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Technical experts in the design, manufacture and supply of engineered, architectural glass rooflights for residential and commercial buildings. Glazing Vision are a UK manufacturer and invest heavily in new technologies, equipment and expertise, manufacturing all our rooflight products at our 65,000 sq ft factory in the heart of rural England. Since 2009, Glazing Vision has expanded internationally, and now services mainland Europe and the USA.

Glazing Vision provide a comprehensive range of rooflights to help bring light, air and space into the home. The range includes:

Fixed Rooflights

Pitched Roof Windows

Box Rooflights

Sliding Rooflights

Hinged Rooflights

Pyramid Rooflights

Smoke Vent Rooflights

These state-of-the-art rooflights are manufactured with a sleek, minimal framework to meet building regulations. We have developed a series of whitepapers (Part Q and Part K) to help you understand specifically how approved documents may affect the specification of rooflights and how building design considerations can improve compliance with the Building Regulations.

In addition, we also offer a bespoke in-house rooflight design service, employing the industry’s most talented designers and mechanical engineers to create contemporary and technologically advanced rooflights for virtually any space. We work closely with leading architectural practices across the world, using the latest CAD and 3D software to design and build unique and intelligent skylight solutions for award-winning buildings.

Glazing Vision have worked closely with the architectural community for many years, providing them with useful RIBA Approved CPD’s and helping them understand what is possible using modern design and manufacturing techniques but also to ensure that they are fully aware of the latest Building Regulations and standards that affect our industry.

Glazing Visions Secure and Secure+ rooflight range are the first to be tested against the new standard LPS2081 Issue 1:2015. Secured by Design was established in 1989 and is the UK Police flagship security initiative which combines the principals of ‘designing out crime’ through physical security and layout across all realms of the built environment.

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Further technical information, PDFs, Videos and BIM Files are available to download from the BPi download library or directly from the Manufacturer’s own website.

ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Electric Remote Opening .
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Maintenance Access .
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Maintenance Access LPCB Certificate Holders
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Maintenance Access Secured by Design
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Smoke Vent Combined .
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Terrace Access Box Design
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Terrace Access Box Design Three Wall Box
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Terrace Access Sliding
ACCESS ROOFLIGHTS Terrace Access Stairwell Access
FLOORING Glass Flooring .
FLOORING Glass Flooring Double Glazed Units
FLOORING Glass Flooring Fixed Flat Lights
FLOORING Glass Flooring Transparent
FLOORING Glass Flooring Walk On Glass Floor Panels
ROOF LANTERNS Glass Lantern .
ROOF LANTERNS Purpose Made .
ROOF LANTERNS Security LPCB Certificate Holders
ROOF LANTERNS Security Secured by Design
ROOF LANTERNS Thermally Broken, Thermal Break .
ROOF LANTERNS Traditional Design .
ROOF WINDOWS Electrically Operated .
ROOF WINDOWS Frameless Appearance .
ROOF WINDOWS Glass Burglar Resistant Secured by Design LPS 2081
ROOF WINDOWS Glazing Double Glazed .
ROOF WINDOWS Glazing Safety Laminated .
ROOF WINDOWS Glazing Safety Toughened .
ROOF WINDOWS Glazing Sound Insulation .
ROOF WINDOWS Glazing Triple Glazed .
ROOF WINDOWS Lantern Light .
ROOF WINDOWS Linked Systems .
ROOF WINDOWS Low Pitch Roof Systems .
ROOF WINDOWS Purpose Made Bespoke .
ROOF WINDOWS RAL or BS Colour Match Frames .
ROOF WINDOWS Secure Security .
ROOF WINDOWS Smoke Ventilation .
ROOF WINDOWS Smoke Ventilation Automatic AOVs .
ROOF WINDOWS Triangular .
ROOF WINDOWS Ventilation .
ROOF WINDOWS Ventilation Automatic Controls
ROOFLIGHTS Access Hatches .
ROOFLIGHTS Architectural Systems .
ROOFLIGHTS Barrelvault Double Pitch .
ROOFLIGHTS Box Free Standing Box
ROOFLIGHTS Custom Made Purpose Made Bespoke Design
ROOFLIGHTS Eaves Fixed Eaves Rooflights
ROOFLIGHTS Electrically Operated .
ROOFLIGHTS Flat Fixed Flush Fitting .
ROOFLIGHTS Flat Glass Fins .
ROOFLIGHTS Flat Hinged .
ROOFLIGHTS Flat Hinged Thermal Break .
ROOFLIGHTS Frameless Appearance .
ROOFLIGHTS Freestanding Box .
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Burglar Resistant Secured by Design LPS 2081
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Back to Back
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Fire Rated
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Multi-Section Modular System
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Security LPCB Certificate Holders
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Security Secured by Design
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Self-Supporting
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Structural Glass Fins
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Flat Walk On
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Laminated .
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Purpose Made Bespoke Design .
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Pyramid .
ROOFLIGHTS Glass Solar Control .
ROOFLIGHTS Glazed Double .
ROOFLIGHTS Insulating Double, Triple Skin Insulated, Insulation
ROOFLIGHTS Lantern Light .
ROOFLIGHTS Monopitch .
ROOFLIGHTS Monopitch Purpose Made Bespoke Design
ROOFLIGHTS Octagonal .
ROOFLIGHTS Opening Access .
ROOFLIGHTS Purpose Made Bespoke Non Standard Sizes
ROOFLIGHTS RAL or BS Colour Match Frames .
ROOFLIGHTS Ridgelights .
ROOFLIGHTS Ridgelights Purpose Made Bespoke Design
ROOFLIGHTS Roof Lantern .
ROOFLIGHTS Rooftop Entrance .
ROOFLIGHTS Round Circular
ROOFLIGHTS Secure Security .
ROOFLIGHTS Secure Security Approved Document Q
ROOFLIGHTS Security Secured by Design LPS 1175-7 SR2
ROOFLIGHTS Security Secured by Design LPS 1175-7 SR3
ROOFLIGHTS Security Secured by Design LPS 2081 A + B
ROOFLIGHTS Sliding / Stacking .
ROOFLIGHTS Special Shapes .
ROOFLIGHTS Ventilated Controlled Ventilation
ROOFLIGHTS Ventilated Electric Actuator
ROOFLIGHTS Ventilated Hinged Opening
ROOFLIGHTS Ventilated Manual Ventilation
ROOFLIGHTS Ventilated Powered Ventilation
ROOFLIGHTS Ventilated SHEVS CE EN 12101-2 Certified
ROOFLIGHTS Ventilated Smoke Ventilation
ROOFLIGHTS Walk-On Flush to Roof
ROOFLIGHTS Walk-On Internal Glass Floor Panels
SKYLIGHTS Freestanding Box Box
SKYLIGHTS Lantern Light .
SKYLIGHTS Purpose Made Bespoke
SKYLIGHTS Roof Lantern .
3WALL Box Rooflight
EAVES Eaves Rooflights
FLUSHGLAZE Eaves Rooflight
FLUSHGLAZE Modular Rooflight
FLUSHGLAZE Fixed Rooflight
FLUSHGLAZE Circular Rooflight
FLUSHGLAZE Walk On Rooflights
PITCHGLAZE Fixed Roof Window
PITCHVENT Opening Roof Window
RIDGEGLAZE Fixed Rooflight
SKYBOX Access Rooflights
SKYDOOR Hinged Access Rooflight
SKYGLIDE Sliding Rooflight
SKYHATCH Roof Access Rooflight
VISIONVENT Ventilated Roof Window
VISIONVENT Vent Only Hinged Rooflight
XVENT Hinged Smoke Ventilation Rooflight

Rooflights add ‘wow factor’ to Tudor style property

February 2020

Set at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in Westbury on Trym, Bristol, this 1920s Tudor style property has been transformed to include two sleek extensions. Utilising two bespoke fixed rooflights, the property now benefits from an abundance of natural daylight, with incredible aspects.

Situated below a golf course, there are attractive views from the rear of the house. However, the ground floor was a jumbled layout with lots of small rooms that lacked any flow or access to the large rear garden. The homeowners wanted to maximise the potential of their location and sought the help of DHV Architects to help them realise their ambitions.

After initial discussions with DHV Architects, detailed plans were put in place with the intent of re-energising this aging and outdated property. Two stylish extensions were proposed with plenty of contemporary glazing, helping to update the property fit for the 21st century.

The larger extension comprises a generous kitchen and dining room with balcony on top, providing the desired sleek and contemporary look to the downstairs spaces, whilst also opening up the rooms and breathing new life into the downstairs arrangement. The addition of rooflights created a link between inside and outside, resulting in a much needed connection to the outdoors.

Having specified rooflights previously from Glazing Vision, DHV Architects were quick to source advice from their technical specification team. The balcony features a Glazing Vision fixed walk on rooflight, and the kitchen area benefits from an Eaves roof light.

The Glazing Vision ‘eaves’ Flushglaze rooflight comprises of two or more glazed sections installed in both vertical and horizontal planes, joined together with a structural silicone seal. Internally, the eaves Flushglaze unit provides the same frameless views, resulting in a seamless transition between inside and outside.

“We love the look of both rooflights and think that they create the wow factor with their stylish looks” explains Elke Dittrich, Director at DHV Architects. “They help to fill the living space with natural light, even on gloomy days”.

For more information on Glazing Vision’s range of rooflights to suit a variety of applications, contact us on 01379 658 300 or request a CPD.
Products Used:

Flushglaze Eaves Rooflight, Flushglaze Walk On Rooflight

DHV Architects

Residential, Daylight

Glazing Vision - Experimentation Meets Tradition in this Striking London Extension

September 2019

Glazing Vision - Experimentation Meets Tradition in this Striking London Extension

Glazing Vision Ridgeglaze roof light
Essential in bringing daylight into this resplendent family home were Glazing Vision’s Ridgeglaze roof light and modular Flushglaze fixed rooflight. Incorporating these stylish rooflights, have created a feature within the newly built extension, introducing plenty of natural daylight and helping to create a much brighter open space.

The key goals of this project were to create a bright new kitchen and living space while also allowing the client to enjoy their delightful garden at the rear of the property. Natural light was maximised by specifying rooflights that run along the length of the extension apex, dramatically illuminating the interior and accentuating the materials used. Exposed wooden beams and rafters give the space a bold sense of character as the oak frame creates a juxtaposition to the more modern, frameless aesthetic of the rooflights above. The garden outside is suitably framed by a large vertical pane, with the rooflights furthering the connection to the outdoors by bringing the sky into view.

The abundance of natural light creates an inviting space for entertaining, cooking and reading for what is, first and foremost, a family home. “We and our clients are delighted with this light-filled space, which is exciting and experimental while being in keeping with the original house.”

By scaling up the amount of glass, Architecture WK was able to create a connection to the outdoors whilst still providing protection from the elements. To achieve this, the Ridgeglaze rooflight was double glazed with a 31.5mm silicone sealed unit comprising of a 6mm heatsoak tested toughened low-emissivity outer pane, 16mm of argon, a black warm edge silicone sealed spacer, and a 9.5mm heat-strengthened PVB Laminated inner pane.

Thicker glass was required for the multi-part Flushglaze as its flat pitch would require it to bare a heavier snow load. The optimal choice for this was a 37.5mm silicone sealed unit comprising of a 6mm heatsoak tested toughened soft coat low-emissivity outer pane, 20mm of argon, a black warm edge silicone sealed spacer, and an 11.5mm heat-strengthened PVB laminated inner pane.

This glass specification is optimal for maintaining warmth within the home. The low-emissivity coating reflects heat back into the property, while the heat-strengthened glass is designed to withstand high levels of thermal stress. As such occupants have the best of both worlds by having a connection to the outdoors without having to endure harsh winter temperatures. Through an understanding of these technical specifications, Glazing Vision and Architecture WK were able to strike the right balance between visual effect and optimal thermal performance.

“We have specified Glazing Vision’s high-quality products many times in the past,” remarks Lucy Abercrombie of Architecture WK. This project was not without its logistical issues however, as the structure had to be built before measurements could be taken for the rooflights. So site measurements and subsequent installation were co-ordinated carefully by Glazing Vision and the architects.

With other projects on the horizon, Glazing Vision looks forward to collaborating with Architecture WK in the future and are extremely proud to have been a part of this project.

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