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1. SAS ProRend EIFS Brochure NEW
ProRend External Insulation Finishing System

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2. SAS GoRend HBS Brochure 2016

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3. SAS ProBead Brochure 2018

Published [07/03/19]File size [4545 KB]

4. SAS ProWall Rainscreen Cladding Brochure

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5. SAS ProMesh Render & Plaster Reinforcing Mesh Brochure

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6. ProRend Paint Brochure
ProRend Water Resistant Masonry Paint and Self Clean Masonry paint Silicone Masonry Paint

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7. ProWall Rainscreen Cladding Technical Drawings
Technical drawings for ProWall rendered rainscreen cladding Agrement Certificate Holders BBA Certificate

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8. ProRend Premier Render Systems
silicone monocouche renders, mineral thin coat renders, render basecoats and mortars, render beads and mesh

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9. SAS ProRend SCM Tech Data Sheet

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GoRend HBS Technical Data
GoRend HBS is a factory batched, through coloured render, specifically designed and formulated for new build properties.

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ProBead Technical Data
ProBead is market leading Coloured PVCu bead, for plastering and rendering. Plaster Beads and Render Beads.

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ProBoard Technical Data
Premium render carrier boards, part of the ProWall rainscreen cladding system

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ProMesh Technical Data
Fibreglass Reinforcing mesh in 5 grades for reinforcing plaster or render

Published [20/06/18]File size [140 KB]

ProRend Colour Technical Data
ProRend Colour is a premium,silicone monocouche render. This through-colour render is fast to apply in one coat.

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ProRend Colourtex Technical Data
ProRend Colourtex is a premium, silicone resin thin-coat render. This highly water resistant render is available in our own colours or a custom colour.

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ProRend Float Technical Data
ProRend Float is a hard-working render basecoat for thin coat renders. It can also be used as a great value and modern alternative to sand and cement.

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ProRend Lite Technical Data
ProRend Lite is a high quality lightweight polymer modified factory manufactured dry mortar. Stone Mortars. Mortars for Cement Particle Boards and EIFS Insulation Systems.

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ProRend Masonry Paints Technical Data
ProRend Masonry Paints are a premium, factory-batched range of silicone based decorative coatings

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ProRend Mineraltex Technical Data
ProRend Mineraltex is a premium, mineral thin coat render. This high-performing render is available in four colours and protects against extreme weather conditions in exposed or damp locations.

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ProRend Prep Technical Data
ProRend Prep is a high quality dry mortar basecoat especially suited for levelling and renovation on mineral and synthetic backgrounds.

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ProWall ProBoard Carrier Board Technical Data
Advanced render carrier board for use as part of the ProWall rendered rainscreen cladding system. ProWall Rainscreen Cladding is an external envelope system specifically developed to allow a stable rendered finish on timber frame developments.

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