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Magply Brochure
Timber Frame Render Systems Steel Frame Systems Rainscreen Cladding Modular Build Spandrel Panels SIP Panels

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Magply Fire Brochure
fire protection and dry lining boards construction boards panels

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Magply Fire Fixing Sheet
fire protection and performance dry lining board

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Magply Instructions
Magply Taping and Skimming Instructions

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Magply MG-Fibreboard KIWA-Test-Information
Magply MG-Fibreboard

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Magply Recovery Board UK
Magply Recovery /Protection Board

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Magply Render Brochure
Magply is a high strength board designed for direct render applications to form the external fa├žades of commercial and domestic properties which utilise hybrid frames structures. A1 Non-combustible offering excellent fire resistance and is resistant to frost, moisture and impact and has been tested for use with a variety of render systems.

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Magply Tilebacker Brochure
tilebacker boards tole backer board

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