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Omnie Underfloor Heating manufacture, design and supply innovative heating underfloor products for all UK constructions. Creating the perfect living and working environment at the lowest environmental cost is an important feature of all Omnie systems. Excellent comfort conditions can be obtained with low energy consumption and running costs by bringing together good underfloor heating system together with whole house ventilation and heat recovery.

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Tel: 01392 363605www.omnie.co.uk
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Warmafloor supply & install Commercial underfloor Heating systems and commercial cooling systems. Sectors include Schools, office, commercial & retail. Hydronic commercial underfloor heating systems or wet systems are suitable for all types of commercial build and can be designed and installed. Full technical information is available from the Warmafloor web site or from the BPi PDF Library.

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Tel: 01489 581787warmafloor.co.uk
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REHAU Building Solutions specialise in developing industry leading solutions for sustainable and renewable energy systems. REHAU renewable products in the UK include industrial and commercial underfloor heating systems ideally suited to projects such as schools and hospitals. Based around Rehau's PE-Xa pipework and its renowned Everloc permanent compression sleeve jointing system. Rehau's hot water underfloor heating is a complete underfloor heating solution that includes pipes, insulation, compression fittings and underfloor heating controls. RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX are Rehau ranges of pre-insulated, flexible single or double PE-Xa pipework which is corrosion resistant and very high hydraulic performance, a ideal solution for district heating systems. REHAU offers a complete range of ground source energy probes for the collection and transfer of ground source energy. RAUGEO ground source energy probes are suitable for deep boreholes up to 400m in depth and for for use in domestic ground source energy Rehau supply our compact helix probes. REHAU's AWADUKT Thermo is a pre-condition heat recovery ventilation. AWADUKT draws fresh, filtered air through a network of polypropylene pipes laid 1.5m below ground the pipework allows heat transfer to take place which pre-warms the incoming air by up to 9ºC in winter and cools it by as much as 14ºC in summer

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Tel: 01989 762600www.rehau.uk

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