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Manholes are typically cylindrical structures that are located at various intervals along roads and highways. They are often found near industrial sites, municipal buildings, and other commercial areas. The purpose of manholes is to provide access to underground utility networks, such as electrical cables, gas lines, water mains, and sewage pipes. They are typically made from concrete or metal and are fitted with covers to prevent unauthorized access. Manholes are an essential part of any urban infrastructure, as they allow for repairs and maintenance to be carried out on underground utilities without disrupting surface traffic or pedestrian activities.

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OSMA is the UK’s leading name in plastics systems, your single source for all types of gravity drainage, sewer installation and pressure pipe systems in any private or public development.

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CPM manufacture an extensive range of precast concrete pipes for underground drainage and stormwater attenuation. Other products include precast concrete retaining walls, precast concrete inspection chambers, precast concrete gullies and other drainage products

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