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01 - wedi Innovations Brochure 2023 UK
Wetroom and Bathroom Preformed Construction Elements, Preformed Shower Elements, Shower Drains, Internal Water Resistant Building Boards, Niches, Shower Flooring.

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02. wedi At a Glance UK Brochure
Modular Bathroom and Wetroom Construction Elements, Shower Drains, Shower Elements, Internal Building Boards.

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03 - wedi Fundo Shower Systems Brochure
Floor-level showers for the highest demand When selecting flush-to-floor showers, the most sought-after characteristics are quality, reliability, functionality and design whilst also offering a straightforward, safe and quick installation.

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04 - wedi Fundo Complete Systems Brochure
shower solutions with integrated drainage, When selecting flush-to-floor showers, the most sought-after characteristics are quality, reliability, functionality and design whilst also offering a straightforward, safe and quick installation. These requirements form the basis of the Fundo complete systems thus offer a multitude of benefits with an impressive performance.

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05 - wedi World of Systems Brochure
From building boards through shower and bath elements to complete system solutions, and appropriate sealing and installation accessories, for bathroom, wetroom and shower design and modular construction. Crack bridging decoupling membranes. Prefabricated spa and wellness construction elements. Underwater construction elements. TopLine, TopWall, Fundo, TechnicalWall, Sanoasa, Sanwell, IboardPlus, wediXXL, Vapor85, Construct, PreLine, Mensolo, Bathboard, FundoTrollo, Nautilo, NonStepProS, SublinerDry&Flex, NonStepPlan, NonStepPlus.

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06 - wedi UK Bathroom Inspirations
luxury bathrooms

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07 - wedi Ready to Install Design Surfaces Brochure
Ready-to-install elegant, seamless alternatives to traditional tiles that fit perfectly. The wedi Top series feature design surfaces for shower floors and for walls in the bathroom and shower. The Fundo Top range offer a perfect fit for several wedi Fundo shower elements in either point or linear design, whilst the classic natural stone look of wedi Top Wall elements allow for the creation of timeless, contemporary finish in bathrooms and wetroom

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08 - wedi TIPS & TRICKS - Wall solutions
wedi wall solutions. Building boards. Shower partition walls. XXL wall elements. Factory prefabricated modular wall structures for bathrooms and showers. SanwellXXL. wediTechnicalWall.

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09- wedi UK Wellness Oases with Unique Steam Baths Brochure
wedi offers a multitude of options for designing your own personal steam bath. From the choice of the cabin geometry to the roof design, comfortable seating or bath furniture to the technical equipment, every detail can be designed exactly how you want it.

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10 - wedi Modular Construction UK Brochure 2020
Ready-to-assemble systems for designing and redeveloping wetrooms and bathrooms. Prefabricated modular construction elements, Toilet, shower cubilcle, washbasin modules, Freestanding partition walls. Niches.

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12 - wedi spa and wellness
for private and public areas the wedi spa and wellness range is 100% waterproof modular system with multiple certifications.

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13 - wedi Floor Sound Insulation Brochure - 2022
Acoustic Shower Flooring.

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14 - wedi Brochure Ways to Sustainability
Building Boards, Bathroom and Wetroom Building Boards, Water Resistant Internal Building Boards.

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16 - wedi Rio Ligno Flyer UK 2020
Fully sealed slim shower elements developed especially for installation in suspended timber floors.

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17 - wedi Flyer Vapor 85 and 620 - 2020
Vapour Barrier Boards, Building Boards, Water Resistant Interior Building Boards.

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18 - wedi I-Board & I-Board Plus Flyer 2020
WC Cisten Cladding for wall hung toilets, WC Drywall installation cladding.

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19 - wedi PreLine (technical flyer) 2020
Underfloor Heating Boards.

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20 - wedi Flyer Sanoasa Shine UK 2020
wellness loungers with luxurious design coating

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21. wedi Tools Sealing Shower Trays v1 UK
wedi Tools® shower tray sealing set wedi waterproofing expertise for shower trays made of synthetic resin, ceramic and acrylic

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22. wedi Top Line V1
Internal Wall Claddings, Preformed Cladding Surfaces for Showers and Baths, Preformed Shower Elements.

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wedi Overview 2019
wedi building boards and tile backer boards allow unlimited possibilities for bathroom and shower design. Whether it is a new build or renovation project the wedi range has a complete and versatile coverage to ensure it meets your projects requirements. Flush to floor showers to linear or point drainage. The wedi range of systems will cater to your needs.

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