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Putty is a soft, pliable material that is used to fill gaps, cracks, and holes in various surfaces. It is typically made from a mixture of materials such as clay or plaster, as well as additives like oils and resins. Putty is often applied to wood, walls, and other surfaces to create a smooth and seamless appearance, and can be sanded and painted over once it dries. It is also commonly used in the automotive industry to fill in small defects on car bodies before painting.

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Toupret are UK suppliers of the leading European internal and external flexible fillers for the repair of plaster and masonry. Toupret also supply spray applied plaster including ready mix plaster skim coat. Humi-block, is Touprets powder filler that stops dampness and prevents humidity. Toupret supply extensive ranges of flexible fillers in a range of finishes including gloss for all types of surfaces.

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Tel: 0208 916
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Adshead Ratcliffe Arbo sealant ranges include Glazing and Bedding Compounds. The Arbo range includes Mastic, Acrylic, Silicon, Polysulphide, Polyurethane Sealants and Fire Resisting Intumescent Sealants. Arbo Facade Solutions have a portfolio of product including Arbo EPDM systems, one and two part structural silicone sealants and a range of sealants, adhesives security tapes and expanding strips.

Tel: 01773 826661
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Adomast Manufacturing Formwork & Construction Chemical Specialists have been manufacturing chemicals and cementitious products for over 40 years and as such their products have become well established throughout the construction industry.

Tel: 01226 707863
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Rockwool Ltd, based near Bridgend, South Wales is the UK’s leading manufacturer of mineral wool insulation for thermal, fire and acoustic protection. Only Rockwool is authentic and wholly natural, recreated from natural processes that exist only in nature.

Tel: 01656 862621