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Is this site Free?

BPi is totally free of charge to users. Registration is only required once and allows you to download the thousands of trade catalogues we maintain and update.

I’ve forgotten my username. What do I do now?

Your username is the email address you gave when you first registered on the site.

How do I search?

A search will attempt to match your search terms to products, supplier names, documents, videos, images, BIM files or brand names. The boxes on the results page will show how many matches were found in each category. Click on the boxes to get a list of all the matches for that category. The product results page will sometimes show a plus box, this denotes a further breakdown of the product you are looking for. We will list the numbers of suppliers which can supply your chosen product and simply click to see the company names then click on the company you wish to see.

On a suppliers page you have the following options:
Website - Click on this to visit the supplier's web site
E Mail - Click on this to send the supplier a email.
There may also be buttons to show PDF Documents, BIM Files, Videos or Images if the supplier has posted any of these.
Below the supplier's contact details are the buttons which reveal supplier's Profile, Product lists, Brand names and Press releases.

No results were found. Why?

You may have misspelled the company or product. Try a large generic search term such as 'window' you will normally find the products are broken down and listed in more detail in the results page. We may have indexed the product differently to your chosen term. For example we may have indexed as 'toilet' as opposed to 'lavatory' or 'brick' instead of 'bricks'.

Will you use my details with any other unrelated third parties?

BPi is bound by UK data protection law and cannot use your details with any other unrelated third parties without affirmation of your intent. However, we do allow our advertisers to see who is visiting their pages and who is downloading their literature. This allows them to verify whether their advertising is working effectively for them. We inform you of this when you first register with us.

How do I contact you?

Please be aware BPi does not sell or stock any products. We do not provide free listings nor do we approve of any company or person using the site for spamming.

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