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Blucher are UK suppliers of stainless steel drains and drainage systems. Blucher manufacture and supply complete drainage systems for industrial, commercial and domestic use. We supply ranges of floor drains for showers that can be fitted with most materials and surfaces. Our stainless steel roof drainage outlets are robust and non corrosive. For catering kitchens we supply floor drains, linear drains with a range of gratings and grease separators which have the advantages of maximum flow capacity and excellent hygiene. For industrial use our drains and stainless steel pipes are non combustible and 100% recyclable. Blucher supply a complete range of stainless steel drainage and plumbing fittings to complement all our products.

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Aco Building Drainage supply internal drainage channels, floor drains, gullies, linear drainage and rainwater outlets. Main product ranges include Stainless steel Modular Channel system, Stainless steel EuroGully gully system, Stainless steel and polymer composite access covers, Biological Grease Management system, Gravity Grease Separator system, Sewer backflow prevention valves, Stainless steel socketed pipe system, Rainwater outlets for flat roofs and Wetroom and shower drainage systems.

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