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01. 940002170 Flex Brochure 12-11-19
flex liners and flue boxes. Flexible Stainless Steel Flue and Chimney Liners

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02. 940002642 Isokern Brochure 08-11-19
Pumice Chimneys, Liners and Firechests (Fire Chests)

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03. 940002991 Ceramic Guide Brochure 23-05-19
ceramic chimney systems and ceramic flue liners, chimney pots. Swift and Swift Air System Chimneys,

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04. 940003654 Metaloterm Vantage Brochure 12-06-19
Vantage is a twin wall insulated chimney system with a quick lock jointing system. It is used for gas-fired Stoves, wood burning woodfired stoves or for solid fuel and Oil fired appliances. Chimney systems

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05. 940003679 UK Ceramic Chimney Liners Brochure 02-10-19
ceramic chimney systems and liners, chimney pots, chimney flue liners.

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06. 00000000 B-Vent Brochure 23-05-2019
Twin Wall Gas Venting System and Flue Box Range

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07. 940002245 ICS Brochure 08-10-2019
80-300mm Diameter Range Twin Wall Insulated System Chimney for Gas, Oil, Wood and Multi-fuel Applications

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08. 940002243 Prima Smooth Brochure 18-06-19
Single Wall Stainless Steel Connecting Flue Pipe & Chimney Liner for Wood & Multi-fuel Appliances

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09. 940002641 Prima Plus Brochure 31-10-19
80-300mm Diameter Range Single Wall Stainless Steel Flue Systems for Gas, Oil, Wood and Solid Fuel

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10. 940002143 Choosing the Right Flue to your Appliance 11-04-2019
The Schiedel flue range for professionals. Chimney and Flue Liners, Chimney Systems, Chimney Blocks, Flue Pipes and Fittings

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11. DOCCP367 Commercial Brochure 11-05-17
chimneys, flues and vents

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12. 940002257 Choosing the Right Flue to your Stove 10-04-2019
The Schiedel Rite-Vent Stove Range. Flues and Chimney Systems for wood burning and solid fuel stoves.

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13. 940003464 Garden Fireplace NP 29-10-19
The Garden Fireplace is the ideal solution for outdoor heating and living.

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14. 940003687 Metaloterm Commercial 26-09-19
Metaloterm systems are used as chimneys, flue liners, waste air systems and flues for industrial processes. Flue silencers, Acoustic noise reduction flues, flues with heat rocovery, exhaust flues, marine and offshore applications.

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15. 940002164 ICID Plus Brochure 13-11-19
100-200mm Diameter Range Twin Wall Insulated System Chimney for Gas, Oil, Wood,, Multi-fuel, pellet stoves, biomass appliances, mini/micro CHP and even condensing boilers capable of withstanding positive pressure. A multi-application system adaptable for Dry (D), Fu (W) and Positive Pressure (P) applications.

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16. 940002165 ICID Plus Instructions 24-10-19
Twin Wall Insulated System Chimney for Gas, Oil, Wood, Multi-fuel, and even condensing boilers capable of withstanding positive pressure. A multi-application system adaptable for Dry (D), Fu (W) and Positive Pressure (P) applications. Chimney Systems.

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17. 940003680 Metaloterm Ontop US 27-06-19
Concentric Flue Systems Suitable for high temperature, non-condensing applications with flue gases in negative pressure.

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18. 940003653 Metaloterm Ontop XD 12-06-19
316L & 904l Stainless Steel Flexible Flue Liners & Accessories

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19. 940002172 Flexible Liners Instructions 26-09-19
Triplelock is a single wall stainless steel flexible flue liner designed for atmospheric gas and kerosene appliances. TecnoFlex Plus is a twin skin flexible chimney liner designed for gas, oil and multi-fuel.

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20. 940003373 HETAS Brochure 25-04-19
HETAS Approved Training Courses

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21. 940002244 Prima Smooth Instructions 24-10-19
Connecting Flue Pipes and Chimney Liners

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22. 940002195 ICS Instructions 25-09-19
Twin wall insulated chimney systems. Ignis-Protect flue pass through systems.

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23. 94003422 Prima Plus Instructions 26-04-19
Prima Plus is a stainless steel flue for use on solid fuel, gas and oil burning appliances. Connecting Flue pipes and chimney liners. Chimney Lining Components.

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940003464 Garden Fireplace Price List 29-10-19
THE GARDEN FIREPLACE, Modular Outdoor exterior Fireplaces with chimney. Log stores.

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Metaloterm Ontop ME 14-08-19
The Metaloterm® MEsystem is a modular single wall flue/chimney system, made of stainless steel with a high temperature sealing ring

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