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Coo-Var started manufacturing paints in 1908, offering specialist and functional coatings; not only do they protect and decorate but also perform a specific function. Coo-Var's range of coatings include (but are not limited to): Anti-condensation Paint Antigraffiti coatings Anticlimb Paint Antislip Paint Anti-fouling Paint Anti-damp Paint

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Uzin are suppliers of intelligent flooring installation and preparation systems for all types of floor coverings and sub floors. For sub floor preparation Uzin manufacture a wide range of floor levelling compounds, fast drying floor screeds, screed repair products and flooring underlays. After floor preparation Uzin manufacture floor adhesives for carpets, vinyl flooring as well as a specialist range of wood flooring adhesives to complete a total floor preparation and floor covering installation. To aid specifiers Uzin developed the Renoplan System, a flooring installation system for either new build floors or floor that require renovating and repairs.

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Tor Coatings, we have a comprehensive range of building coating products which accommodate the needs of any organisation looking to safeguard their premises. Whether your building is undergoing refurbishment or in construction, you can use our specialist coating products to prolong structural integrity and prevent damage. Our range includes both interior and exterior building protection products, along with our specialist business services.

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Don Construction Products Ltd (DCP) are UK manufacturers of polyurethane, cement based and epoxy seamless floors for industrial flooring and car park decks. DCP also manufacture and supply ranges of thin section adhesives, primers and heavy duty, fast curing concrete repair mortars and renders, general purpose grout for machine beds, tracks and rails. DCP are ISO9001 accredited and are committed to the environmental standard ISO14001.

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