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Lignacite are a leading manufacturer of concrete and masonry products and have one of the most efficient and modern manufacturing sites in the U.K.

Sustainable and Environmentally Sensitive Manufacturing

Lignacite sets the standards for sustainable and environmentally sensitive manufacturing. Our curing chambers re-use heat given off by the exothermic reaction between cement and water and when additional heat is needed, gas emissions are pumped back into the chambers, where blocks absorb CO2.

All water used at Brandon comes from a on site borehole, and is recycled at up to 5000 gallons / hour. Sand and aggregate quarried on land adjacent to the plant saves around 36,000 lorry journeys over the period of extraction. The land is then restored on an annual basis for wildlife conservation.

Main Product Ranges:


Commodity Blocks

All our products are Kitemarked as conforming to BS EN 771-3 Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units. They comply with category 1 Masonry Units and are manufactured under a quality assurance scheme assessed and certified to BS EN 9001:2000 by the British Standards Institute.

Commodity Blocks - Lignacite:

Lignacite concrete blocks comprise a range of medium density loadbearing units, used in internal or external walls. Lignacite blocks contribute to sound environmental practices as they contain graded wood particles, a selected waste wood product as an alternative aggregate. They also provide exceptional sound reduction qualities.

Commodity Blocks - Lignacite Ash GP:

Ash GP is a medium density concrete block which is robust, durable and suitable for a range of walling applications. Typical uses include the inner leaf of cavity walls when used with cavity insulation, separating or partition walls, and infill blocks in beam and block flooring systems. Ash GP can also be used externally where rendering or cladding is to be applied to the wall. Ash GP blocks provide a strong background for holding fixings. Ash GP is produced using at least 35% of recycled aggregate (by volume) thereby conserving valuable sources of primary material.

Commodity Blocks - Fibo850 Blocks:

Fibo850 is an excellent light weight house builder block. The block is manufactured from expanded clay lightweight aggregate, and contains up to 24% recycled aggregates by volume.

Commodity Blocks - Lignacrete:

Lignacrete is a robust and durable block that provides a good background for fixing, and that has excellent acoustic properties and thermal capacity. Lignacrete blocks are used in internal or external walls and manufactured from cement, sand and dense aggregates, and contains up to 20% recycled aggregates by volume.

Further technical information is available to download from the BPi download Library or directly from the manufacturer’s own website.

BLOCKS Aggregate .
BLOCKS Aggregate BS EN 771-3 (BS 6073-1)
BLOCKS Aggregate BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Aggregate Carbon Negative
BLOCKS Aggregate Coloured
BLOCKS Aggregate Dense Aggregate
BLOCKS Aggregate Fairfaced
BLOCKS Aggregate Lightweight
BLOCKS Aggregate Ultra Lightweight
BLOCKS Approved Doc Part L .
BLOCKS Artificial Stone .
BLOCKS BRE BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing (RSM) .
BLOCKS BS 5628:Part1,2,3 .
BLOCKS BS EN 771-3 .
BLOCKS Bull Nose .
BLOCKS Cellular Concrete .
BLOCKS Close Textured .
BLOCKS Colourcoated Face .
BLOCKS Coloured .
BLOCKS Concete Slip .
BLOCKS Concrete .
BLOCKS Concrete Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 Certificate H
BLOCKS Concrete Below DPC .
BLOCKS Concrete BS 5628 Part 1 .
BLOCKS Concrete BS EN 771-3 (BS 6073-1) .
BLOCKS Concrete BS EN 771-3 Kitemarked (BS 6073) .
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 300mm x 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 300mm x 250mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 325mm x 280mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 390mm x 190mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 440mm x 65mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 440mm x 110mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 440mm x 140mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 440mm x 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 75mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 90mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 100mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 140mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 150mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 190mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 195mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 200mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete Coloured .
BLOCKS Concrete Custom Made .
BLOCKS Concrete Dense .
BLOCKS Concrete Dense BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Concrete Dense HSE One Man Handling Compliant
BLOCKS Concrete Dense Sound Absorbing
BLOCKS Concrete Fairfaced .
BLOCKS Concrete Fairfaced BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 476: .
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 476: .5 hour Loadbearing
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 476: 1 hour
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 476: 2 hour
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 5628: 1 hour Loadbearing
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 5628: 2 hour Loadbearing
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 5628: Class 1
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant Eurocode BS EN 13501-A1
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant Eurocode Euroclass A1
BLOCKS Concrete Hollow .
BLOCKS Concrete Natural Aggregate Finish .
BLOCKS Concrete Non-Combustible .
BLOCKS Concrete Party Walls .
BLOCKS Concrete Party Walls Robust Detail Specifications
BLOCKS Concrete Purpose Made Bespoke
BLOCKS Concrete Sound Absorbing .
BLOCKS Concrete Special Shapes .
BLOCKS Coursing .
BLOCKS Coursing Brick Format Units
BLOCKS Decorative .
BLOCKS Decorative Decorative Finish
BLOCKS Decorative Luminous Glow in the Dark Finish
BLOCKS Decorative Profiled Face
BLOCKS Decorative Recycled Glass Finish
BLOCKS Decorative Shell Finish
BLOCKS Dog Leg .
BLOCKS Facing .
BLOCKS Facing Fairfaced Finish
BLOCKS Flooring .
BLOCKS Foundation .
BLOCKS Foundation BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Frost Resistant .
BLOCKS Glazed .
BLOCKS Hewn Appearance .
BLOCKS High Strength .
BLOCKS Light Reflective .
BLOCKS Lightweight Concrete: .
BLOCKS Lightweight Concrete: Below DPC
BLOCKS Lightweight Concrete: BS 5628
BLOCKS Lightweight Concrete: BS EN 771-3
BLOCKS Lightweight Concrete: BS EN 771-3 Kitemarked
BLOCKS Lightweight Mix .
BLOCKS Masonry .
BLOCKS Masonry BS EN 771-3 (BS 6073)
BLOCKS Masonry BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Masonry Coloured
BLOCKS Masonry Granite Faced
BLOCKS Masonry GWP (Graded Wood Particle) Incorporated
BLOCKS Masonry Marble Faced
BLOCKS Masonry Natural Stone Appearance
BLOCKS Masonry Paintgrade Finish / Painting Quality Surface
BLOCKS Masonry Stone Faced
BLOCKS Natural Stone Aggregate .
BLOCKS Paintgrade Finish Smooth
BLOCKS Partition .
BLOCKS Plain Finish .
BLOCKS Plinth .
BLOCKS Polished Finished .
BLOCKS Quoin .
BLOCKS Recycled Aggregate .
BLOCKS Reveal .
BLOCKS Roof Edge Trim .
BLOCKS Roofing .
BLOCKS Shot Blasted Finish .
BLOCKS Soffit .
BLOCKS Sound Insulation .
BLOCKS Splitface Finish .
BLOCKS Sports Hall .
BLOCKS Textured Finish .
BLOCKS Thermal Insulation Insulating .
BLOCKS Walling Concrete Split Faced
BLOCKS Walling Concrete Stone Appearance
BLOCKS Weathered Appearance .
BRICKS Eco Habitat For Bats
BRICKS Eco Habitat For Swifts
CAST STONE Purpose Made Bespoke Architectural Features
CILLS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
COLUMNS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
COPINGS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
COPINGS Precast Concrete .
COPINGS Precast Concrete Purpose Made
CORBELS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
CORNICES Exterior External .
CORNICES Exterior External Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
COURSING Bricks Concrete .
EAVES Systems Concrete Blocks
FABRICATIONS Concrete Block .
FACADES Architectural Insulated Panels .
FASCIA Soffit Systems .
FASCIA Soffit Systems Lightweight Concrete
FASCIAS Concrete .
HEADS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
INSULATION BLOCKS .See Also BLOCKS: Thermal Insulation Insulating: .
JAMBS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
KEYSTONES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
LINTELS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
LINTELS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made
LINTELS Concrete .
LINTELS Concrete BS 8110:1997
LINTELS Concrete BS EN 845:2003 Part 2 CE Marked
LINTELS Concrete Purpose Made Lintels
LINTELS Concrete Reinforced Lintels
LINTELS Concrete Reinforced Masonry Faced Lintels
MASONRY Blocks .
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:1997 Kitemarked
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS EN 771-3:2003
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS EN 771-5
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Dressings BS 1217:1997
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made Dressings
MASONRY Dressings .
MASONRY Precast Coloured
MASONRY Precast Dressings
MASONRY Precast Purpose Made
MASONRY Precast Units
MASONRY Precast Units Blocks Polished
MASONRY Roof Overhangs .
MASONRY Special Facings .
MULLIONS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PLINTHS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Plinth Blocks
QUOINS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ROOF Edging .
ROOFLINE Systems .
ROOFLINE Systems Concrete Blocks
SPHERES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
STONE Reconstructed .
WALLING Split Blocks .
WINDOW SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ASH GP Walling Blocks
ASHLITE Concrete Blocks
ASHLITE Blocks Lightweight
COMMODITY Masonry Blocks
FIBO 850 Ultra Lightweight Blocks
FIBO ENVIRO Blocks Lightweight
FIBOLITE Lightweight Blocks
LIGNACITE Concrete Blocks
LIGNACRETE Dense Concrete Blocks
LIGNALITE Lightweight Masonry Blocks

Lignacite committed to a Sustainable Strategy for Masonry

June 2019

In 2012 Lignacite Ltd committed to a ‘Sustainable Strategy for Masonry’. This initiative has been the catalyst to enable us to respond to the construction industry’s need for industry-wide reporting of sustainability performance as well as delivering on our commitment for continuous improvement. 2017 continues to see Lignacite striving for improved manufacturing processes and products.

All Lignacite’s blocks contain recycled materials, one is consistently chosen for its sustainable credentials – ‘Lignacite’.


The ‘Lignacite’ block, with key benefits for the build process including high fire resistance, excellent sound insulation, good thermal performance, a range of face finishes and with a recycled content of up to 48% has continued to reinvent itself over the years. The wood was first used because it was plentiful and there was a general shortage of building blocks just after the war. It transpired that this material not only produced a lighter block than conventional concrete, but that it made for lighter, smoother block.

Conventional concrete made with stone ultimately shatters under intense heat. The wood in Lignacite is locked up in the matrix of the block thus denying oxygen to the flames. This means a Lignacite blocks calcifies and hardens in a fire, giving a superior fire rating and performance.

The fact wood locks up C02 due to photosynthesis has meant more recently its environmental credentials have been even more widely recognised, thus adding benefits to projects using Lignacite blocks.

The Architects of some of the country’s most iconic buildings made have this choice.

The Shard – ( designed by Renzo Piano, uses 140,000 Lignacite (with the Carbon8 aggregate) blocks in its four basement levels, providing a substantial base for the entire tower.

The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Ax, – ( by Norman Foster and Ken Shuttleworth again used 10,000m in the basement area.

The Olympic Stadium and the Veldrome together with 4 other Olympic venues – (

For further information please visit our website A full colour Swatch Guide showing all our block finishes can be requested via our website as well as many other useful documents including a Design Guidance booklet. We offer a CPD on the benefits and uses of concrete masonry. Please contact us for further details on 01842 810678

Lignacite - Offering an alternative to brick

June 2019

For over 70 years Lignacite have been supplying the housing and construction market with a sustainable block range containing high levels of recycled material, producing dense, medium, lightweight blocks.

Architects and designers continue to create beautiful living spaces pushing the boundaries of the more traditional bricks and mortar. Lignacite’s Architectural Facing Masonry (AFM) offers an extensive range containing in excess of 100 permutations of size, colour and texture providing a comprehensive selection of value engineering solutions to the modern designer. These along with the Roman Brick have been used to create many stunning effects, providing cost effective alternatives to the design and build programme.

Our wide range of Cast Stone masonry can be incorporated, creating interesting and decorative features to windows and door surrounds. Matching quoins and cills are available as standard or bespoke items.

AFM has been used by Berkeley Homes in Woolwich Arsenal where our polished facing masonry features in the communal areas. The Royal Wharf in London also features Lignacite’s Snowstorm weathered blocks. These were used as the alternative to stone cladding originally specified in the build. This represented an excellent replacement alongside considerable savings as well as providing a sustainable alternative to stone.

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