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Suppliers of: Steel Wire Rope, Stainless Steel Rods & Ties, Webnet Mesh Systems, Green Wall systems, Green Wall Systems, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, wire rigging, tension rods, wire ropes

Jakob UK (operated by MMA Architectural Systems) is the leading supplier of Stainless Steel Wire Ropes, Mesh, Rods and Steel Cables

As sole UK distributor for the  Jakob range of wire rope and rigging systems, we have supplied high quality stainless steel wire rope assemblies, tie rods and fittings for over 20 years for projects of all type, size and complexity

Our products are manufactured from High Grade 316 Stainless Steel by Jakob in Switzerland and are backed by our experienced support team which is there to advise you on every aspect of the project from design and supply to installation and maintenance.

Whether you are looking for wire rope assemblies for balustrades, or want to talk to our design team about a green wall installation, our support staff are there to help. If you have a project in mind, please contact us for a quote - we can get a quote to you within a few hours.


Stainless Steel Wire Ropes

This range provides great scope to design solutions for different applications and includes swaged clevis ends, clevis with turnbuckle and clevis with external thread. Other wire rope fittings such as eye ends, end stops, ball ends and thread ends are also available. Please contact us, or download our comprehensive product catalogue for more information on our range of stainless steel wire rope assemblies and wire rope fittings.

Steel Rods / Tie Bars

All of our products are made from High Grade 316 Stainless Steel, offering many advantages, including: 316 "marine grade" stainless steel with a size range of 6mm up to 24mm, Tension Rod System approved by EOTA, Bespoke design available and ideal for structural applications

Webnet Mesh Systems

Webnet is ideal for many different applications, including: balustrade infill, animal enclosures, art forms, plant supports, safety nets, fencing and aviaries. 

Green Wall Systems

Green Walls (sometimes called Living Walls) provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution. From a small garden wire trellis to huge multi-storey car parks, we have a solution. Drawing on combinations of products (including our Stainless Steel Wire Ropes, Rods and Stainless Steel Mesh Systems) our Green Wall Systems allow a variety of designs to be achieved on the vast majority of building structures.

Stainless Steel Rope and fittings

The majority of our products can be purchased online from our website shop. For any of our products you are welcome to contact us by phone and we will happily assist with any technical or purchase enquiries.


MMA also supply a wide range of GEGGUS entrance matting systems. Manufacturered in Germany, the Geggus System is an etremely hard wearing and robust entrance system ideal for retail and commercial applications. Please visit our dedicated website for further information on this products:

Further techncial information, image galleries and product specifications are available through the MMA website or via the BPi Download Library.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

1 - MMA Green Wall Systems
stainless steel ropes, rods and wire mesh products, Green walls, plant supports, living walls, Greenwalls, Greenwall structures

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2 - Jakob Bridge Safety

Published [14/05/18]File size [9033 KB]

4 - MMA Vertical Rope Balustrades Jakob Vertiguide
MMA Architectural Vertical Rope Balustrades, wire balustrades, cable balustrades

Published [14/05/18]File size [2202 KB]

5 - MMA Facade Greening
Green walling, roofing

Published [20/03/18]File size [8247 KB]

6 - Jakob Rope Systems Image Brochure

Published [14/05/18]File size [2508 KB]

7 - MMA Webnet N2
inox wire stainless steel rope, Stainless Steel Netting, steel mesh, expanded steel nets

Published [04/05/17]File size [20095 KB]

8 - Jakob Green Solutions G1
greenwall systems, wire trellis, green walls, horticultural rigging

Published [04/05/17]File size [9743 KB]

9 - Webnet Enclosures for Animals
rope enclosures, zoo enclosures, wire fencing, animal enclosures, enclosure mesh

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9a - Jakob Frames F2 References
stainless steel rope systems cable wire rigging

Published [08/05/18]File size [8322 KB]

9b - MMA Frames F2 Technical
wire mesh frames, expanded mesh frames

Published [08/05/18]File size [9893 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 Anchoring System Ch7
Anchoring System

Published [08/05/18]File size [4116 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 Assembly Aids Ch9
Assembly Aids

Published [08/05/18]File size [2709 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 Carriers Ch6
MMA Architectural Basic 6 Carriers Chapter

Published [08/05/18]File size [2930 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 Clevis And Eye Ends Ch4
Clevis And Eye Ends

Published [08/05/18]File size [9968 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 End Stops Ch3
MMA Architectural Basic 6 End Stops chapter

Published [08/05/18]File size [10103 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 External And Internal Threads Ch2
External And Internal Threads

Published [08/05/18]File size [5428 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 Loops Ch5

Published [08/05/18]File size [1646 KB]

a. MMA Basic 6 Rope Clamps Ch8
Rope Clamps

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a. MMA Basic 6 Wire Ropes And Rods Ch1
Wire Ropes And Rods

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Geggus Image Brochure
entrance matting systems,Entrance Mats

Published [20/03/18]File size [9050 KB]

Geggus Premium Entrance Matting Catalogue 2017
Premium Entrance Matting Systems

Published [08/05/18]File size [13104 KB]

ANCHORS Stainless Steel Wire .
BALUSTRADES Cabled Systems/Wire Rope Rigging .
BALUSTRADES Cabled Systems/Wire Rope Rigging Stainless Steel
BALUSTRADES Tension Wire Strained Wire Straining Wire Stainless Steel
CABLE Fixings .
CABLES Stainless Steel Architectural
ENTRANCE MATTING Aluminium Channel .
ENTRANCE MATTING Aluminium Scraper Bar Inserts .
ENTRANCE MATTING Dirt and Moisture Control .
ENTRANCE MATTING Domestic Residential Applications
ENTRANCE MATTING Exterior Outdoor Use External
ENTRANCE MATTING Inlaid Logo Service .
ENTRANCE MATTING Matwell Free Surface Mounted
ENTRANCE MATTING Modular Systems .
ENTRANCE MATTING Open Grid Construction .
ENTRANCE MATTING Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made .
ENTRANCE MATTING Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made Circular Mats
ENTRANCE MATTING Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made Curved
ENTRANCE MATTING Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made Special Shapes
ENTRANCE MATTING Ribbed Carpet Inserts .
ENTRANCE MATTING Ribbed Carpet Inserts Recyclable / Recycling Service
ENTRANCE MATTING Roll Up Framed Systems
ENTRANCE MATTING Safety Systems For the Disabled and Visually Impaired
ENTRANCE MATTING Safety Systems Luminous
ENTRANCE MATTING Safety Systems Tactile Floor Indicators
ENTRANCE MATTING Shallow Matwell Applications .
ENTRANCE MATTING Slip Resistant/Anti-Slip/Low Slip .
ENTRANCE MATTING Sound Insulation Incorporated Impact Sound Absorbing / Impact Sound Reduction
ENTRANCE MATTING Tactile Guidance Systems For the Blind and Visually Impaired
ENTRANCE MATTING Wheeled Traffic .
ENTRANCE MATTING Wheeled Traffic High Weight Bearing
FACADE SYSTEMS Greenwall Systems Facade Greening Systems
FACADE SYSTEMS Greenwall Systems Structural Support for Plant Growth
FACADES Cable Tensioned .
FACADES Stainless Steel Mesh Screens .
FENCING Architectural .
FIXINGS For Greenwall Systems .
GREENWALL SYSTEMS Trellis Hub Stainless Steel Wire
GREENWALL SYSTEMS Trelliswork Fittings Stainless Steel
GREENWALL SYSTEMS Trelliswork Training Structures Stainless Steel
GUARD RAILS Stainless Steel Wire Rope .
MATTING Purpose Made .
MATWELL FRAMES Dirt Collecting Wells .
MATWELL FRAMES Drainage Outlet .
MATWELL FRAMES Purpose Made Special Shapes .
MATWELL FRAMES Purpose Made Special Shapes Curved
MATWELL FRAMES Ramping Ramped Edge
MATWELL FRAMES Stainless Steel .
MESH Stainless Steel .
RIGGING SYSTEMS Architectural .
RIGGING SYSTEMS Stainless Steel Rod .
RIGGING SYSTEMS Stainless Steel Wire Rope .
STAIRCASES Cabled Railing .
SUSPENSION SYSTEMS Stainless Steel Wire Rope .
TENSION ROD SYSTEMS Stainless Steel ETA European Technical Approval CE Marked
TENSIONING SYSTEMS Architectural Stainless Steel
TENSIONING SYSTEMS Stainless Steel Rod .
TENSIONING SYSTEMS Stainless Steel Wire .
TRELLIS Greenwall Applications Stainless Steel
WIRE Stainless Steel .
WIRE CABLE Structural Fixings .
WIRE MESH Stainless Steel .
WIRE MESH Stainless Steel Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made
WIRE NETTING Stainless Steel .
WIRE RODS Stainless Steel .
WIRE ROPE and Rod Systems .
WIRE ROPE Fittings .
WIRE ROPE Fittings Stainless Steel Structural Tension Bars
WIRE ROPE Fixings .
WIRE ROPE Stainless Steel Tensioning Systems
WIRE ROPE Structural Fixings .
WIRE ROPE Structures .
ALU MAT Entrance Matting
GEGGUS Entrance Matting
INOX LINE Stainless Steel Wire Rope
JAKOB Stainless Steel Wire Rope
JAKOB Greenwall Systems
SAFE CLEAN TREND Entrance Matting
SPEZIAL Entrance Matting Frames
TOP CLEAN BRUSH Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN FLAT Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN HIGH Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN LIGHT Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN OBJEKT Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN STABIL Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN STABIL XL Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN TREND Entrance Matting
TOP CLEAN TREND XL Entrance Matting
UNIVISS Stainless Steel Wire Rope
UNIVISS PLUS Stainless Steel Wire Rope
VERTIGUIDE Vertical Balustrade Cables
VISSLINE Stainless Steel Wire Rope
WEBNET Wire Mesh

Fall Prevention

October 2018

Whether it is to provide safe and secure protection for multi-storey car parks, or a fall protection system for bridges, the Jakob Webnet system has been used in projects worldwide to help protect people from accidental falls and prevent suicide attempts.These projects have all been completed without compromising the design integrity of the building or structure, the achievement of which had previously been a major thorn in the side of architects, as they had to battle to balance a wide range of often-conflicting requirements - including safety, strength, durability, maintenance, air flow, aesthetics and transparency.Webnet allows engineers and designers to meet all these previously incompatible requirements.For example, bridge parapets can be fully-enclosed with no detriment to the visual appearance of the structure - and with little impact on views from it. And a Webnet system which runs under the parapet can act as an effective and non-invasive fall-arrest solution, again with minimal visual interference.

Ensuring the security and safety of a car park, while meeting these needs has, in the past, been equally challenging. But following the introduction of Webnet, architects and designers are discovering that they can now meet all these seemingly conflicting requirements. In particular, car park openings can be fully-enclosed with no detriment either to air-flow (vital for the extraction of exhaust fumes) or aesthetics.

The Webnet system provides a light, flexible and robust solution to improve car park safety and security, working as a highly-effective, yet virtually transparent anti-suicide and fall-protection system.And as Webnet is manufactured from 316 stainless steel, neither durability nor longevity need to be compromised either.Having installed many anti-suicide and bridge fall-protection systems worldwide, Jakob has a proven record of delivering high-class, high-quality projects - from initial design right through to installation and maintenance.

Green Walls Help Clean The Air We Breathe

February 2019

In 2019 National governments and local authorities are increasingly taking measures to improve air quality in towns and cities, with air pollution widely recognised as the most significant environmental risk to human health in the UK, and the fourth biggest threat overall – after cancer, heart disease and obesity.

DEFRA published its ‘Clean Air Strategy’ that laid out a series of goals and actions required to achieve them, including the reduction of toxic pollutants like nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and sulphur dioxide.

It’s very easy to think of air pollution as being purely down to the ever-increasing levels of traffic on our roads, and while there’s no doubt that vehicle emissions are huge contributors, there is a wide range of other sources of air pollutants that have a major impact – for example, burning fossil fuels, intensive agricultural food production, industrial heating and even cleaning with solvents.

There are a number of initiatives already in place to help tackle many of the sources of air pollution – for example, London’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone, which is to be introduced in April this year, and six other UK cities which are set to introduce Clean Air Zones. Similarly, there’s a huge debate around wood-burning stoves and the impact they have on air quality, with many arguing for tighter regulation on their design and use.

But as well as tackling the sources, we can also help improve air quality by taking positive steps to remove the harmful pollutants. By ‘greening’ a city’s buildings, streets and public spaces, it’s possible to not only significantly improve the aesthetic look and appeal of an area, but also to help clean the air we breathe, and moderate the temperature, both of individual buildings and the city in general.

Recognising the benefits that urban greening can deliver, many authorities are actively looking to encourage developers and building owners to include urban greening initiatives in their development plans.

For example, under proposals outlined by the City of London Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee, every new development in the city’s square mile would have to include plans for ‘urban greening’. This would include details of how, through greening, the building would contribute to improving biodiversity, rainwater run-off, air and noise pollution and temperature regulation, as well as making the City of London a more desirable place for businesses to locate.

For a long time, green walls were seen simply as an aesthetic enhancement to a building (think ivy-covered vicarage walls), but modern systems now deliver so much more than just good looks, with research proving their worth in delivering both environmental and economic benefits; particularly their ability to help improve local air quality, both by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and by trapping dust and other harmful pollutants.

Greening on a large scale also contributes greatly to passive building cooling during the warmer periods of the year, with green walls providing natural shading for the surfaces of buildings, so preventing them from overheating. They also help buildings to retain their warmth in the winter, acting as an extra layer of exterior insulation.

In addition to helping with cooling and warming, green walls also have a climate control effect – based on ‘evaporative chilling’. This means that green walls absorb heat, but then release it back into the atmosphere by ‘evapotranspiration’ and natural cooling via ventilation. Consequently, green walls can be used to reduce temperature peaks in densely populated areas, making a positive contribution to urban climates.

Furthermore, green walls can help to address the loss of biodiversity due to the spread of urbanization. With green walls consisting of a range of plants, they can act as a home for pollinators, and invertebrates, as well as a habitat and nesting spot for many species. We can even supply bat boxes and bug hotels when we install our green wall systems. So as well as the positive measures to reduce the level of harmful pollutants that are emitted, we can tackle the problem from both ends – enforcing and encouraging reductions but also improving the environment through positive action, bringing greening back to urban areas.

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