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Toupret is a specialist manufacturer of professional fillers with over 80 years’ experience of making products for the Decorating and Building markets around the world. They have been established in the UK since 2005.

Toupret has a leadership position in the UK market for high performance fillers aimed at Professional Painters and Decorators and are growing quickly in the Building and Construction sector. Toupret is a very successful and growing brand across the UK.

Toupret offers a complete range of high-quality, performance filler products for background preparation in all types of renovation and refurbishment work. It’s membership of the BCF (British Coatings Federation) and The PDA (Painting & Decorating Association) ensures that Toupret is as the centre of training and product developments in the UK.

Toupret’s main ranges include: Interior fillers, exterior fillers, skimming fillers, levelling skimcoats, surface fillers, wood fillers, specialist decontaminating skimming fillers and airspray fillers for applying by machine.

Toupret fillers are known for giving better results first time. Under normal conditions substrates don’t need to be primed before application and they do not flash or grin.

Toupret’s main ranges include:

New Product for 2019: Joint, Skim & Fill range:

Joint, Skim & Fill:

Toupret’s innovative new Joint, Skim & Fill system of products for the plasterboard jointing and skim-filling market. The range offers excellent finish quality and performance that saves time on the job and includes:

  • Quick Dry products in the range are ready for overpainting in three hours.
  • Jointing products are CE approved and conform to BS EN 13963 for jointing materials for plasterboard.
  • Patch & Repair range for preparation work

Interior Fillers:

A selection of powder and ready to use paste fillers. Their powder fillers are recognised for needing only one coat under normal conditions, being easy to sand, not flashing or grinning, even without spot priming.

  • TX110 is a quick drying filler powder that can be overpainted in 3 hours
  • MULTIPURPOSE FILLER is a premium quality filling, jointing and skimming filler. It has excellent adherence and coverage.
  • Ready mixed fillers / lightweight for quick speed

Exterior Fillers:

A wide range of exterior Fillers for all applications

  • TOUPRELITH F can be used to fill and repair without the need for formwork. It can also be used on damp substrates
  • MUREX dries to a rock-hard finish on all exterior substrates
  • TOUPRELEX is an exterior ready to use lightweight paste that can fill in one coat and is ready to paint in one hour.

Levelling Skimcoats:

  • Interior skimcoats can be applied on textured substrates or uneven surfaces using a roller or trowel method- can be applied 1-5mm per coat
  • Exterior skimcoats such as Planirex can be applied on external painted substrates without the need to bond.

Surface Fillers:

  • Interior surface fillers can achieve a fine finish on walls or primed wood
  • A fine surface filler that can be applied to hairline cracks

Wood Fillers:

  • A wide range of wood repair products from putty to hardeners and fillers
  • Available in a variety of sizes for easy use

Contract Fillers:

  • A wide range of Contract Fillers including Multi-Purpose Fillers to Plaster of Paris
  • Available in a variety of sizes for easy use

Specialist Solutions:

  • Anti-damp treatments for damp or wet substrates
  • Flexible fillers for movement problems
  • Penetrating hardener for soft substrates

Spraying products

  • Interior spray products which are self-smoothing, great for large contracts re: new builds 

Further technical information is available on the Toupret Web site or via the BPi download Library.

DAMP PROOFING Remedial Treatments Treatment Fillers
DRY WALLING Finishing Compounds .
DRY WALLING Finishing Compounds Spray Applied
FILLERS By Colour: Magnolia
FILLERS By Colour: Stone
FILLERS By Colour: White
FILLERS By Composition: Acrylic
FILLERS By Composition: Bitumen Mastic
FILLERS By Composition: Butyl
FILLERS By Composition: Cement Based
FILLERS By Composition: Epoxy Resin
FILLERS By Composition: Mastic
FILLERS Ceiling .
FILLERS Cement Work .
FILLERS Concrete .
FILLERS Concrete Repairing .
FILLERS Cornice Fixing .
FILLERS Corrosion Inhibiting .
FILLERS Damp Substrate .
FILLERS Damp Treatment .
FILLERS Decorators Caulk .
FILLERS Deep Gap .
FILLERS Exterior .
FILLERS Exterior Fibre Reinforced
FILLERS Fine Grade .
FILLERS Flexible .
FILLERS Flexible Crack Filling
FILLERS Flexible Microfibre Reinforced
FILLERS Flexible Vibration Absorbing
FILLERS For Iron .
FILLERS For Steel .
FILLERS High Gloss Surfacer .
FILLERS Interior .
FILLERS Lightweight .
FILLERS Masonry Repair .
FILLERS Masonry Repair Damp Treatment
FILLERS Masonry Repair Silicate
FILLERS Mastic .
FILLERS Non-Shrink .
FILLERS Painted Substrate .
FILLERS Plaster Based .
FILLERS Plaster of Paris .
FILLERS Plaster Repair .
FILLERS Plasterboard .
FILLERS Plasterboard Jointing and Skimming
FILLERS Pre-Decorative .
FILLERS Quick Drying .
FILLERS Rapid Drying Fast Drying
FILLERS Rapid Drying Rapid Hardening Fast Hardening
FILLERS Rapid Set .
FILLERS Readymixed .
FILLERS Rust Inhibiting .
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats .
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Antibacterial
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Antimicrobial
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Decontaminating
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Exterior
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Extra Fine
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Formaldehyde Decontaminating
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Hygienic
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Levelling
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Masonry
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Painted Surface
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Plasterboard Gypsum Board Jointing
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Readymixed
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Spray Application Airless Spray
FILLERS Spray Application .
FILLERS Staff Mouldings Fixing .
FILLERS Surface Levelling Smoothing .
FILLERS Surface Repair Large Area
FILLERS Tile Repair .
FILLERS Timber Repair .
FILLERS Vibration Resistant .
FILLERS Wet Surface Damp Treatment
FILLERS Wood Base for Wood Flour
FILLERS Wood Flexible
FILLERS Wood Levelling
FILLERS Wood Readymixed
FILLERS Wood Repairing
FILLERS Wood Stainable
FILLERS Wood Surfacing
FILLERS Wood Two Part
FILLERS Wood Weatherproof
MASONRY Fillers .
MASONRY Hardeners .
MASONRY Repair Systems .
MASONRY Surfacer .
PLASTERBOARD Finishing Compounds .
PLASTERBOARD Jointing Compounds .
PLASTERBOARD Jointing Compounds Joint Fillers
PLASTERBOARD Jointing Compounds Joint Fillers Ready Mixed
PLASTERBOARD Skim Coatings / Skim Coats .
PLASTERS Crack Resistant .
PLASTERS Damp Resistant .
PLASTERS Finishing .
PLASTERS Machine Applied See Also PLASTERS: Spray Applied
PLASTERS Patching .
PLASTERS Renovating .
PLASTERS Skimming / Skim Coats .
PLASTERS Skimming / Skim Coats Levelling
PLASTERS Skimming / Skim Coats Plasterboard Gypsum Board Jointing
PLASTERS Skimming / Skim Coats Readymixed
PLASTERS Skimming / Skim Coats Spray Applied Airless Spray
PLASTERS Spray Applied Sprayed .
PLASTERS Spray Applied Sprayed Airless Spray
PUTTY HARDENING Glazing Acrylic Paint Compatible
RENDERS Cementitious .
RENDERS Damp Substrate .
RENDERS External .
RENDERS Overcoating .
RENDERS Painted Surface .
RENDERS Ready to Use .
RENDERS Renovating .
SCRIMS Bridging .
SCRIMS Polyamide .
SCRIMS Polyester .
SCRIMS Self-Adhesive .
WALL Hardeners Masonry, Powder and Wood Substrates
WALL Surface Preparation .
WALL Surface Preparation Damp Substrate
WALL Surface Preparation Penetrating Hardener Loose Substrate
WOOD Hardeners .
WOOD Repairing Compounds Stabiliser
WOOD Repairing Compounds Stainable
AIRSPRAY Interior Skimcoat
AIRSPRAY Airless Spray Plasters
AIRSPRAY 2 IN 1 Levelling Airless Spray Skimcoat
AIRSPRAY FINISH Airless Spray Self-Levelling Skimcoat Finish
AIRSPRAY G Airless Spray Levelling Skimming Filler
AIRSPRAY J Airless or Manual Compound Spray Application
CACHET BLANC Interior Skim Coat
CACHET BLEU Interior Skim Coat
ELAFIB Flexible Filler
EXTREMWOOD Flexible Fillers
FERLITH Rust Inhibiting Filler
FIBACRYL Exterior Filler
FIBAREX Exterior Fillers
GRAS A LAQUER Coatings, Exterior & Interior
HUMI BLOCK Fillers & Sealants
HUMISTOP Anti-Damp Treatment
JOINT AND SKIM Joint Fillers
JOINT SKIM Joint Fillers
JSF Joint Fillers
LE REBOUCHEUR Interior Filler
MUREX All Substrates Filler
PLANEO G Ready Mixed Fillers
PLANILITH Exterior Skim Coat
PLANIREX Exterior Skim Coat
PULSAR Levelling Airless Spray Skimming Filler
REDLITE Interior Filler
TOUPRELEX Exterior Fillers
TOUPRELITH F Exterior Fillers
TOUS USAGES F/G Ready Mixed Filler
TX 110 Fillers
TX 120 Decorators Skimcoat
TX 130 Interior Skimcoat
TX 140 Interior and Exterior Skimcoat
TX PULSAR Skim Plaster


February 2020

Toupret’s innovative new Joint, Skim & Fill system of products provides both clarity and quality in the plasterboard jointing and skim-filling market. This just-released easy-to-use range creates a cohesive product range that satisfies the needs of expert painters and decorators, whilst also having the kind of usability that will appeal to general builders and maintenance staff.

‘Better results in less time’ is the touchstone for the range, which is designed with trades in mind and finish to the forefront. As filling is Toupret’s stock-in-trade, this versatile range is developed by a team that knows a professional’s job is all about achieving a great finish with the minimum of fuss and time. The reliability, performance and workability of Joint, Skim & Fill will keep professionals as happy as its customers will be with the first-time-right finish.

The Quick Dry products in the range are the ones that will attract attention straight away, being ready for overpainting in just three hours.

All of the jointing products in the range, including Quick Dry, are CE approved and conform to the all-important BS EN 13963 for jointing materials for plasterboard. For normal applications they require just one coat, remove the need for spot-priming and are excellent for surface finishing, filling or plasterboard jointing.

The Patch & Repair additions to the range provide a hardy backline for preparation work, whether filling significant gaps or smoothing over cracks.

This range’s performance takes users closer to that desired perfect finish and also saves time on the job by reducing on-problems significantly. Shrinkage or re-filling are not regular concerns, whilst flashing and grinning are not a problem, so spot priming is all but done away with. All products are easy to mix, apply and to sand, providing an easy-on first-class finish that feathers well, keeping both trades and homeowners happy.

This exciting new Toupret range is available at builders’ and decorators’ merchants now. Expect to see Joint, Skim & Fill products in work vans and on-site around the country.

There are nine products in the Joint, Skim & Fill range, which comprises Joint, Skim & Fill in 5kg and 10kg bags; Joint, Skim & Fill Quick Dry in 5kg and 10kg bags; Joint and Skim in 20kg ready to use buckets; and Patch & Repair Filler Quick Dry in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg bags, as well as standard Patch & Repair Filler in a 1.5kg tub.

Smoothing over the winter cracks with exterior fillers for every job

December 2019

Winter takes a toll upon properties, highlighting the slightest weakness and opening up the smallest of cracks.

But the first signs of spring offer the chance to remedy this damage caused by harsh conditions and now is the time to be planning and preparing for those outdoor jobs. Toupret’s high-quality range of filler products offer an ideal and comprehensive solution. 80-years of experience has gone into creating a range of performance fillers used by professionals globally, and it is a market-leader in the UK.

Each of the five products in Toupret’s exterior fill range has been developed to perform a specific task. These hardy products won’t flash or grin and can be used across renovation and refurbishment jobs, whether for patching, resealing or repairing on any number of surfaces. And what is more, no stabilising solution or bonding primer is required when applying Toupret products to clean, dry, sound substrates.

MUREX is a quality filler that dries tough, producing a rock-hard finish on all exterior substrates, including old painted surfaces. This strong, impact-resistant filler can take bolts and is great for filling deep holes and working areas that require a truly hardy surface. The finished result is paintable in 24-hours.

Masonry repair filler TOUPRELITH F can be shaped without the use of formwork, making it a must for filling and repairs on edging and angles. It can be applied directly to damp substrates, which makes it ideal for working through the British seasons. Like all Toupret powder fillers, this product has no depth limit.

Ready-to-use lightweight paste TOUPRELEX is an exterior ready mixed filler that can be used straight from the tub, filling in just one application and drying super-fast. It’s ready to paint in just one hour, so you can get on with the job in hand without delay or distraction.

By contrast, fibre-reinforced filler and skimmer FIBAREX has a longer working time, allowing you to work on fiddly finishes and fills without rushing. Its superior adherence makes it an ideal choice for filling and skimming across a range of exterior substrates. It is ready to paint in 24-hours and performs well on painted finishes.

PLANIREX is a versatile, dedicated skim coat for use on all exterior substrates, including old painted surfaces. Importantly, this high-quality, hardy skimming product can take bolts, before painting in just three-hours. Like all the Toupret range, it is moisture vapour permeable, allowing the substrate to breathe.

Toupret also offers a huge range of filler products for other applications such as interior fillers, skim fillers, levelling coats, surface fillers, wood fillers, specialist decontaminating skimming fillers and air-spray fillers for machine application

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