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Suppliers of: concrete blocks, facing blocks, paving blocks, fairfaced blocks, lightweight concrete blocks

The Thomas Armstrong group of block manufacturing companies have been supplying a comprehensive range of Aerated, Lightweight, Dense aggregate load bearing concrete blocks from its factories throughout the North of England for over 50 years. We also manufacture a wide range of high quality paving blocks at our factories in Consett, Co Durham and Silloth, Cumbria.

Our concrete blocks manufacturing division consists of a number of long-established, well respected companies producing a wide range of high quality products. As these companies have been acquired by the Thomas Armstrong group, they have been upgraded and invested in continually over the years.

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd - Rowlands Gill, Tyneside

Rowlands Gill, Whinfield Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. NE39 1EHTel: 01207 544214   Fax: 01207 541800   Email:

The first block plant in our group, formed in 1964 and is the divisional headquarters of Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Limited.  

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd - Consett, Co Durham

Park Road, Blackhill, Consett, Co Durham. DH8 5SPTel: 01207 505655   Fax: 01207 592345   Email:  

In 1991 Consett Block Manufacturing Limited was purchased and now forms the Paving Division of Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Limited. 

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd - Catterick, North Yorkshire

Bridge Road, Brompton-on-Swale, Richmond, North Yorks. DL10 7HWTel: 01748 810204   Fax: 01748 813950   Email: 

Built and comissioned in 2004, this state of the art facility represents the very latest technology in aerated block production using entirely unique and bespoke techniques resulting in products with unrivalled technical and physical performance. 

Stocks Brothers Ltd Thirsk - Pickhill, North Yorkshire

Cross Lane, Pickhill, Thirsk, North Yorkshire. YO7 4JQTel: 01845 567282   Fax: 01845 567606   Email: 

Founded in 1981 and acquired in October 1988 Garners Concrete Blocks Limited, a long established and respected local company, was acquired and was merged Into Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Limited. 

Stocks Brothers Ltd - Leeds, West Yorkshire

Knowsthorpe Gate, Cross Green, Leeds. LS9 0NP Tel: 0113 2320022   Fax: 0113 2870839   Email: 

We acquired this company in 2007 and represents the  highest volume block manufacturing facility in our group. 

Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd - Silloth, Cumbria

Blackdyke, Silloth, Cumbria. CA7 4PDTel: 01900 68114   Fax: 01900 66136   Email:

Coulthard’s Concrete Blocks (1980) Limited was acquired In 1997 and manufactures an extensive range of building block and paving block products. 

William Rainford (Holdings) Ltd - Aintree, Merseyside

Heysham Road, Aintree, Liverpool, Merseyside. L30 6UFTel: 0151 5255991   Fax: 0151 5301676   Email:

Formed in 1970 and acquired in 1995, this respected and well known local company now operates from 2 sites. 

Barnetts (Buglawton) - Congleton, Cheshire

Brook Street, Congleton, Cheshire. CW12 1RHTel: 01260 273170   Fax: 01260 298150   Email:

Founded in 1931, this is the oldest and most well established company in our group. It  was acquired In February 1998 and uderwent a series of refurbishments and upgrades to the site and to the production equipment. 

Lakeland Pavers, Penrith, Cumbria

North Lakes Business Park, Flusco, Penrith, Cumbria. CA11 0JBTel: 01900 68114   Fax: 01900 66136   Email:

Founded in 1989, Lakeland Pavers Limited have become regarded as the leading regional producer of a wide range of high quality and innovative paving producs in addition to providing a range of concrete building block products.

 Throughout these facilities we provide a vast range of concrete products, Our products include:

 Lightweight & Dense Concrete Blocks:

  • ULTRALITE These lightweight aggregate blocks are designed to offer the builder a low weight, load-bearing block with enhanced thermal properties suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • INSULITE Insulite blocks are the perfect versatile, all-round building blocks. These medium density concrete blocks consist of up to 90% recycled raw materials, making them among the most environmentally friendly and sustainable building blocks available.
  • DENSE CONCRETE Solid Dense Concrete Blocks with a ‘Standard’ finish provide an excellent surface for mortars, renders and plasters. They are the most durable and resilient block in our product range, making them perfect for higher strength, acoustic and highly resilient applications.
  • MIDI A small format concrete blocks are available in both Standard or Paint-Grade finish. ‘Standard’ texture finish is for general background applications whereas ’Paint-grade’ finish is available for internal fair-faced applications.
  • CELLULAR Offer a lower weight alternative to Solid Dense Concrete Blocks with an improved thermal performance. These Dense Concrete Blocks are manufactured to BS EN 771-3 using high quality class 2 aggregates.
  • HOLLOW Hollow Dense concrete blocks are ideal for applications where a durable, lower-weight and high strength wall is required, either above or below damp-proof course (DPC). They are available in ‘Standard’ or ‘Paint-grade’ finishes.
  • ARMSTART FOUNDATION These are medium density aggregate foundation blocks Widely used by major housebuilders, Armstart offers an efficient, simple and cost-effective method of block construction below damp proofing course (DPC) saving on labour and mortar.
  • INSULITE BRICKS  Are coursing units designed to be used in conjunction with Thomas Armstrong’s Insulite Concrete blocks range, in order to maintain material continuity throughout the wall and reduce the need to cut down whole blocks.
  • CONCRETE COMMONS Also known as ‘frogged bricks’ are coursing bricks which are designed to work in conjunction with Thomas Armstrong’s Dense Concrete Blocks for applications above and below damp-proof course (DPC).
  • CONCRETE SLIP BLOCKS Designed to maintain coursing heights and aid installation of block and beam flooring Concrete slip blocks are available in a range of various sizes.
  • ROCKFACED BLOCKS A highly decorative, close textured and extremely durable solid dense concrete blocks. They are a light-coloured facing block whose rippled rock appearance on one face makes them an attractive option for exterior facing applications.

 Airtec Aerated Blocks:

  • AIRTEC XL Our lowest weight and thermally best performing wall blocks in our entire Airtec block range, possessing a thermal conductivity value of only 0.09 W/mK 
  • AIRTEC STANDARD The perfect all-round residential aerated concrete blocks giving you a combination of medium strength and high thermal performance in one block.
  • AIRTEC PARTY WALL These blocks are specifically designed to retain the excellent thermal properties and technical performance of Airtec aerated blocks but with a specification suitable for acoustic party / separating walls.
  • AIRTEC SEVEN Airtec Seven blocks possess high load-bearing capacity and excellent thermal performance. Perfect for higher-rise applications where thermal insulation and durability are required. 
  • AIRTEC LARGE WALL BLOCKS Are designed to provide significantly improved thermal insultation and air-tightness for internal and external walls by reducing the proportion of mortar joints in a wall.
  • AIRTEC LARGE FLOOR BLOCKS Airtec Large Aerated Concrete Floor Blocks are designed for use in beam and block floors to provide significantly improved thermal insulation of ground floors and quick, easy installation. 
  • FOUNDATION 140 Our 140mm Airtec Foundation blocks are designed as a lightweight, easy to lay, speedy and cost-effective alternative to traditional cavity foundation walls. A solid Airtec Foundation wall of 140mm high blocks built two courses high means a faster build, shallower trenches, less waste material, no need for wall ties, less mortar and zero chance of collapsed cavities.
  • FOUNDATION 215 The 215mm height block is offered as an alternative to our 140mm high type for builders wishing to use conventional coursing height blocks. Hand-holds are also provided at the ends of the blocks for easier, safe manual handling.
  • AIRTEC BRICKETTES Our Airtec Brickettes are designed to offer brick-sized Airtec Concrete blocks for use as infill around doors and windows, to close cavities and maintain exact coursing height.


The Armstrong Block Paving Range:

  • ARMSTRONG ARMPAVE A high-quality rectangular pavers suitable for any driveway, path or patios. These block paving bricks are 200mm x 100mm in size and available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses, depending on purpose.
  • ARMSTRONG BEAMISH COBBLE The Beamish Cobble typifies the re-creation of ‘olde worlde’ style period paving. This inherently high quality, good-looking cobble block paving is of a design of ‘yesteryear’ and will be at home with any period style property.
  • ARMSTRONG COLLEGE SETTS A unique product range can transform your driveway with period style pavior effects. Using three separate paver lengths it offers a pleasant tasteful range of distinctive designs.
  • ARMSTRONG DURHAM SETTS Offers an undulating distressed looking surface effect. These high-quality driveway block paving are available in 50mm thickness.

    Manufactured in three distinctive colours Moorland Grey, Sunset and Autumn,the Durham Setts uses three separate lengths (240m, 150mm and 130mm) of paviour to create distinctive designs in your garden or driveway.

  • ARMSTRONG KIELDER SETTS Offer a modern look to driveways and patio areas. Manufactured in four modern colours and using two seperate lengths of paviours to create distinctive designs for your driveway or garden.

The Lakeland Block Paving Range:

  • LAKELAND CONISTON the new addition to our Lakeland Block Paving range. This exciting permeable dual block paver has a rustic and rumbled texture but all the characteristic of our most popular Lakeland Derwentstone® block paviour.
  • LAKELAND DRIVEWAY Part of our traditional range this smooth textured block paviour gives a practical solution whilst allowing for distinctive design paterns.
  • LAKELAND KENDALSTONE part of our Desirable range and offers a distinctive, classy aesthetic for any driveway or patio. The smooth textured surface allows for smooth running surface along with a neat finish, making it ideal for wheelchairs, prams, trolleys and children’s push toys.
  • LAKELAND WINDERMERE RIVEN Part of the new Natural range, Lakeland Windermere Riven is an block paviour features a riven surface reflecting the realistic texture of splitting natural stone. This block paving offers a hardwearing, cost effective solution whilst still maintaining a realistic and natural appearance for any driveway or patio.
  • LAKELAND DERWENTSTONE® Part of our Elegant range and is a multi-sized paver with a rumbled texture providing an attractive and timeless option that will enhance any property. As a multi-sized paver, you can create either irregular or standard patterns, giving you the ability produce a unique design.
  • LAKELAND INGLESTONE Part of Permeable range, this permeable block paving allows water to pass through the paved area and sub base to outflow pipes or infiltration to ground. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • LAKELAND COBBLE The Lakeland Cobble can be used in conjunction with the Lakeland Derwentstone® or Lakeland Kendalstone block paving ranges to add a third size brick to your design giving you more laying pattern options.
  • KERBS & ACCESSORIES Our range of accessories are designed to help give the finishing touches to your paving project. Choose from Lakeland Q-Kerb, B-Kerb and Corners, Lakeland Radial Kerbs and Lakeland Channels.

All our paviors are manufactured to the highest quality and carry a guarantee for their strength.

All of our concrete blocks and paving products are manufactured to European Standards and as such have all been C E Marked. To view our CE Certificates please click here.

Useful resources:

Building Information Modelling (BIM) components: Click Here and view our product BIM files.

We pride ourselves on our Environmental & Sustainability programme in line with the requirments of ISO 14001:2004. As well as ensuring that our products are sustainable and the constituent materials are responsibly sourced, we are continually monitoring our generation of  greenhouse gases and look for ways to further reduce this. To find out more about our environmental & sustainability programme  click here.

BLOCKS Aggregate .
BLOCKS Aggregate BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Aggregate Lightweight
BLOCKS Aggregate Lightweight Low Density
BLOCKS BRE BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing (RSM) .
BLOCKS BRE BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing (RSM) Rating Excellent
BLOCKS BS EN 771-3 .
BLOCKS Cellular Concrete .
BLOCKS Cellular Concrete BS 5628 Part 1
BLOCKS Concrete .
BLOCKS Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Infill .
BLOCKS Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Infill Large Format
BLOCKS Concrete Below DPC .
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 290mm x 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 300mm x 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 300mm x 250mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 300mm x 275mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 320mm x 280mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 350mm x 250mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 440mm x 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 75mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 90mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 100mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 140mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 190mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete Dense .
BLOCKS Concrete Dense Cellular
BLOCKS Concrete Dense Hollow
BLOCKS Concrete Dense Robust Detail E-WM-9 , E-WM-1
BLOCKS Concrete Dense Small Format
BLOCKS Concrete Dense Textured Face
BLOCKS Concrete Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001:2004 Certificate Holders
BLOCKS Concrete Fairfaced .
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 5628 3 Hour Loadbearing
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 5628 4 Hour Loadbearing
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 5628 6 Hour Loadbearing
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS EN 13501 Class A1
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant ENV1996-1-2-:1995
BLOCKS Concrete Hollow .
BLOCKS Concrete Masonry Slips .
BLOCKS Concrete Midi .
BLOCKS Concrete Midi Construction (D M) Regs 1994 Handling Requirements
BLOCKS Coursing .
BLOCKS Coursing Brick Format Units
BLOCKS Decorative .See Also BLOCKS Facing Masonry Blocks
BLOCKS Facing Masonry Blocks .
BLOCKS Facing Masonry Blocks Fairfaced Finish
BLOCKS Facing Masonry Blocks Rockfaced Finish
BLOCKS Facing Masonry Blocks Textured Finish
BLOCKS Flooring .
BLOCKS Foundation .
BLOCKS Foundation BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Foundation Lightweight Aerated Concrete
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete .
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Infill
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Below DPC
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Brick Coursing Size
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete BS EN 771-4 (BS 6073)
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Cavity Wall
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete High Strength
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Infill
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Inner Leaf
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Internal Facing
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Large Format
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Party Walls Part E
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Party Walls Robust Standard Detail
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete SIM Wall Construction
BLOCKS Lightweight Aerated Concrete Thin Layer Joint Masonry
BLOCKS Lightweight Concrete: .
BLOCKS Paintgrade Finish Smooth
BLOCKS Recycled Aggregate .
BLOCKS Textured Finish .
BLOCKS by Strength K values (3pc Moisture Content) 2.8 N per Square mm more than 0.15 W/M.C
BLOCKS by Strength K values (3pc Moisture Content) 3.5 N per Square mm more than 0.14 AND less than 0.26 W/M.C
BLOCKS by Strength K values (3pc Moisture Content) 4.0 N per Square mm more than 0.14 AND less than 0.26 W/M.C
BLOCKS by Strength K values (3pc Moisture Content) 7.0 N per Square mm more than 0.14 AND less than 0.26 W/M.C
BLOCKS by Strength K values (3pc Moisture Content) 10.0 N per Square mm more than 0.14 AND less than 0.26 W/M.C
BRICKS Concrete .
BRICKS Concrete Coursing .
COURSING BRICKS Concrete Coursing Common Units / Frogged Units .
COURSING BRICKS Concrete Coursing Solid Units .
COURSING BRICKS Concrete Slips .
COURSING BRICKS Concrete Slips BS 771-3 CE Marked .
KERB Edgings .
KERB Units .
KERBS Crossings .
PAVING Concrete .
PAVING Decorative Concrete .
PAVING BLOCKS Aged Brick Appearance .
PAVING BLOCKS Cobble Appearance .
PAVING BLOCKS Decorative .
PAVING BLOCKS Decorative Circle Features .
PAVING BLOCKS Granite Sett Appearance .
PAVING BLOCKS Light Vehicular .
PAVING BLOCKS Permeable .See Also PERMEABLE PAVING: Concrete Blocks
PAVING BLOCKS Textured Finish .
RETAINING WALL Blocks Concrete
RETAINING WALL Blocks Concrete EN 771-3 CE Marked
RETAINING WALL Blocks Hollow Dense Concrete
UNITS Precast Concrete Coursing
AIRTEC Aerated Concrete Blocks
AIRTEC BRICKETTES Aerated Concrete Coursing Blocks
AIRTEC FOUNDATION Aerated Concrete Blocks
AIRTEC PARTY WALL Aerated Concrete Blocks
AIRTEC SEVEN Aerated Concrete Blocks
AIRTEC STANDARD Aerated Concrete Blocks
AIRTEC XL Aerated Concrete Blocks
ARMPAVE Block Paving
ARMSTART Foundation Block
BEAMISH Block Paving
CELLULAR Concrete Block
FAIRTEX Fairfaced Block
FAIRTEX DENSE Dense Concrete Blocks
INSULITE Lightweight Blocks
MERESTONE Block Paving
MIDI Concrete Block
PREMIER INSULITE Lightweight Blocks
ROCKFACED Facing Blocks
ULTRALITE Aggregate Blocks

Southey Court Project in Keswick wins NCLT Beautiful Community Led Homes Award

May 2022

Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd are proud to announce that a recent project with Keswick Community Housing Trust (KCHT) has won an award at the National Community Land Trust Awards.

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) is an umbrella organisation for all community housing trusts in England and Wales. It gives ordinary people the means to steward land for local wellbeing, developing and manage homes and other assets important to their local community.

The Community Land Trust Awards 2021, held on on the 20th November, are designed to celebrate and recognise individuals and schemes who go above and beyond. One of the categories at the Awards was the Beautiful Community Led Homes which was open to communities who had designed and built homes that fit right into their place. Keswick Community Housing Trust’s Southey Court development project was chosen as the winner of this prestigious award.

Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd undertook the construction of three three-bed and one two-bed houses, where they had re-used the stones from the old church hall building in the exterior wall of the end house.

Jonathan Tibbitts, Deputy Managing Director of Thomas Armstrong (Construction) Ltd commented: “We are very proud to be involved in this local and rewarding project. We look forward to seeing what project Keswick Community Housing Trust undertakes next.”

The Keswick Community Housing Trust’s was established in 2009 to provide affordable housing for working people and families in Keswick. Work began back in October 2019, but due to unforeseen delays and COVID-19 restrictions the work was finally completed in the Spring of this year. The development was officially opened as part of a ceremony on the 14th July 2021 to celebrate the journey and Keswick Community Housing Trust’s fourth project success.

Southey Court was made possible by Keswick Methodist Church providing KCHT with their old church hall at an affordable price that enabled the Trust to create a small development of four affordable properties for rent on the site.

Thomas Armstrong continues its expansion

August 2019

Thomas Armstrong continues its expansion

Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd are pleased to announce their latest acquisition of the Sellite Blocks Limited, a Yorkshire based building block manufacturer.

Based in Great Heck near Leeds, Sellite Blocks Limited is a well-established and highly regarded building block manufacturer of eco-friendly building blocks. With a workforce of 14 and an annual turnover of £5 million, it has served national house builders and builders’ merchants for over 60 years.

Established in 1830, Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd already has an extensive portfolio of specialist services alongside manufacturing a wide range of high-quality building products to meet the continuing demands and changes within the construction industry. Based in Cumbria, the company’s depth of history, knowledge and expertise has enabled it to become a leading and well-known construction manufacturer across the North of England.

Keith Denham, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of Thomas Armstrong (Holdings) Ltd comments: ‘We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our new acquisition of Sellite Blocks Limited. This latest acquisition will provide valuable wealth and expertise to our company as well as enhancing our services and products to our clients and customers. This has also given us the opportunity to strengthen our brand and to continue to maintain our competitive position within the construction industry.

‘We are looking forward to working with everyone at Sellite particularly Colin Hope and we are excited about what the future will bring in the many years to come.’

Mr Colin Hope, currently Managing Director of Sellite Blocks Limited will join The Thomas Armstrong Group in a new role following the acquisition along with the entire Sellite workforce.

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