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1. Clark Drain At A Glance
Polymer Concrete Linear Drainage, Polypropylene Drainage channels. Polypropylene, Steel and ductile iron PPIC inspection chamber covers. Access covers and frames. Cast Iron manhole covers. Gully Gratings. Bottle gullies. TheChameleon, AquaKnight, DoubleTri, PrecinctSeries.

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1. Clark Drain Technodrain Catalogue
HDPE linear drainage Channels. Stainless Steel Floor channels, drains and gullies. HDPE, galvanised steel, stainless steel and ductile iron channel gratings. Magnum, MagnumCity, MagnumTraffic, Neomax, Evo, Evomax, Exel, Pro, ProMax, SteelMax.

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2. Clark Drain Underground Fittings
PVC and polypropylene nderground drainage fixtures and fittings. Pipe Couplings, connectors and adaptors and access fittings. PPIC polypropylene inspection chambers. Road Gullies.

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3. Clark Drain Iron Castings
Ductile iron access covers, manhole covers and gully gratings to the highways, telecommunications, utilities, commercial and industrial markets. DoubleTri. DoubleTri, HighMax.

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4. Clark Drain Chamber Access Systems
Access chambers and covers.

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5. Clark Drain Linear Drainage
Linear Drainage. Polypropylene and polymer cohcrete drainage channels. Stainless steel, galvanised steel and ductile iron edged channels. Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel Slotted Gratings. BlockSlot.

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6. Clark Drain Precinct Access Covers
Precinct range of high quality access covers are ideally suited for use over telecommunications, CATV and electrical chambers that require secure, yet frequent and easy authorised access to below ground services.

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7. Clark Drain Ductile Iron Technical Specification Brochure
Ductile Iron access covers and frames, access chambers, gully grates and surface boxes. Gully gratings. HighMax, MultiTri, DoubleTri,

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Clark Drain 300 Series Inspection Chamber
300 series PPIC chambers. Polypropylene inspection chambers.

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Clark Drain 450mm Diameter Road Gullies
Road gullies for use in trapped and untrapped drainage installations.

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Clark Drain Access Chamber Systems
B125 Recycled Polyproylene Modular Access Chamber Systems for traffic signals, street lighting and communications networks. Access Chambers. Inspection Chambers

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Clark Drain B125 Block Slot Drainage
Discreet slot drainage for block paved installations. 100% recycled polypropylene slot channel drainage for paving blocks. BlockSlot.

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Clark Drain B125 Ductile Iron Cover with Polypropylene Frame
B125 loading class ductile iron manhole cover with a polypropylene frame.

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Clark Drain B125 Slideout Cover
Slide Out manhole covers and frames Kitemarked to BS EN 124 with a B125 loading class performance. SlideOut access covers and frames.

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Clark Drain Case Study 42
Polymer concrete linear drainage channels.

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Clark Drain D400 High Max Series Drainage
Ductile iron drainage covers. Manhole covers and frames. Access covers. HighMax

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Clark Drain Domestic Drainage Channel
RESIDENTIAL AND LANDSCAPE applications. CD 422 Recycled Polypropylene Domestic Drainage Channels.

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Clark Drain Ductile Iron Kerb Gully 331
Ductile Iron Kerb Gully. Kerb Gullies. Kerb Drainage

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Clark Drain Ductile Iron Manhole Covers D600H-DS
Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

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Clark Drain Ductile Manhole Covers 761SR KMB+R-1
Ductile Iron BS124 Kitemarked Manhole Covers

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Clark Drain Gully Grating Series
Gully gratings For use in Class D400 carriageway environments.

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Clark Drain Highways Sector Product Selector
Manhole covers, gulley gratings and surface boxes for highways, commercial access and estate roads. Galvanised steel linear drainage channels. Recycled polypropylene access chambers. DoubleTri, HighMax.

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Clark Drain Installation of Technodrain
Technodrain type M (EN1433) linear drainage channels.

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Clark Drain Manhole Covers 761SR KMB+R-2
CD 761SR KMB+R Square to Round Manhole Covers, capable of bearing a B125 (12.5T)load provide the answer for tarmac areas in driveways and footpaths.

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Ductile Iron manhole covers and frames. Gully and channel gratings. Inspection Chambers. Linear drainage channels. DTri, D/Tri, DoubleTri

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