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1. BLÜCHER CU Hygienic Clean Brochure
HygienicClean™ is a new hygienic channel and grating washer/cleaning machine for the drainage system. It is designed specifically for HygienicPro channels.

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2. BLÜCHER Channel Catalogue 2018
Stainless Steel drainage channels, High-Capacity Channels and Commercial Kitchen Channels

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3. BLÜCHER + Industrial + Drain
High-Capacity Point Drainage, stainless steel floor drains, shower drains, stainless steel pipe and channels, roof drains

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5. BLÜCHER CU Housing Drain Design Brochure
Stainless Steel Shower drains, channels and gratings. WaterLine, Tokyo, Oslo, NewYork, Copenhagen, Athens, Vienna, Circle, Square, Trio.

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6. BLÜCHER Sustainable + Building + Components
BLÜCHER® stainless steel drainage systems have a design life in excess of 50 years.

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7. BLÜCHER CU Rainwater Catalogue
Roof, Balcony, Terrace, and Facade pipe work

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8. BLÜCHER Stainless Steel Drainage Technical + Info
drainage systems, drains, roof drains, pipes and channels

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9. BLÜCHER EuroPipe Catalogue
Stainless Steel Drainage Pipes Channels, Drains, Floors, Flooring Showers Bathrooms, Catering, Kitchens

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BLÜCHER Application Below Ground Brochure
Stainless Steel Drainage Pipes Channels, Underground Drains

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BLÜCHER CU Roof Catalogue
roof drains and pipe

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BLÜCHER EuroPipe Installation and Maintenance Brochure
Stainless Steel Drainage Pipes. Stainless Steel pipework systems

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BLÜCHER System X+Transition+Adaptor
The easy transition coupling connection to other steel piping systems

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BLÜCHER UK CU Hygienic Pro Brochure
Stainless steel linear floor drains and channels for better food safety, food processing applications.

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BLÜCHER® Marine - Product Catalogue
The BLÜCHER® EuroPipe drainage pipework system is completely interchangeable between vacuum and gravity systems for black- and grey-water in marine applications. Sanitary discharge system, Steel Pipes for Boats and Ships

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