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Masonry anchors are metal devices used to provide a secure connection between two structures or materials. These devices are typically embedded into the masonry material and require specialized tools and techniques to install. Masonry anchors come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on their intended use, and must be chosen carefully to ensure that they are well-suited for the specific project at hand. Proper installation of masonry anchors is crucial for the success and safety of any construction or building project.

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EJOT UK bring over 30 years of development expertise to the table, with a precise understanding of fasteners and fastening systems. From Europes leading commercial solar fastening system to original UK-specific domestic solutions - EJOT's expertise is second to none. We work closely with leading ETICS system developers.

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Tel: 0113 391 8200
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Ancon designs and manufactures a range of stainless steel building products for the support and restraint of masonry. Visit for easy-to-use product selectors for wall ties, stainless steel lintels, masonry and brick support systems, reinforcement, windposts and tension bar systems.

Tel: 0114 275 5224
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Halfen supply a wide range of structural connectors and fixings to include: cast-in channels, brickwork support systems and facade support systems, concrete reinforcement products, framing systems and precast lifting & support systems. Further technical information is available on the BPi Download library on on the Halfen web site.

Tel: 01582 470300