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1. Window & Door Hardware 2018
Window openers, finger Protection, friction stays,Door holders

Published [18/03/20]File size [19544 KB]

2. Emergency Exit & Panic Hardware brochure 2018
Pushbars, Pushpads, Touchbars, Motorised touchbars,Stainless Steel Pushbars

Published [16/03/20]File size [10913 KB]

3. Window Control 2018 Brochure
manual, electric, smoke vents, natural vents

Published [12/03/20]File size [20664 KB]

4. Strand D-Fine - Stainless Steel Panic Hardware 2018
Panic Exit Devices, 316 stainless steel, Pushbar, Touchbar, Outside Access

Published [16/03/20]File size [3390 KB]

5. Duoflex Window Openers
1,2 or three openers with link bar, Centre ring

Published [14/12/17]File size [88 KB]

6. Strand Glass Central 2018
patch, pivot and lock fittings. Glass Door Fittings and Furniture

Published [16/03/20]File size [5681 KB]

Door Holders
Inward / Outward, Floor / Wall Mounted, Timber, aluminium, PVC-U

Published [14/12/17]File size [97 KB]

Electric Strikes
6-12 Volt AC/DC

Published [14/12/17]File size [44 KB]

Electric Strikes for Panic Hardware
Rim-Type, Fail Secure, Fail Safe, reversible, Ral Finishes

Published [14/12/17]File size [63 KB]

Electrical Window Control
Chain, Actuators, Linear, Applications, Ordering Form

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Finger Protection Devices
Finger Protectors Suitable for use on 60min firedoors, BS8613: 2017 Finger Protection for Pedestrian doors, EN16005 compliant, Ral Finishes, Glass doors, External/Internal, EN16654

Published [14/12/17]File size [336 KB]

Manual Window Control System
Chain Openers, Handles, Ordering Form

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Panic Hardware
Pushbar, Pushpad, touchbar, Motorised Touchbar, Outside Access

Published [14/12/17]File size [209 KB]

Smoke Vent Controls
Control Units, Inputs

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