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01. wedi Brochure UK wedi World of Systems 2018 UK
Flush to floor showers, shelf and niche designs, Wellness bathroom furniture, shower elements, shower drains.

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02. wedi Fundo Shower Systems Brochure 2018
Versatile. Reliable. Fundo.Whether a conventional floor element or a complete system with integrated technology with either classic point drainage or elegant linear drainage – whatever the requirement is, the right floor element can be found in the Fundo series: 10 designs, 3 different drain locations and numerous sizes to meet the high demand of planners, contractors and installers.

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03. wedi Brochure Benches and Niches
Practical design elements - new range of shower benches and niches from wedi - waterproof,customisable, tileable and heat-insulating

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04. wedi Sound Insulation brochure
The latest generation of sound insulation in the shower - wedi Nonstep Pro

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05. wedi Brochure UK Fundo Complete Systems 2018 v1
Innovative shower solutions with integrated drainage

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06. wedi Brochure UK Bathroom Inspiration 2018
A 'visual' brochure suggesting bathroom concepts by room size, family size and style of living. Numerous bathroom & shower designs using wedi's waterproof, tile backer boards, shower trays

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07. wedi Product brochure
Detailed catalouge of the whole wedi standard product range with product codes, descriptions and technical drawings.

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08. wedi Bathroom Advice brochure
A 'visual' brochure showing the endless possibilities in using wedi's versatile, waterproof, tileable, heat-insulating products ranges, such as shapeable buidling boards, tile backer boards, shower tray elements, bath cladding to mention only a few.

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09. wedi Sealing and Decoupling
Two of the most important characteristics of the wedi system solution is sealing and decoupling. In this brochure: wedi building boards, wedi Subliner Sealing & Decoupling membranes and the wedi Nonstep range.

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10. wedi Building Boards - Interior
A technical brochure detailing the use and installation of wedi's waterproof, tileable and thermally insulating building boards with extensive information on their technical properties.

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11. wedi Tips and Tricks - Partition Shower Wall Brochure
A practical brochure discussing the creation of free-standing or partition walls with wedi's waterproof, tileable, heat-insulating building boards, tile backer boards.

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12. wedi Brochure UK Wellness oases with unique steam baths 2018
From steam rooms to communal shower areas, footbaths to whirlpools and swimming pools, every detail can be designed exactly to the client’s requirements.

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wedi Brochure Building Solutions UK 2015
building solutions for bathrooms

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wedi Brochure Innovations 2017 Fundo INTEGRO
wedi Fundo Integro, Introducing the slimmest standard-compliant complete wedi shower system with integrated drainage an 50mm trap height - waterproof, tileable and heat-insulating

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wedi Brochure Innovations in 2019 - UK
drain covers, channels

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wedi Brochure UK Fundo Complete Systems 2018 v1
Shower construction elements. Floor element, drainage and slope all in one system.

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wedi Building Systems brochure
A practical brochure introducing wedi's diverse product range from standard building boards through shower elements to their design/wellness elements briefly touching their installations as well.

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wedi Cover Design and Construct
A technical brochure detailing the use and installation of wedi's versatile tileable, waterproof and heat-insulating building board range as well as their preformed elements made especially for cladding (WC, bath, pipes...etc) and also construction of tileable bathroom furniture such as washstands by using wedi's standard building boards.

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wedi Customised Buildings UK Brochure
A brochure introducing wedi's outstanding customised building and bespoke services...

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wedi Design Line Brochure GB
A'visual' brochure featuring wedi's diverse design range such as their modular and diverse wall system the wedi Moltoromo range or their modular benches and loungers as well as many more designer showers and wellness elements.

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wedi Designer Grates brochure
A small 'visual' brochure featuring the whole range of wedi Fundo Fino designer grates.

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wedi Fundo Top brochure
New ready-to-fit seamless cover complementing the wedi Fundo shower tray elements, as an alternative to traditional tiling.

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wedi Moltoromo brochure
Introducing the modular wall system from wedi allowing versatile design configurations in any area of the house.

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wedi Overview 2018 v1
A visual overview of wedi's versatile product range: waterproof, tileable and heat-insulating building boards, Tile backer boards, shower tray elements, wellness elements and other preformed elements as well as a large variety of accessories.

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wedi Solso brochure
A shower tray which is reliable under vinyl? A floor-level shower element from wedi for PVC coverings. Waterproof, tileable and heat-insulating.

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wedi Technical Brochure Wellness Objects
A technical brochure discussing the installation and technical properties of wedi's design elements such as their modular benches, loungers and free-standing designer showers to mention only a few.

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