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Leading the way in tank design and in-tank technology, the Kingspan Titan brand from Kingspan is without question, the UK premier product range.

Providing innovative, safe and reliable storage solutions, Kingspan Energy Solutions products continue to be the first choice for homeowners, contractors, developers and businesses throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Manufactured to the very highest of standards that far exceed all current regulations and safety standards, Kingspan storage products can be installed, with certainty, in a wide variety of markets. All our products are manufactured from high quality polyethylene to ISO standards.

Our ranges include:

Adblue Storage & Dispensing Tanks: BlueMaster

Titan supplies a large range of storage solutions for AdBlue. A range of easy to handle above ground BlueMaster tanks that provides solutions to all customer groups and their needs. For Slimline options please contact Kingspan Titan.

Oil & Fuel Bunded Storage Tanks

A range of EcoSafe oil and fuel bunded storage tanks that provides the best options for every situation whether domestic, commercial or agricultural use.

Watchman Electronic Measuring & Alarm Gauge Systems

The Watchman range of electronic oil tank monitoring systems constantly measures the level of oil in the tank. The Watchman range also includes an app version which can even send regular oil level reports straight to your phone or email

Water & Chemical Treatment Tanks

Kingspan Titan’s chemical and water treatment storage range includes dosing tanks, brine tanks and static storage tanks. The unique high specification design of each and every Titan product will guarantee that clients receive the water treatment solution to meet their requirements.

Grit & Solid Fuel Storage

Titan offers clients a comprehensive range of high specification external storage solutions that are second to none.

Potable & Non Potable Water Storage

As a key part of the Kingspan Titan portfolio, Titan’s water tanks are available for both potable and non-potable water storage in five sizes; 1300, 2500, 3600, 5000 & 10,000 litres.

Agricultural Products

Kingspan’s Agricultural products range of agricultural tanks, feeders and containers provide the best options for every situation in the agricultural market. Water Storage Tanks, Fuel Storage Tanks, Cold Water Storage Tanks, GRP Tanks, High Capacity Storage Tanks, Biodiesel Storage Tanks, External Water Tanks, Oil Storage Tanks.

Recycling Bins

A range of large capacity roadside recycling containers, MaxiBanks are the ideal option for communal paper or glass collection.

Waste Oil Tanks

It is important to prevent drainage water pollution. All our range of waste oil storage tanks fully comply with The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations and site Health and Safety regulations.

Road Barriers.

A high-visibility road barrier to separate dangerous areas.

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PIPE INSULATION Preformed for Plumbing Pipes .
RAINWATER STORAGE TANKS Underground Vehicular Loading Class B
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STORAGE BUNKERS Multipurpose Storage MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)
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TANKS Fuel Oil Domestic .
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Give Your Petrol Station The Edge: New AdBlue® Tank

June 2019

Kingspan, a global authority in AdBlue storage and dispensing, has just unveiled the Slimline Edge, a ground-breaking new tank that will revolutionise AdBlue retailing in petrol stations and truck stops.

This remarkable tank marks a step-change for the sector. It delivers superior security and protection to its AdBlue contents, while its island-friendly contours and unique ‘Make it Your Own’ branding will enhance the visual appearance of any petrol station.

The Slimline Edge is the epitome of innovation and clever design; its triple-walled “TriComp” construction ensures the purity of AdBlue and offers full security and protection of its contents should the tank be accidentally punctured. TriComp also means petrol stations will not suffer the disruption and cost of any consequent dispensing downtime for tank repairs if the external wall is damaged.

The AdBlue is further protected by the tank’s integrated closed-fluid path systems, stainless steel piping and industry-leading componentry.

But there’s more to the Slimline Edge than just its ability to safeguard AdBlue supplies. This tank is described as a “chameleon” by its designers. The ‘Make it Your Own’ concept means that the exterior walls can be fully customised to reflect a business’s brand identity and visuals, and users can also specify the roof colour. The result is a bold and brilliant statement for the petrol station owners that reinforces their brand, stands out from the competition, and/or better reflects the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Its name also gives a clue to its sleek, smooth – not to say curvaceous - lines which are another ‘first’ for the sector. What’s more, the Slimline Edge is cleverly designed to fit neatly into the central island.

Users will have many options to choose from covering all potential AdBlue storage and dispensing needs. They include: remote storage tanks; integrated storage and dispensing tanks; and storage tanks that are compatible with industry-leading dispenser companies. All of these can be adapted for cold climate usage.

“This really hits the sweet-spot when it comes to innovation and sector development,” says Kirstie Lassallette-Desnault, Global Commercial Lead, AdBlue Equipment. “The team behind the Slimline Edge spent more than a year talking to the industry, and what they have done has broken the mould and changed the rules for AdBlue storage; nothing in the sector comes close to it.

“Slimline Edge combines world-class design, an appreciation of the operating environment, the ultimate in product security and proven environmental protection. We can proudly say that our team has produced a truly iconic storage solution.

“Based on the feedback from leading global AdBlue players and partners, combined with recent awards, we are sure that the Slimline Edge is soon going to be a feature of petrol stations around the globe.”

The fact that the Slimline Edge has had such an immediate impact, and demand is likely to be global, will not cause any concerns for Kingspan.

“Kingspan has over 100 manufacturing and distribution sites across the world,” continues Kirstie. “And there are more than 10,000 Kingspan BlueMaster AdBlue storage and dispensing units currently operating within international markets from Christchurch to Santiago, so we know engineering, manufacturing and logistical operations will support the expected level of orders. We will offer fast turnaround on any size of customer orders from individual units to major, multiple contracts.”

She adds: “Kingspan offers manufacturing excellence and a reputation for regulatory compliance and customer service. We are responsible for the production of our own products ensuring end-to-end quality control, all of which is backed by our local on the ground expert sales and customer support teams across the world.”

Kingspan storage and dispensing tanks, including Slimline Edge are bunded to 110 percent, enabling them to withstand factors like UV, temperature, light, moisture, extreme heat, extreme cold and many others. Each AdBlue unit conforms to the highest manufacturing and material compliance standards (ISO 22241, ISO9001:2008 and ISO 1400:2008) to protect the chemical characteristics of their contents.

Kingspan Powers Behind OFTEC’s Call for Homeowners to choose Double-Skinned ‘Bunded’

June 2019

As one of Ireland’s most established oil tank manufacturers, Kingspan is fully behind OFTEC’s Bunded campaign which has been created to advise homeowners to replace single skin oil tanks with bunded oil tanks, for superior quality and safety of double-skinned bunded tanks.

Bunded tanks differ from ‘single skin’ tanks due to their secondary containment tank, which is essentially ‘a tank within a tank’. This means that even if the inner tank suffers a leakage, the secondary level of containment will prevent an external spillage, providing a high-level of safety.

As the training, standards and registration agency for the oil heating industry in Ireland, OFTEC’s campaign has been designed to educate homeowners on the benefits of choosing Bunded, and why it’s the best option for safety and prevention.

The OFTEC campaign highlights important messages including how costly accidental oil spillages can be, how they’re often not covered under insurance, are extremely harmful to the environment and are the homeowner’s responsibility.

A recent OFTEC report* highlighted potential remedial costs from insurance expert, Arachas, with cost predictions ranging from €400 (very minor spill) to multiple 000’s for an extensive oil spill at a domestic home. This is in addition to the environmental impact and potential for oil pollution within the water environment, and the costly loss of expensive home heating oil.

“In Ireland, oil heating is the premier fuel choice with approximately 700,000* homes fuelled by oil heating, which is why OFTEC’s Bunded Campaign is so important to homeowners. It’s essential to treat oil tanks with the same care and attention as you would treat your heating system, and by choosing Bunded, homeowners have the reassurance that they have protected their home against spillages, oil theft and potential insurance claims,” comments David McDonagh, Ireland National Sales Manager, Kingspan Water & Energy Ltd.

Kingspan is reiterating OFTEC’s messaging and is encouraging people to prioritise their tank health and choose Bunded when replacing their tank. Mr McDonagh continues: “We are fully in support of OFTEC’s call for a warranty passport scheme to protect the end user from potential cracks or leaks from their oil storage solution. At Kingspan, we offer a ten-year guarantee on all Bunded Tanks, and we would encourage homeowners to ensure they register their warranty and remain ‘tank safe’.”
Kingspan’s bunded tanks are double-layered for double the protection and deliver extra strength to store home heating oil, reinforcing that homeowners are #BetterOffBunded.

On the 20th May, Kingspan is launching a free Tank Health Check pack, which is downloadable via This simple guide will provide homeowners with the knowledge to assess the current health of their oil tank and make informed decisions if a replacement tank is necessary.

Kingspan’s expert team are on hand to offer guidance for homeowners on the results of their tank health checks, deliver knowledge on tank safety and talk customers through the process of replacing their tank – from the choice of tank to the fitting and installation of their new bunded tank.

Kingspan offers an extensive range of Titan Bunded oil tanks, ranging from 650 – 9000 litres to suit all spaces. All of Kingspan’s oil storage products are manufactured to the very highest of standards, have a 10-year guarantee and come with a Watchman oil monitoring device as standard.

For further information on OFTEC’s Bunded Campaign, please see

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