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Gabions are rectangular containers made of wire mesh that are filled with rocks, stones, or other materials. They are typically used to prevent erosion, provide slope stabilization, or to protect slopes or riverbanks from the effects of soil erosion. Gabions can also be used to create retaining walls or to support the foundation of structures. The wire mesh of gabions is typically made of galvanized steel, and the containers themselves are designed to be stackable and interconnected to create a reliable and stable barrier. Gabions are a popular method of construction and building in many areas due to their high level of durability, versatility, and effectiveness in preventing erosion and other environmental hazards.

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MACCAFERRI are a global company who dramatically changed civil engineering´s landscape after inventing Gabions 130 years ago. Our highly-specialised professionals are trained in designing and developing complex solutions in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets. We do not simply sell products we strive to be the leading technical reference for design and development in advanced projects and are strongly committed to solving our clients´problems. Today we are the undisputed leader in the manufacturing and supply of gabions and associated wire mesh products to the global construction industry. Our solutions start from the design phase of the project with the simple aim of solving a problem and proceed through all the stages of development - manufacturing, designing and installing solutions and end with a close-knit, multi-level integration result.

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Phi Group - Retaining Structures

The Keller Group in the UK operate various divisions to provide a total service for all types civil and construction projects. Our divisions are: Keller Foundations, piling contractors and ground improvement specialists, our techniques include vibro compaction, vibro replacement and CFA piling. Keller Geotechnical leaders in permeation, compensation and jet grouting, ground anchors and soil mixing. Systems Geotechnique and Fondedile specialists in restricted access piling including the Pali Radice pile and soil nailing techniques. Phi Group are the largest retaining wall specialists in the UK, our retaining structures include soil panels, modular concrete block retaining walls, reinforced earth and grassed reinforced soil slopes. Colcrete Eurodrill are manufacturers of grouting equipment and drills. Getec UK specialise in bespoke geo-structural monitoring schemes and Intermesh are UK suppliers of Gabions, Mattresses and Rock Netting.

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Verdant Solutions Ltd specialises in providing an all-round earth reinforcement, erosion control and geosynthetic service. We market a comprehensive range of products and systems, backed up by professional technical support.

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