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1. Newton Guide To Waterproofing
COMPLETE WATERPROOFING SOLUTIONS FOR NEW AND EXISTING STRUCTURES, Basement Waterproofing, Deck Waterproofing, Tunnel Waterproofing, Historic Building Waterproofing

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1. Newton Waterproofing Product Catalogue 2021
Structural waterproofing. External waterproofing systems. Cavity Drained Waterproofing Systems. Cold Applied Liquid Membranes. Waterproof Coatings. Liquid Roofing Membranes. Ground Gas Protection Membranes. DampProofing. Hydrobond. Hydroseal. Diasen Watstop. NewSeal PU. NewSeal DeckDrain. GeoDrain. Hydrotank. Ecoclean. Stopaq. RivePipe. RiveOut. RiveStop. Newton CDM. Fibran. BaseDrain. Newtonite. TrojanPro. Titan. Newlath. Protech. DampSafe. NewCoat. Tunnelinject. Leakinject. Flexproof. Hexafix. Collomix. KG-FIX. Victron. DAB Genix.

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2. The Newton Waterproofing Index

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3. Newton Membrane Recycling Service

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4.Tanking a cellar in a new build house Case study
Case study - rectifying water ingress with the Newton CDM System, internal cavity drainage membrane systems

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5.Newton Waterproofing Product Directory Systems March 2016
Cavity Drainage Basement Tanking Basement Waterproofing Tanking Waterproofing membranes DPC radon protection

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CDM 503 Mesh Membrane BBA Certificate

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CDM 508 Membrane TDS 9.1
Cavity Drainage Waterproofing Membranes. Newton System 500.

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CDM 520 eco Floor TDS 1.4
Newton 520 eco is a cavity drain waterproofing membrane made from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It is one of the main constituent parts of Newton System 500, our BBA Certified, ‘Type C’ cavity drain system, used for waterproofing of floors within earth- retained structures, that includes drainage channels sited below the membrane for increased drainage capacity.

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CDM 906 Lime Inhibitor Data Sheet 2.2
Newton 906 Lime Inhibitor is applied to concrete surfaces prior to the installation of a Newton System 500 cavity drain membrane waterproofing system to prevent the ‘leaching’ of free lime from the concrete.

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CDM Fibran XPS-500C TDS 2.1
Newton Fibran XPS 500-C is a 50 mm deep, closed-cell thermal insulation board made from rigid extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). Insulation boards for cavity drain waterproofing systems. NewtonSystem500

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DampSafe / NewCoat DPM Data Sheet
Damp Tolerable Epoxy DPM

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DampSafe 601 Slimline Data Sheet Aug 2016
Flooring Membranes used primarily for isolating moisture sensitive flooring from dampness in the floor slab. It can be used as the floor membrane as part of Newton System 500.

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DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat TDS 1.0
Newton 603 Tile is a composite decoupling mat for tiled or paved floors with an installation height of just 3mm. Tiling underlays.

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DampSafe 802-DPM TDS 1.2
BBA certified, 100% recycled Damp proof membrane. Loose-laid, low density polyethylene dampproof membrane for use below concrete floors or screeds. DPMs.

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DampSafe 809-HP DPC TDS 2.0

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DampSafe/NewCoat DPM 901 TDS
Damp Tolerable Pre-Primer for Porous Surfaces

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Diasen BKK Eco TDS
Water based transparent and breathable water repellent for façades

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DIASEN C.W.C. Stop Condense TDS
White thermal coating for cold and not properly insulated surfaces

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Diasen Watstop TDS
Epoxy-cement waterproofing (water barrier).

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FlexProof 106 System TDS 2.3-1
Flexible Polymer Waterproofing compound for the waterproofing of construction and movement joint

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FlexProof 305 ActiveJoint - 20/26 Data Sheet 2.0
Movement Joint Profiles.

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GUIDE Waterproofing An Existing Basement 8 May 2013
Newton Basement Waterproofing

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HydroBond 108-LM TDS 5.5
Highly radon resistant, cold and spray-applied seamless rubber waterproofing membranes for the external waterproofing of basements (including covered decks) and foundation walls.

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HydroBond 109-LM TDS 4.7
Seamless Rubber Waterproofing Membrane

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HydroBond 314 Bentonite Granules Tech Data Sheet 4.0
Newton 314-BG is a naturally occurring sodium bentonite in the form of varying sizes granules, used for detailing to the Newton HydroBond System, specifically where Newton 403 HydroBond terminates to otherwise difficult to detail building elements. Swelling detailing. Pipe sealing.

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HydroBond 402-CCSM Tech Data Sheet 1.0
Type A Externally Applied Waterproofing Membranes.

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HydroBond 403 Plus TDS 6.0
Externally Applied Waterproofing Membrane

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HydroBond 410 GeoDrain Data Sheet 2.4
Externally Applied Drainage Membrane

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HydroBond 914-RT Data Sheet
Newton 914-RT is a non-woven polypropylene reinforcement tape used with Newton 108 HydroBond-LM and Newton 109-LM liquid applied membranes and coatings to reinforce detailing around protrusions such as service pipes and over static construction and day joints and covered movement joints

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HydroSeal / HydroTank 104 Data Sheet 1.3-1
Crystalline Waterproofing of Concrete

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HydroSeal 103 2K TDS 4.0
High Performance Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

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HydroSeal 107 Elastic 2K TDS 4.0
A two-component, cementitious, polymer-rich coating for the waterproofing and protection of concrete and masonry. Capable of withstanding heads of water pressure up to 10 bar of positive pressure and up to 1.5 bar to the negative side of the structure. Waterproofing of reservoirs, tunnels, water tanks, earth-retaining structures and covered or buried decks. Cementitious Flexible Waterproofing Membranes

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HydroSeal 203-RM Data Sheet 1.4
Single component, fast setting, Portland cement based structural mortar. Rapid Set and High Strength Repair Mortars. Concrete Repair mortars.

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HydroSeal 313-WP Tech Data Sheet 4.1
Waterplugs. Fast Setting Polymer Compound that instantly stops running water or seepage through masonry or concrete substrates. Leak Sealing compounds.

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HydroSeal 903 Primer Data Sheet 2.3
Newton 903-P is a modified styrene/acrylic copolymer primer for concrete that is applied prior to the installation of Newton’s range of high performance cementitious waterproofing membranes, concrete repair and floor coating products.

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HydroSeal 905-CM Data Sheet 1.2
Newton 905-CM is a specially formulated, water-based curing compound utilising advanced acrylic copolymers, that ensures the correct curing of concrete and cement based mortars and coatings.

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HydroSeal 908-LB Data Sheet 3.2
Newton 908 LiquaBond is a formulated acrylic admixture used both as a primer for wet-to-dry cementitious systems where bond is increased significantly, and as a high performance admixture which waterproofs cement-based mixes.

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HydroSeal 912-RT Data Sheet 1.1
Newton 912-RT is a pun-bond, polypropylene reinforcement tape used with Newton liquid applied membranes and coatings to reinforce changes in direction and over cracks and static construction and day joints.

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HydroTank 301-EP Metal Waterbar Data Sheet 1.2
Metal Construction Joint Waterbars. Coated metal waterbar system used for the sealing of kickerless construction joints within retained concrete structures.

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HydroTank 302 Injection Hose Tech Data Sheet 2.0
a high-performance waterbar system used for the sealing of construction joints within earth retained and water retaining concrete structures. Waterbars.

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HydroTank 306 Swell Mastic Tech Data Sheet 4.0
Fast-curing, swelling, single-component, polymeric adhesive sealant. Swelling Adhesive Mastics.

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HydroTank 308 Stopaq Tech Data Sheet 4.5
Service Duct Waterproofing

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HydroTank 309 Flexible Adhesive TDS 4.5
Elastic Adhesive Mastic

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HydroTank 315 Waterbar Tech Data Sheet 1.7
Polymer Waterbars, Swelling Waterbars. hydrophilic, acrylate polymer waterbar which swells when activated by moisture.

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NewCoat 701-HB TDS 4.1
High Build Epoxy Floor Coating providing protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates. Epoxy floor coatings.

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NewCoat/DampSafe 901 Primer TDS 2.0
Damp Tolerable Pre-Primer for Porous Surfaces

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NewLath 805 Mesh Membrane Data Sheet 3.2
Damp Proofing Membrane & Plaster Base

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NewSeal 408 DeckDrain Tech Data Sheet 2.2
Drainage Membranes for Decks and Flat Roofs

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NewSeal 409 Root Barrier Data Sheet 2.1
An impermeable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membrane, providing robust root-proof protection to the primary waterproofing membrane to green roofs or planters where intrusive root systems are present. Puncture Resistant Root Barrier Membranes.

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NewSeal 420 DeckDrain Tech Data Sheet 2.2
Drainage and water-retention membrane for use where a water reservoir is required for extensive green roofs of sedum, herbaceous plants, mosses or grass above decks and roofs. Extensive Green Roof Drainage Membranes.

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Newton 105 Cementitious Waterproofing TDS 1.1
Cementitious Waterproofing Slurry and Mortar. Tanking slurries.

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Newton 324 SR Injection Resin TDS 1.1
high-performance, five-part resin that after injection by conventional packers, reacts to form a very durable and flexible acrylic-rubber that exhibits exceptional adhesion, ensuring the comprehensive sealing of water leaks in structures that are subject to settlement or movement. Crack Injection Waterbars, Waterstops, Waterplugs

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Newton 503 3mm Cavity Drain Membrane Data Sheet 4.2
Cavity drain waterproofing membrane, supplied in a plain variant for walls and floors and a meshed variant for receiving plaster or render to walls, 3mm Cavity Drainage Membranes.

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Newton 603 High Grade Floor Membrane TDS 5.3
Flooring membrane suitable for use above new and existing floors. The 3mm studs allow for pressure equalisation of dampness within the floor below, allowing for dissipation at the room perimeter and subsequent drying of the floor. Damp proof flooring memebranes. Sports floor membranes.

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Newton Basedrain Data Sheet 4.2
The drainage system used most commonly within the Newton CDM, ‘Type C’, cavity drain waterproofing system. Comprising a range of products that collectively receive water ingressing at weaknesses within the structure and then discharge the collected water to a Newton Sump System or safe drainage. Newton Floordrain drainage conduits.

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Newton BS8102 Regulations Oct 2012
Now superseded by BS 8102:2022.

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Newton CDM Installation Manual 9.0
Newton CDM is a Type C waterproofing system that includes BBA Certified membranes, drainage channels, pumping systems and pumping ancillaries specifically designed for waterproofing earth retaining structures against water from the ground. Cavity Drain Waterproofing Systems. Cavity Drainage Membranes. Basement and Cellar waterproofing.

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Newton CP Pumps Technical Data Sheet 3.0
The Newton CP150, CP250, CP400 and CP750 are a range of high quality clean water pumps ideally suited for the removal of ground water from basements and cellars as well as surface water collected in light-wells, patios and terraces.

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Newton Damp Proofing Or Waterproofing Identifying The Correct Solution

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Newton DampSafe/NewCoat DPM Damp Tolerable DPM Tech Data Sheet 1.0 902-P
Damp Tolerable Primer For Non-Porous Surfaces. Priming of damp, non-porous concrete and screeds to provide a DPM and vapour barrier. Damp Tolerant Epoxy Resin Membranes. Concrete Primers.

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Newton HydroBond 2K Flex TDS 1.0
Thick, Bitumen Waterproof Coating

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Newton HydroBond Installation Guide 5.1
Newton HydroBond Externally Applied Waterproofing System.

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Newton NP400PP Puddle Pump Data Sheet 1.1
The Newton NP400PP 400 watt puddle pumps designed for pumping water down to very low levels.

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Newton PAC 500 System Overview 2.3
POSITIVE AIR CURTAIN, Waterproofing & Ground Gas Mitigation

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Newton Specification Sheet 107F CDM 3.0
E-CA-04 SPECIFICATION SHEET Internal Waterproofing of Existing Brick Wall

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Newton System 500 Ancillaries TDS 2.3

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Newton System 500 Cavity Drain Waterproofing Brochure
Waterproofing membranes DPC basement tanking membrane cavity drain radon protection

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Newton System 800 Ancillaries Data Sheet 2.0
Plugs, Fixings, Tapes, Sealants, Box Liners, Joist Liners, Pipe Sleeves for Newton System 800 Damp Proofing.

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Newton System 800 Brochure
Waterproofing membranes DPC basement tanking membrane cavity drain radon protection

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Newton Technical Paper Basement Drainage Solutions
Basement Drainage Solutions

Published [28/02/22]File size [9442 KB]

Newton Technical Paper Insulation as a Spacer in Type C Systems
Closed-cell insulation correctly used as the spacer within a Type C cavity drain membrane waterproofing system

Published [28/02/22]File size [33953 KB]

Newton Technical Paper Long Term Compressive Loads
Compressive Load Capabilities of Type C Waterproofing

Published [28/02/22]File size [2251 KB]

Newton Technical Paper Maintaining Type C Systems

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Newton Titan Pro Data Sheet 5.4
Pumping System for Newton CDM System, Packaged Sump Systems.

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Newton Victron Inverters Tech Data Sheet 4.0
Victron inverter/charger units. Pumping systems Battery Backup range.

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Newtonite 801 Mastic Data Sheet 1.1
Mastic Sealant for Damp Proofing Membranes

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Newtonite 803 Membrane (Non-Meshed) Data Sheet 8.0
Non-Meshed Damp Proofing Membrane

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Newtonite 803 Mesh Membrane TDS 7.3
Meshed Surface Composite Damp Proofing Membrane

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