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A manhole shuttering system is a set of tools and materials that are used to create a structure around an opening in the ground, typically for access to a sewer or utility pipe. This system includes metal or wooden frames that are assembled on-site and used to cast concrete or other materials into the desired shape. The result is a sturdy and durable manhole cover that can be easily accessed for maintenance or inspection.

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Concrete formwork moulds and formwork shuttering. Gas Protection - Ventform and Powerbase Gas Membranes. Ground Movement protection - Cellcore, Cellform and Claymaster. Landfill Engineering - Tipform. Lightweight Fill & Void Formers - Filcor. Protection Materials - Correx and Seekure. Permanent Formwork - Cellform and Groundform. Piling Accessories - Pilecor, Pile Locators and Sheet Pile Infills. Trough and Waffle Moulds.

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CPM manufacture an extensive range of precast concrete pipes for underground drainage and stormwater attenuation. Other products include precast concrete retaining walls, precast concrete inspection chambers, precast concrete gullies and other drainage products

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