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Suppliers of: Aluminium Solar Shading, Brise Soleil, aluminium Rainscreen Cladding, Aluminium Gutters, Aluminium Rainwater Goods, Aluminium Fascias and Soffit Boards, and Aluminium Coping systems

For Aluminium Solar Shading Systems, Aluminium Gutters, Rainwater Pipes Fascias, Soffits, Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding Systems or Coping Systems, with 40 years of design and manufacturing experience, Dales can help.

Dales offer a comprehensive design & technical service that ensures all items are considered and sections and plan drawings fully prepared before any goods are manufactured and delivered to site. All Dales’ Project Managers are graduate or masters qualified in a suitable construction discipline. Contact our Project Managers on Tel: 0115 9301521

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Aluminium Solar Shading / Brise Soleil Systems

Dales Solar Shade products are offered in bespoke or standard configurations. All are available in the full range of RAL or BS colours in polyester powder or PVF2, timber-effect and also in anodised finish. Click here to see the latest list of standard colours...

Level of Shading A well-designed externally fixed solar shading system can reduce solar gain significantly whilst still transmitting sufficient daylight to reduce the requirement for artificial light.

Elliptical Solar Shading Blades Our range of elliptical brise soleil blades are available in 100, 150, 190 and 260mm sizes.

Aluminium Fascia & Soffits:

Dales’ Aluminium Fascias and Soffits are manufactured and designed using standard components to provide bespoke installations to suit your individual project at a competitive price with swift delivery.  All systems are available in our standard range of finishes. Please click here to see our standard range of finishes. As part of our specification service we are happy to prepare detailed proposal drawings to suit your specific requirements. To receive the benefits of this service or to receive a consultation with a technical representative at your premises, please contact us on 0115 930 1521 or email techinfo@dales-eaves.co.uk

Fascia Profiles All fascias are made to order and as such the range of profiles is almost limitless. Whilst there are manufacturing constraints, anything can be considered.

Dales Sigma Fineline Fascias are individually pressed from sheet aluminium to create the appearance of a structural steel member.

Soffit Systems Aluminium Soffits are generally either planks or panels. Both planks and panels can be supplied with hidden fixing details.

Monocoque Support Dales introduced the unique monocoque bracket system that eliminates the need the multiple trimmers and carcass with a single bracket, allowing the full benefits of laser line accuracy to be utilised at eaves level.

Internal gutter configurations Provide a sleek and uninterrupted line to the eaves and allow more imaginative eaves profiles to be utilised, from straight forward vertical fascias to bullnoses, ellipses, trapezoidal profiles and many more.

External gutter configurations Provide a more traditional appearance to the eaves. Fascias are generally vertical, although other profiles are available, and can be utilised with any of the Dales standard gutter profiles.

Additional Options Ventilation, integration of lighting, off-site assembly

Aluminium Coping Systems

The Meridian coping system offers an attractive, low maintenance capping to parapet and perimeter walls. Designed to “snap” onto pre-fixed brackets, the system is simple to install yet both rigidly and secretly fixed.

Standard Coping Due to the water resistant joint detail utilised for the Meridian Coping System the profile does not need to slope in section. The standard section is particularly popular for gable parapet walls.

Weather-Struck Coping Sloped to replicate traditional stone and concrete capping systems.

Ridgeway Coping Sloped in two directions to replicate traditional stone and concrete capping systems.

Excel Aluminium Coping, this system has an alternative method of

Accessories A wide range of standard components are available, however Dales are able to offer purpose made components to suit individual project requirements.

Aluminium Gutters - Rainwater Systems

Dales Fabrications will calculate your rainwater gutter and pipe sizes for you, contact our Project Management team for further advice

Moulded Ogee Range: The Dales Ogee range is an ideal choice for refurbishment projects or where a traditional appearance is sought.

Modern Ogee Range: The River Range of aluminium gutters were developed in response to customer demand for a contemporary version of the traditional ogee gutter profile.

Delta Box Range: The Box Range of aluminium gutters combines the low maintenance life expected of aluminium gutter systems with high capacities and comparatively low costs.

Nene Range: The Nene gutter system is an attractive heavy-duty aluminium system of elegant simplicity.

Torent Range: The wide throat of the Torent range of aluminium gutters makes it suitable for a large array of roof configurations, whilst the top-fix bracket design ensures a consistent line to the eaves.

Classic Range: The Classic Range has proven to be one of Dales’ most successful rainwater drainage systems.

HR Range: The HR Range offers the appearance of traditional half round systems but with much greater capacities.

Curved & Facetted Gutter Systems:

For curved roofs Dales offer a variety of solutions. Please contact our technical services department for further details.

Aluminium Downpipes and Pipe Systems:

As part of our specification service Dales Fabrications will calculate your rainwater gutter and aluminium downpipe sizes for you. Dales offer a wide selection of standard rainwater pipes including traditional cast collars

Standard Rainwater Aluminium Downpipe System:

Dales offer a comprehensive stock range of components for aluminium rainwater pipe systems.  As manufacturers we are also able to offer an extensive range of specials and purpose made components.

Cast Collared Rainwater Aluminium Downpipe System:

Where a more traditional appearance is required, our range of cast collared aluminium pipe replicates traditional cast iron pipe.

Secret Fix Rainwater Aluminium Downpipe System:

Dales offer a range of secret fix square and rectangular systems with internal spigots and hidden brackets providing a clean and uninterrupted line to rainwater pipes.

Further Technical information, PDFs and BIM Files are available to download from the BPi Download Library or via the manufacturers own website.

ALUMINIUM Curved Sections
ARCHITECTURAL Curved Aluminium Sections
ARCHITECTURAL Rainwater Systems Aluminium
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Aluminium Purpose Made
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Solar Control Sun Louvres and Screens .See Also SUN LOUVRES AND SCREENS:
COPINGS Aluminium
COPINGS Aluminium Anodised
COPINGS Aluminium Anodised Anolok / AnolokII
COPINGS Aluminium Colourcoated
COPINGS Aluminium Colourcoated BS 6496
COPINGS Aluminium Polyester Powdercoated BS EN 12206:2004
COPINGS Aluminium Purpose Made
COPINGS Aluminium PVF2 Coated
COPINGS Aluminium Secret Fix
EAVES Fascia / Soffit / Gutter Systems Combined
FASCIA Soffit Systems Aluminium Polyester Powdercoated BS EN 12206-1:2
FASCIAS Aluminium
FASCIAS Aluminium Anodised
FASCIAS Aluminium Anodised Anolok / AnolokII
FASCIAS Aluminium Colourcoated
FASCIAS Aluminium Colourcoated BS 6496:1984
FASCIAS Aluminium Curved
FASCIAS Aluminium Polyester Powder Coated
FASCIAS Aluminium Polyester Powdercoated BS EN 12206-1:2004
FASCIAS Aluminium Purpose Made
FASCIAS Aluminium PVF2 Coated
FASCIAS Bullnose
FASCIAS Colourcoated
FASCIAS Gutters Combined
FASCIAS Gutters Combined Concealed Gutters
FASCIAS Purpose Made
GUTTERS Aluminium
GUTTERS Aluminium Anodised
GUTTERS Aluminium Anodised Anolok / AnolokII
GUTTERS Aluminium Box
GUTTERS Aluminium Colourcoated
GUTTERS Aluminium Colourcoated BS 6496:1984
GUTTERS Aluminium Colourcoated BS Colours
GUTTERS Aluminium Colourcoated RAL Colours
GUTTERS Aluminium Commercial
GUTTERS Aluminium Concealed
GUTTERS Aluminium Deep Run Half Round
GUTTERS Aluminium Extruded
GUTTERS Aluminium Half Round
GUTTERS Aluminium High Flow
GUTTERS Aluminium Ogee
GUTTERS Aluminium Polyester Powdercoated BS EN 12206:2004
GUTTERS Aluminium Pressed BS EN 8530:2010 (Formerly BS 2997)
GUTTERS Aluminium Purpose Made
GUTTERS Aluminium PVF2 Coated
GUTTERS Aluminium Victorian Ogee
GUTTERS Fascias Combined
GUTTERS Secret Aluminium
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Anodised
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Anodised Anolok / AnolokII
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Cast Eared Sockets Cast Collars
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Colourcoated
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Colourcoated BS 6496:1984
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Polyester Powdercoated BS EN 12206:2004
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Rectangular
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Secret Fix
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Square
RAINWATER PIPES Aluminium Traditional Profile
SOFFITS Aluminium
SOFFITS Aluminium Anodised
SOFFITS Aluminium Anodised Anolok / AnolokII
SOFFITS Aluminium Colourcoated
SOFFITS Aluminium Colourcoated BS 6496
SOFFITS Aluminium Polyester Powdercoated
SOFFITS Aluminium Purpose Made
SOFFITS Aluminium PVF2 Coated
SOFFITS Purpose Made
SUN LOUVRES AND SCREENS Aluminium External Shading
SUN LOUVRES AND SCREENS Aluminium Fixed to Structure
SUN LOUVRES AND SCREENS Aluminium Purpose Made Bespoke and Custom Designs
WINDOW PODS Aluminium Window Cassettes
WINDOW PODS Aluminium Window Cassettes Purpose Made
AVON Aluminium Gutters
BULLNOSE Aluminium Fascias
CLASSIC Aluminium Rainwater Goods
CONTEMPORARY Aluminium Rainwater Pipes
DALES DOMESTIC Aluminium Gutters
DELTA Aluminium Gutters
DELTA BOX Aluminium Gutters
DERWENT Aluminium Gutters
DIAPHRAGM Support Systems
DOVE Aluminium Gutters
EXCEL Aluminium Coping
GABLE Aluminium Copings
HR Aluminium Rainwater Goods
HR150 Aluminium Gutters
HR215 Aluminium Gutters
KWIK FIX Fascia Soffit Systems
KWIKFIX Soffit Boards
MERIDIAN Aluminium Coping
MODERN OGEE Aluminium Gutters
MONOCOQUE Support Systems
NENE RANGE Aluminium Gutters
OGEE Aluminium Gutters
QUADRANT Aluminium Fascias
RIDGEWAY Aluminium Coping
RIVER RANGE Aluminium Gutters
SEVERN Aluminium Gutters
SHADEX Solar Shading
SHADEX 100 Solar Shading Systems
SHADEX 150 Solar Shading Systems
SHADEX 190 Solar Shading Systems
SHADEX 260 Solar Shading Systems
SHADEX 400 Solar Shading Systems
SIGMA Aluminium Fascias
STEPPED Aluminium Fascias
STORMFORCE Aluminium Coping
STRONGLINE Aluminium Gutters
SYSTEM 120 Aluminium Gutters
SYSTEM 75 Aluminium Gutters
TORENT RANGE Aluminium Gutters
TRADITIONAL Aluminium Fascias
TRADITIONAL Aluminium Rainwater Pipes
TRENT Aluminium Gutters
WEATHERSTRUCK Aluminium Coping
WELLAND Aluminium Gutters

Dales Fabrications Celebrating 5 years of FORS

July 2024

Dales are proud to announce we have been awarded FORS certification for the fifth consecutive year, following our annual FORS – Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme audit.

FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme that aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations. It provides a comprehensive set of standards for fleet management, encompassing safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

This accreditation is a testament to Dales ongoing commitment to excellence in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

To view a copy of our FORS certificate and read about Dales other accreditations visit their website at https://www.dales-eaves.co.uk

Beating the Heat with Dales Aluminium Solar Shading

June 2024

Dales supplies Solar Shading Solutions for Solihull Retirement Village:

Dales Fabrications supplied their Aluminium Shadex 150 Solar Shading, finished in PWF1 Timber Effect for Solihull Retirement Homes.

Whilst enhancing the architectural appeal of the project, integrating this system into the design also ensured that the buildings would effectively manage solar heat gain from day one, allowing more comfortable living conditions for residents and improving energy efficiency. Moreover, their installation aligns with the guidelines set out by the Part O regulations introduced in June 2022.

The timber effect finish from Dales made it possible to achieve the appearance of timber without the fire risk or risk of algae, warp, deviation and regular turning traditionally associated with timber blades.

Dales also supplied aluminium balcony cladding with self-draining soffits, privacy screens, and ‘window-frame’ cladding for the project.

The £47m retirement village in partnership with the ExtraCare Charitable Trust accommodates over 300 homes for over 55’s and was designed by DLA Architecture.

The need for action:

As we head into summer, many of us will be enjoying the warmer, longer days. However, for several residents in the UK, the increased solar gain and excessive heat create uncomfortable living conditions and may even pose serious health risks.

Whilst the conversation in the UK has typically centred around reducing heating costs and increasing insulation in homes, MPs are increasingly expressing concern and urging immediate government action to protect tenants from the adverse effects of overheating, which can cause health issues such as heat exhaustion and dehydration. Furthermore, there is an urgent call to reduce the need for air conditioning, with The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggesting that by 2050, the average number of days a year Europe will require air conditioning will have risen by 30%.

Additionally, this June marks the second anniversary of the implementation of the new part O regulations, which aim to ensure that new residential buildings are designed to minimise overheating and therefore protect occupants’ welfare. The regulations promote sustainable building practices by emphasising energy efficiency and passive cooling techniques. They apply specifically to new residential buildings, including dwellings, common areas of flat blocks, care homes, and halls of residence. Developers, architects, and builders must all comply.

Solar shading as a solution:

The Building Research Establishment suggests that the installation of external solar shading systems is one of the most cost-effective and least adverse methods of reducing solar gain and therefore, emissions of carbon dioxide during building use. Research indicates that a well-designed solar shading system can pay for itself through energy cost savings within five years.

Solar shades are designed to reflect the sun’s rays, significantly reducing solar heat gain. Aluminium solar shades in particular are a great option as they are durable, weather-resistant, and require minimal maintenance. This makes them an efficient long-term investment for providing an effective, stylish, and durable solution to keeping accommodation cool and comfortable, whilst meeting the requirements of Part O regulations.

Dales Fabrications design and manufacture an extensive range of standard and bespoke aluminium solar shading solutions. Additionally, Dales can advise on the size of the necessary projection and different methods of support available for the different shading types. More details are available at https://www.dales-eaves.co.uk/solar-shading/.


In addition to their product offerings, Dales can also provide in-practice CPD seminars that cover content about Solar Shading systems:

– Solar Shading: Form, Function and Fire Safety with Part O Update

– Solar Shading Systems: Compliance with Part O, Part L, and Part B

– Solar Shading: Form, Function, Fire Safety & the Scottish Building Regulations

– Solar Shading Systems: Compliance with Scottish Building Regulations

Dales’ CPD seminar ‘Solar Shading Systems: Compliance with Part L: Conservation of Energy and Part B: Fire Safety’ was spotlighted in May’s RIBA CPD Showcase, in the Sustainable Architecture category.

To read more about the CPDs offered, and to book your place you can visit https://www.dales-eaves.co.uk/cpd/.

Photography by a2n (architecturalphotographer.co.uk).

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