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Refuse containers refer to large, durable receptacles designed for containing and storing waste and garbage materials. They often feature a lid or cover to prevent the accumulation of odors and to keep wildlife out of the contents inside. They may be made of various materials, including metal, plastic, or composite materials, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate the needs of different locations and amounts of waste. Refuse containers are typically used in public spaces, such as parks, streets, and commercial areas, as well as in private properties, including homes, apartment buildings, and businesses.

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Glasdon U.K. is a market leader in the design and manufacture of award-winning products. Glasdon UK supplies indoor and outdoor litter bins, dog waste bins, recycling bins, cigarette bins, seats and benches, smoking shelters, cycle shelters, Buildings and Housings. Along with safety equipment such as grit bins and grit spreaders, water rescue equipment, and road safety products like bollards and illuminated signs. Glasdon UK Limited serves over 50,000 customers throughout the UK and Ireland including national and local government departments, public utilities, retailers and leisure companies plus a broad spectrum of British industry and commerce.

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PLASTIC OMNIUM URBAN SYSTEMS LTD supply a wide range of refuse disposal bins including Sulo underground waste banks and recycling systems, a wided range of wheeled bins for both commercial and household use.

Tel: 0800 342 3177