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Arch formers are structures that are used for shaping and creating curved surfaces. They are typically made of wood or metal and are used to create arches, domes, and other curved architectural elements. The arch formers are designed to provide a framework for the concrete or other building material to be molded around, ensuring that the final structure has the desired shape and curvature. The use of arch formers is essential in creating aesthetically pleasing structures that are both functional and visually appealing.

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Concrete formwork moulds and formwork shuttering. Gas Protection - Ventform and Powerbase Gas Membranes. Ground Movement protection - Cellcore, Cellform and Claymaster. Landfill Engineering - Tipform. Lightweight Fill & Void Formers - Filcor. Protection Materials - Correx and Seekure. Permanent Formwork - Cellform and Groundform. Piling Accessories - Pilecor, Pile Locators and Sheet Pile Infills. Trough and Waffle Moulds.

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Providing Steel lintels for the construction industry since 1967 Birtley Lintels are the only lintel manufacturer to hot-dip galvanize after fabrication providing up to 50% more zinc protection than other approved coatings. Birtley has Birtley has grown from strength to strength supplying to a UK-wide market.

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