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1. SFS AP Rivet Fastenings Brochure
Faster fastening ideal for securing high performance cladding panels to steel or aluminium support systems

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1. SFS Roofing and Cladding Catalogue 2020
Hinges, Fasteners, Fixings, Concealed Hinges, Cladding Fixings, Thermally Broken Fasteners.

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2. SFS TDBL Fasteners Brochure
A fastener that secures steel-to-steel connections in diverse fields of application without a nut

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3. SFS SXC5 Fasteners Brochure
stainless steel Drilling fasteners for light gauge steel and wood. Composite Panel Constructions.

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4. SFS Isotak BS 4,8 Fastener Brochure 2018
The SFS isotak® fastening system was launched more than ten years ago for the mechanical fastening of waterproof membrane and insulation to flat roof decks. An important component of the overall system is the BS-4,8 self drilling fastener for use with steel decks.

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5. SFS Flat Roofing Catalogue UK 2017
fastening system tools & accessories

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6. SFS TUF S Brochure 2019
TUF-S fastener - a concealed, secure and easy attachment fixing solution for HPL or fibre cement panels.

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7. SFS Fall Protection System Brochure
Fall Protection Systems, Fall Arrest Equipment, Energy Absorbing Safety Anchors, Lifelines

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NVELOPE Brochure
Essential to architects and installers. We ensure that our rainscreen support solutions make the life of the architect and the installer easier and more time efficient. We have been involved in rainscreen support systems for more than twenty years. We are focused on staying ahead of the curve and invest in anticipating ‘what next’. We listen to our architectural and installation customers.

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SFS CPD Brochure
Airtightness and thermal efficiency CPD Seminar how to achieve a cost effective roofing and cladding system.

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SFS Dynamic 3D 20mm
door hinges

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SFS Dynamic Hinge Brochure
pivotal hinges, door hinges

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Screw Anchors for concrete and masonry. Concrete and Masonry fasteners.

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SFS Nonut Installation Guide
The TDBL nonut self-threading screw connects pre-drilled supporting steel structures together without any nuts or washers.

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SFS Pivot Hinges Brochure
Pivot Door Hinges

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SFS Powder Coating 2017 Brochure
Warranted powder coated fasteners from SFS

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SFS SLG S Fastest and Safest Fastener INFO
The fastest and safest fastener in the world.

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SFS Timber Construction Fasteners Brochure
Timber Construction Fasteners. F;ixings for structural timber.

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SFS W Tec 3D Combo Concealed Hinge
concealed hinges

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