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Access ladders are typically comprised of a series of steps or rungs mounted between two vertical side rails or stanchions. They are designed to provide access to elevated areas that are difficult or impossible to reach otherwise, such as rooftops or mezzanine floors. Access ladders are often made from lightweight materials like aluminum or steel and can be fixed or portable, depending on the needs of the project. They must be installed to meet specific safety requirements and regulations to ensure the safety of anyone who uses them.

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Bilco UK Ltd manufacture and supply a wide range of roof access hatches and mechanical roof smoke vents. Other products include Floor doors, floor access Covers, roof safety products and rails, basement doors and window wells. Bilco roof hatches and mechanical smoke vents provide both roof access and smoke control features. Bilco access panels, floor doors and access covers provide access in all type of floors and walls. Further information is available on the Bilco web site.

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Tel: 01284
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Power Access Systems supply and install a wide range of access systems for both rooftop and building maintenance. Products include Gantry Systems, Mansafe Safety Wire Systems, fall arrest systems, fall restraint systems suspended maintenance cradles, BMU cradles and cradles for cladding and glazing installation. Full technical information is available on the Power Access Systems website or on the BPi page.

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Tel: 01293
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Harcon Services Ltd provide installation for anchorage and access systems, specialist modular structures & X-ray, Lightning protection and workwear & PPE.

Tel: 0161 777 4230
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Easi-Dec Access Systems supply a range of products to provide Safe Working At Height. Part of Kee Safety. Easi-Dec have may years of experience in providing access platforms, ladders, low level & interior platforms, solar installation product and roof access systems.

Tel: 01767 691812
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Premier Loft Ladders are suppliers of high quality loft ladders, aluminium concertina ladders and folding or push up wooden ladders for a wide variety of applications. Our range includes The Supreme Concertina loft ladder complete with wooden hatchbox and trapdoor which has the option of electrical operation. The Elite and Piccolo aluminium concertina loft ladder with the option of counter balance springs. Our timber loft ladders include The Classic 500 and F30 folding wooden loft ladders. 500 comes complete with wooden hatchbox and insulated trapdoor.THE ESCAFIX is a timber ready to fix folding loft ladder available in standard sizes.The Supreme, Classic, Mini, Elite, Piccolo S and Piccolo are manufactured to EN 14975.

Tel: 0345 900 0195/ 01394 214413
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Access Building Products Ltd are major suppliers to the UK construction market. We supply insulated and Fire Rated Loft Hatches in either steel or plastic. domestic or commercial aluminium Loft Ladders. Fire Rated ceiling or wall access panels in either steel or plastic. For flat roofing we supply watertight dome rooflights and steel or aluminium roof hatches. Made to measure options are available in Loft Hatches, Access Panels, Roof Domes & Roof Hatches.

Tel: 01423 874753
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APS Safety Systems Ltd designs, supplies, installs and recertifies a wide range of roof safety products and systems. Part of the Kee Safety Group, a leading worldwide supplier of fall protection solutions and safety railing systems.

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Tel: 0141 880
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Guardrail Engineering Ltd are specialists in the manufacture of “Ball” type Handrail Standards and Shop-fabricated handrails either in component form or fully engineered to suit Client details. Our Industrial Hand-railing ( including "ball" type handrail posts), Vertical Access Ladder system "AXESS", Staircases and Platforms are supplied to Structural & Coastal Engineers, Architects & Consultants, Fabricators and General Industry alike. We can manufacture in Aluminium and Mild or Stainless Steel with a range of protective finishes that suit various applications.

Tel: 01902 871208