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The Platform Lift Company  is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of platform lifts for disability access. Our quality manufactured products have been architecturally designed to fit both modern and traditional environments. The family-run business has been established since 2001. We are passionate about creating disabled access and committed to putting passengers at the heart of platform lift design. Our aim has always been to source products which we are proud to sell and install within private and public premises. We work closely with each of our customers to ensure the product is fit for purpose and is made to specification.


Commercial Lifts 

The Platform Lift Company’s range of commercial Part M compliant low rise and vertical platform lifts are suitable for modern and traditional interior or exterior settings. We design, build and install platform lifts for a variety of sectors including education, retail, leisure, hotels, transport and health care. We are regularly appointed by architects, interior designers and building contractors looking for quality commercial platform lifts which can be built to specification. Using our in-house design services, we can create bespoke solutions to meet all requirements. Whether you want a fully or partially glazed vertical platform lift, a unique RAL colour, a luxury finish or a beautifully understated low-rise platform lift with clean lines and a timeless appearance, our access lifts are designed to your exact requirements.

The PLC Motala 2000 commercial platform lift outclasses all its competitors. No other platform lift offers the same high-quality level of performance, low noise level and the option to be glazed on all four sides. The PLC Motala 2000 is unique with its twin guided chain drive system and its incredibly small footprint (1560mm deep x 1250mm wide, with an 1150mm wide option).

FlexStep is an ingenious space saving 2-in-1 platform lift solution. It provides both stairs and a stairlift even in the tightest of spaces. At the touch of a button the FlexStep transforms from a flight of stairs to a platform lift. It is the perfect access solution for both residential and commercial sectors looking to comply with Part M and The Equality Act 2010.

  • Step Lift Bespoke

    A flexible step lift solution which either be embedded into a flight of steps or stairs with a platform at the upper level or lower level. When activated the steps/stairs fold to a flat surface. Or this step lift can also be built without an upper or lower platform. Automatic safety barriers rise up and the steps transform into a platform lift. Both types of products are clad with the same floor finish as the surrounding floor fabric .

  • Open Platform Lift: 

The Open Platform Lift has been specifically designed to require little or no alterations to existing buildings for installation. The Open Platform Lift reaches distances of up to 3 metres and can be made to specification for aesthetically pleasing styling.

The Deluxe Open Platform Lift can be used as a disability lifting platform and a load carrying goods lift. EN/BS6440 and EN1570 compliant. Available in a choice of sizes, heights and finishes and custom designs to suit your specific application and architectural requirements. UP TO 3M TRAVEL

EasyLift is an elegant platform lift which fits both external and indoor settings. This access solution has been designed by architects and features clean lines. It is suitable for both residential and commercial environments to provide access to areas where there is a difference in levels. The EasyLift reaches levels of up to 1.25m.

The Cantilever lift is a hidden wheelchair access lift. It is mounted in a pit at the foot of the staircase, so when it is not in use it is flush with the surrounding floor. The Cantilever lift is made to specification to match the existing floor material making it an ideal solution for heritage buildings. 

HDN is a simple yet practical hidden wheelchair access lift solution to overcome a slight difference in level (0-500 mm) such as a step. It is built into the floor, so the mechanism is completely concealed. The lifting platform remains flush with the existing flooring when not in use, making it ideal for entrance areas.

PVE lifts use Vacuum Technology®. Due to the unique circular design the PVE has one of the smallest footprints available within the home lift marketplace. It comes in different sizes to accommodate either one, two or three passengers. Installation is straightforward as the self-supporting structure attaches to the floor without the need of a pit or wall fixings. The freestanding circular shaft can be fitted through the floor, within a stairwell or to reach a balcony/mezzanine area.

The PLC Motala 2000 Home platform lift solution fits seamlessly within a room, hallway or landing. Its clever and elegant design meets everything you need from a home lift with its quiet operation, small footprint and easy operation. The PLC Motala is also energy efficient and requires minimal maintenance.

This Italian-made deluxe cabin platform lift with its carbon, chrome and titanium lines pushes all the boundaries of the traditional passenger lift car concept. Internal finishes can be of Swarovski elements, Italian Art technology, smooth leather, mosaic fantasies or warm and traditional. The lift can also be interfaced with your very own multimedia in-house system for the ultimate travel experience.



Further technical information is available to download from the Bpi, download Library or from the Manufacturer’s own website.

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The Platform Lift - Celebrating the Innovation Of Platform Lifts

March 2024

Whenever an organisation, manufacturer or individual introduces a new service or product that can simplify a particular task for people, it is called an innovation. This is why the Platform Lift Company are celebrating the advancement of the platform lift on this year's Innovation Day, 16th February 2024.

Today's platform lifts are far from how they looked 30 years ago; they have gone from a utilitarian 'steel box' to an aesthetically pleasing architectural product, which can be found as 'pride of place' in many forays of prestigious buildings worldwide. Thankfully, the days of wheelchair users being ushered around the back of the building to use goods lifts to access a building are long gone, thanks to the advancement in design and technology of platform lifts.

There are many improvements in the design of access lifts, so much so that there is little difference between their design and that of a passenger lift, apart from the slower speed. A platform lift falls under the Machinery Directive because its speed is limited to 0.15m/s. So, let's look at the advancements in the design of platform lifts and why they are so innovative.

Energy-efficient drive systems

The most popular drive system used for vertical platform lifts is a screw and nut drive system which consists of a motor, threaded steel bar and a large drive nut. As well as being energy efficient, this drive system saves space as the platform lift doesn't require a machine room or a pit, just an electrical supply. This system is reliable but requires regular lubrication to maintain good working order.

But Motala Hissar would win hands down if there were an award for the most innovative drive system. Their patented guided chain drive system is lubricated for life, making it sustainable. It is also virtually silent in operation. The patented drive system is incredibly energy efficient as a motor with just 0,55 kW output, which is sufficient to control the lift. Again, this platform lift saves space because it doesn't require a separate machine room. Motala Hissar is so confident in the reliability of their best-selling product, the Motala 2000, that they offer a ten-year warranty on the drive mechanism and a five-year warranty on the motor and gearbox.
Home Lifts

If we are talking about innovation, then home lifts deserve a mention. Living was made more accessible for many elderly and disabled people with the arrival of the Stannah stairlift in 1975, and then came the through-floor lift. But with the current trend of future-proofing homes and the growing number of disabled people needing accessible living space, the platform lift has now been adapted for domestic environments. Most renowned platform lift manufacturers now have a stylish and compact 'Home Lift' in their collection. Customers have an array of options when specifying the colour and finish of their bespoke platform lift in the same way they might choose a piece of furniture.

Modular Design

A significant advancement in the design of platform lifts is their modular design, and they are highly customisable to fit an existing space and environment. Vertical platform lifts come with their own self-supporting shaft, which can be constructed onsite. This has increased the number of public buildings and commercial premises with wheelchair access. Vertical platform lifts can reach heights of up to 15 metres to access multiple floors. They are much more cost-effective than a passenger lift and eliminate major building work. Vertical platform lifts have also provided an access solution within historic buildings as the self-supporting shaft leaves the existing structure and fabrics untouched.
Cabin platform lifts

We have already talked about how the gap between platform lifts and passenger lifts is continually closing, which couldn't be more apparent with the design and build of the cabin platform lift. The access lift has its own lift car, so instead of seeing the shaft as you travel between floors, you have walls inside the lift, giving you the same experience as a passenger lift. As well as being much more affordable than a passenger lift, a cabin lift requires lower headroom requirements, making it much easier to install within an existing building. Engineers can install a cabin lift with just a shallow pit, eliminating the need for structural alterations. An existing lift shaft can also be utilised, which is an excellent solution for repurposed industrial and retail buildings.
Hidden platform lifts

You can't get more innovative than hidden platform lifts; they are genius, whether they rise from the floor or double up as steps. Let's start with the cantilever platform lift; this product is mounted in the pit and sits flush to the ground when not in use. When activated, the platform rises over the steps to reach the upper floor. Another option is a platform lift embedded into a flight of steps or stairs. When activated, the steps fold to a flat surface, creating a platform lift, enabling wheelchair users easy access to entrances and buildings with raised floors. Lastly, the FlexStep provides a 2-in-1 solution, operating as a small flight of steps and a platform lift. These access solutions are space-saving and ideal for sensitive heritage environments where unobtrusive adaptations are necessary to create wheelchair access.

In conclusion

Here at the Platform Lift Company, the innovative design of platform lifts demonstrated by manufacturers such as Motala Hissar and Liftup has to be applauded. They look stylish with clean lines and architectural design, are energy efficient and space-saving, and offer high-quality performance.

As an industry leader, we have witnessed how innovative design has taken a lifting platform to new levels to enhance ease of living, increase the number of buildings with disabled access and improve the user experience for wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility.

The Platform Lift Co is a Leading Supplier and Installer of Commercial Platform Lifts

February 2024

The Platform Lift Company is a leading supplier and installer of commercial platform lifts featuring top-quality lifts from renowned manufacturers such as Motala and LiftUp.

The Motala 2000 is the best vertical platform lift available and is suitable for travel between 1.5m and 15m. This unique lift uses a reliable, controlled chain drive with a lifetime guarantee. The chain drive requires little or no maintenance and operates with minimal noise, making the Motala 2000 the quietest platform lift on the market.

If you’re looking for a narrow platform lift, the Motala 2000 is the perfect solution due to its small footprint. Installation of this vertical platform lift, which comes with its self-supporting shaft, can be easily achieved within 2-3 days without significant building work. The lift shaft can be fitted with glazing on all sides, which gives it an attractive appearance.

Not only is the Motala 2000 a reliable and convenient platform lift, but it’s also environmentally friendly, with energy consumption only a third of most comparable products and no oil changes required during servicing.

The Motala 2000 installed at Wenlock Works London as part of an office refurbishment.

Easy to install low-rise platform lift

The EasyLift, from the Danish manufacturer Liftup, is one of the most popular low-rise platform lifts offered by Platform Lift Company. It is well-liked by architects and specifiers because of its sleek design. The lift has an elegant appearance, with clean lines and a durable build that makes it ideal for commercial and public buildings that need to be future-proofed.

The EasyLift can reach up to 1.25m, making it an excellent choice for bridging the gap between two levels. Its discreet design makes it a popular choice for refits, especially within office refurbishments; it is also easy to install.

Easy lift installed at Scale Space, a new business innovation centre in White City

An ingenious 2 in 1 step lift

The FlexStep is a unique innovation from Liftup that offers stairs and a stairlift for commercial spaces. The Platform Lift Company has installed this space-saving access solution in traditional and modern buildings. The FlexStep discreetly fits into most environments because of its design flexibility and variety of finishes.

The FlexStep product has been upgraded with an automatic onboard barrier and an active ramp to create the ultimate user experience.

What the Platform Lift Company offers

The Platform Lift Company provides the bespoke design of the Motala 2000, EasyLift, FlexStep and other platform lifts from the full range. Experienced and qualified platform lift engineers carry out the installation. The Platform Lift Company is a certified distributor and provider of parts for Liftup and Motala in the UK.

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