
Aluminium, Cast Iron & Steel Rainwater Systems

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Gatic Filcoten Parkline Drainage Brochure
Multi Slot Channel Drainage for shallow invert applications

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Gatic Access Covers Airports Ports
access covers

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Gatic Coex Drainage Covers Brochure
Multispan covers and frames

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Gatic Covers Installation Brochure
access covers

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Gatic Drainage Brochure -July 18
The Range includes engineered gas and air-tight access covers, heavy duty access covers, Slotdrain surface water drainage systems, channel drainage, linear drainage and kerb drainage.

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Gatic Parade Technical Brochure
Stainless Steel and Aluminium Access Covers and Frames

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Gatic Ports and Airports Brochure
Inspection access & surface water drainage

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Gatic Precast Brochure
Precast Access Chambers and Covers

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Gatic Proslot Drainage System Brochure
drainage system that beats conventional channels and gratings

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Gatic Slotdrain - July 18
Gatic Slotdrain channels are suitable for applications up to F900 (depending on the system type). The hexagonal profile ensures our systems can handle everything from a rain drop to a rainstorm with similar efficiency.

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