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Acoustic fixings refer to specially designed mechanisms or apparatuses that are used to reduce the transmission of sound waves between adjacent spaces. These fixings are commonly installed in buildings, structures, or appliances that require soundproofing, such as recording studios, cinemas, or home theaters. Acoustic fixings are engineered to absorb, diffuse, or reflect sound waves in a way that minimizes their propagation and minimizes the impact of reverberation. They may include materials like foams, fabrics, wooden slats, or metal plates, and are often customized to suit specific acoustic requirements and aesthetic concerns.

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British Gypsum is a supplier of Plaster Boards, Plasters, Drywall systems, Suspended Ceilings & Metal Framing. Product Ranges include Gyproc plasterboards and plasterboard accessories, Thistle platers and decorative finishes, Gypframe metal framing and metal partitioning, Glasroc fire resistant plasterboards and Beautiful Acoustics acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic ceiling systems.

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Zentia are UK market leaders in the manufacture and supply of an extensive range of suspended ceilings and ceiling suspension systems. Our range of suspended ceilings include metal ceiling tiles and planks, available in a range of finishes including perforated, colour coated and open cell. Specials include hygienic finishes and a range of fitting options. Our vast range of mineral ceiling tiles include laminated mineral tiles developed for specific environments such as class rooms, hospitals and offices. Zentia mineral tiles are available as standard ceiling tiles, planks, open cell and shaped or preformed curved ceiling panels. Combining outstanding acoustic properties, impact resistance and high light reflection, Zentia mineral ceiling tiles are available for nearly all commercial environments. Zentia also manufacture veneered timber ceiling tiles and resin ceiling canopies. All Zentia's ceilings are available with our ceiling suspension systems that also include a wide variety of options.

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