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LIGNACITE LTD: Fibo 850 Concrete Blocks
Fibo 850 is an ultra lightweight concrete block manufactured from expanded clay aggregates and a mixture of other naturally occurring raw materials and cement. The clay aggregate is produced from carefully selected clays which through heat expansion are bloated to create a low density porous aggregate with numerous cavities. This is what makes Fibo 850 so incredibly light and thermally efficient. Aggregate concrete blocks, Aggregate concrete blocks

Published [08/11/21]

LIGNACITE LTD: Lignacite Concrete Blocks
Lignacite SP is available in a 140mm width solid block. It consists of a specially formulated mix which reduces the block density to produce a solid block under 20kg unit weight. It is available in all grades. There is a slight colour difference between the traditional block and the Lignacite SP.  Lignacite GP has a striated face, providing an enhanced key for plastering and rendering. It is available in 100 and 140 mm solid form only. Aggregate concrete blocks, Aggregate concrete blocks

Published [08/11/21]

LIGNACITE LTD: Lignacrete Concrete Blocks
Lignacrete dense blocks are suitable for a wide range of applications.  They have excellent levels of sound insulation and high strength capability, making them especially suitable for use in separating and partition walls.  They can also be used as infill blocks in beam and block flooring systems. Lignacrete dense blocks generally have a face size of 440 x 215 mm. Certain products are produced in an alternative size. For example, Midi blocks are solid 140 mm units with a face size of 290 x 215 mm and have been developed for ease of handling whilst providing all the performance associated with conventional size solid blocks. Lignacrete PW blocks have a thickness of 195 mm, and a face size of 440 x 65 mm. Aggregate concrete blocks, Aggregate concrete blocks

Published [08/11/21]