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Gartec Ltd is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of platform lifts.

Our products combine the latest technical innovations with contemporary design and exceptional engineering. Over 25 years’ experience, rigorous safety testing and unrivalled customer care reinforce the quality of our service.

Gartec are the only UK based platform lift manufacturer offering BIM objects - making it easy for you to drag, drop and specify our lifts.

Aritco 7000 Commercial Lifts

The Aritco 7000 platform lift is designed to fit into any environment, complimenting the design of your project. With 8 different platform sizes available, it is the most versatile Gartec platform lift, adaptable to meet your requirements whatever the application. Ideal in both internal and external environments, the 7000 commercial platform lift offers security and minimal disruption once it is installed.

Aritco 7000 XT External Lifts

The Aritco 7000 XT platform lift is the ideal choice for providing a simple, cost effective way to access multiple levels in an external environment, with extra features like weatherproof materials and buttons, and an over-the-door rain cover. Ideal for any commercial environment with multi storey buildings, the 7000XT lift by Gartec provides a secure mobility solution for external installation.

Aritco 7000 Flexi Commercial Lifts

The Aritco 7000 Flexi lift is the ideal choice when there is a requirement for the ability to carry goods and passengers. Extra features include raised curb to prevent damage. The 7000 Flexi model is one of our more popular platform lifts ideal for commercial environments and professional buildings.

Aritco 9000 Commercial Cabin Lifts

The Aritco 9000 Cabin lift is a simple platform lift alternative to a conventional lift, with the same look and feel you would expect from a conventional lift. Features include single touch buttons on the platform, and internal bus-style doors. The 9000 cabin model is an enclosed platform lift ideal for commercial environments and larger professional buildings.

Aritco 6000 - Home Lifts For Life

The most versatile home lift on the market today, the 6000 lift allows customers to choose the right glass type and colours, as well as other options, making it the perfect addition to any home. Offering more options, space, usability and comfort, the 6000 is a popular lift within the domestic environment, with minimal disruption on installation in your home.

Aritco 4000 - The Compact Home Lift For Life

With the newest technology available in the industry, Gartec only install the best and more modern home lifts. The 4000 model is the smallest lift Gartec offer, carrying a maximum of two people and taking up as little room as a wardrobe.

Goods Lifts

The Gartec Goods Lift range is customisable to fit all shapes and sizes of goods, including pallets, trolleys and crates. Gartec offer larger goods lifts, trolley lifts, and microlifts (dumb waiter) for a range of commercial environments, with a large selection of sizes, colours and finishes.

The Microlift is ideal for hotels and restaurants, the trolley lift is popular in breweries and retail, and the large goods lift is ideal for warehouses.

GOODS LIFTS Accessible Goods Only Lifts Machinery Directive 98/37/CE Compliant
GOODS LIFTS Car Lifts Turntable Incorporated
GOODS LIFTS Goods with Operator / Attendant Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant
GOODS LIFTS Platform Goods Lifts .
GOODS LIFTS Platform Goods Lifts Light Goods
GOODS LIFTS Trolley Lifts .
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LIFT SHAFTS Panoramic Glass Structures .
LIFT SHAFTS Powder Coated Steel .
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LIFTS Electric Drive .
LIFTS Freestanding Units .
LIFTS Freestanding Units Domestic Home Lifts
LIFTS Hydraulic Drive .
LIFTS Mobility Impaired .
LIFTS Part M Compliant .
LIFTS Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made Designs
LIFTS Stainless Steel .
PASSENGER LIFTS Disabled Access .
PASSENGER LIFTS Disabled Access Domestic
PASSENGER LIFTS Domestic Home Lifts .Residential Applications
PASSENGER LIFTS Electric Drive .
PASSENGER LIFTS Part M Compliant .
PASSENGER LIFTS Wheelchair Domestic Home Lifts
PLATFORM LIFTS Architectural .
PLATFORM LIFTS Automatic Folding Doors Incorporated .
PLATFORM LIFTS Cabin Lifts Enclosed Lift Car Incorporated
PLATFORM LIFTS Compact Platform Small Footprint
PLATFORM LIFTS Custom Finishes Purpose Made Finishes Bespoke Finishes
PLATFORM LIFTS Disabled Access .
PLATFORM LIFTS Domestic Home Lifts Residential Applications
PLATFORM LIFTS Dual Purpose Light Goods and Passengers
PLATFORM LIFTS Electric Drive .
PLATFORM LIFTS Equality Act Compliant (formerly DDA Compliant) DOC M
PLATFORM LIFTS European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant .
PLATFORM LIFTS External Exterior Applications Outdoor Conditions
PLATFORM LIFTS Fire and Smoke Rated Doors .
PLATFORM LIFTS Fire and Smoke Rated Doors DIN 18090
PLATFORM LIFTS Fire and Smoke Rated Doors Directive 95/16/EC
PLATFORM LIFTS Full Height Console .
PLATFORM LIFTS Glass Panelled .
PLATFORM LIFTS Harsh Environment .
PLATFORM LIFTS Hydraulic Drive .
PLATFORM LIFTS Internal Interior Applications
PLATFORM LIFTS Low Rise, Low Height Small Lift/Rise Mini Lift
PLATFORM LIFTS Multiple Entrances and Landings .
PLATFORM LIFTS Open Platform .
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STAIRLIFTS Wheelchair Platform .
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STEP LIFTS Interior Internal Applications
STEP LIFTS Through Car Entry .
STEP LIFTS Wheelchair .
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GARTEC PRIME 7000 Platform Lifts
GARTEC PRIME 7000 FLEXI Platform Lifts
GARTEC PRIME 7000 FLEXI Platform Lifts
GARTEC PRIME 7000 XT External Platform Lifts
MELODY II Platform Lifts
MICROLIFT Service Lifts

‘Castle in the Sky’ Refurbishment Features Gartec Lift

May 2019

The Challenge
Framlingham Castle, an 11th century listed fort nestled in the countryside of Suffolk, has been bustling with contractors working on phase 1 of renovations – including a café, shop and new exhibition.
Joseph James, Project Manager at the English Heritage site, commented:
“As a historic listed building, the renovation of Framlingham Castle had to be carefully planned to ensure any changes were sympathetic to the heritage of the building”
The new exhibition required an access lift, but - across all the works - there were restrictions due to the castle being a listed building:
Minimal damage/building works
Installation working around other contractors
Stylish but considerate additions
The Lift
Joseph James said:
“Enabling wheelchair users and prams to access the mezzanine level and see the new interpretation was particularly important”
A Gartec 7000 platform lift fit the bill perfectly:
Minimal fixing points
Modular shaft included; no scaffolding required
Larger platform sizes for wheelchairs
Key lock for safety
The installation took just 3 days, and Framlingham Castle then added the frosted coating for privacy and for style, including the logo on the doors.
The lift can easily be demounted when phase 2 begins on the wall walk.
The Renovations
An original mezzanine has been reinstated in the old Workhouse, home to a new exhibition which tells of the castle and residents, including Mary Tudor, proclaimed Queen of England at the castle in 1553.
Joseph James commented:
“Phase 1 of our visitor improvement project saw us add a brand new café to the castle and reinstate an original mezzanine level to house a new exhibition”
Interactive games include ‘Spin the King’; try on ‘Hats Through the Ages’; and have a go at the ‘Who Eats What?’ game, before heading to the new café and shop.
The new café includes Suffolk Grumbly, a regional dish with sausage and mustard and cheese sauce, and Tudor dish Tarte Owte of Lent, made with ingredients not allowed for lent.
The Result
The new café, shop and educational exhibition look fantastic, and the lift is a stylish and functional addition that is great for prams and wheelchair users.
Joseph James, Project Manager, said:
“The small size of the Gartec lift and the finishes, including the frosted glass coating we have added, have made it a subtle but modern addition”
English Heritage is a registered charity that manages over 400 of England's historic buildings, monuments which are part of the National Heritage Collection. Want to know more? Just visit
Want more information about lifts? Just call Gartec on 01296 397100, or visit

Twyford HQ Taken to the Next Level with Gartec

May 2019

The Challenge
The head office of international support services and construction group, Interserve, in Berkshire – a sensitive, high traffic location - required speedy, clean and efficient installation of a 3 stop lift without causing disruption or disturbance whilst working around other contractors.
As an older building, space available was very limited, so the stairwell was chosen for the project. The design needed to work with the style of the office whilst being a practical and cost effective solution.
Sheena, the Interserve office manager, was closely involved with the project. She commented:
“Built in the 70’s our office challenged Gartec’s team to design a lift that could fit into an awkward existing space and compliment the contemporary style of our corporate HQ reception”
So the challenge for Gartec was creating an installation schedule and product to fit:
Minimal disruption and building works
Quick turnaround time
Small, confined space for installation
Finishes to blend and match the surroundings
Equality Act compliant
Our Advice
We suggested installing an Aritco 7000 platform lift with a reduced width platform placed flush with the floor.
The range of finishes meant the design of the offices could be complimented, and weekend installation would reduce disruption in the offices.
The Installation
To prevent building works it was decided to place the lift flush with the floor, and a ramp installed to eradicate trip hazards and allow access for wheelchairs.
Glass exterior panels were chosen to blend with the stairs, and brushed steel finishing on the platform controls and shaft.
The platform floor was finished with a dark carpet to match the upper floors. Lighting was added for visual impact and safety.
Our specialist installers were briefed on the more difficult location requirements – the head engineer, Dave, commented:
“The installation of the lift was a bit trickier than normal as it was all glass... however it all worked out in the end.”
The Results
The installation took just 6 days even with delays from other works, with the team’s knowledge a key part of the success. After installing, we contacted Sheena to see what they thought. She said:
“The install team worked quickly and efficiently alongside other contractors to bring the project in on time and now looks like it has always been there.”
Vytas from Interserve, who was also closely involved, said:
“very impressed with the way they worked, solidly and quietly plugging away in the background without any problems”.
About Interserve
Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies. Our vision is to redefine the future for people and places. Everything we do is shaped by our core values. We are a successful, growing, international business: a leader in innovative and sustainable outcomes for our clients and a great place to work for our people. We offer advice, design, construction, equipment, facilities management and frontline public services. Headquartered in the UK and FTSE listed, we have gross revenues of £3.6 billion and a workforce of circa 80,000 people worldwide.
Website: | For Interserve news follow: @interservenews

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