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KAC Alarm Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of manual call points and evacuation devices used in commercial fire and security systems.  With over 40 years industry experience, we are one of the longest serving brands in emergency evacuation safety and we protect the lives of millions of people globally every year with our intelligent solutions.

We understand that in an emergency every second counts and this is why we innovate intelligent, high-performance devices that guarantee fast and safe evacuation. Our comprehensive range of call points is designed to support diverse industries and customers including hazardous areas, marine environments, smoke vent and mains voltage applications.

We also have one of the widest ranges of AV devices,including new high performance features and compliance with the latest standards for VADs.

Products -

Call Points

When we invented the break glass call point more than 40 years ago, we set the global standard for call points.  In, our commitment to delivering value-added innovation is one of the reasons why our call points are trusted by millions of customers worldwide.  We lead the industry and enhance safety, exporting to more than 70 countries from our purpose-built research, design and manufacturing facility in the UK.

• Proven reliability with a feature set that offers significant benefits to the customer

• All products available in a wide range of colour and   marking options

• Certified to EN54 Part 11, listed with LPCB to BS5839   Part 2 and also approved by many local territories

• Extensive range of adaptor trays available, enabling easy installation anywhere in the world

• Full technical and application support and guidance

Audio/Visual Devices

We offer a comprehensive range of intelligent AV devices designed to suit all requirements. Choose from our EN54-23 approved beacons and sounder beacons or a wide range of notification devices. We offer a variety of options - wall mount, detector base, surface or low profile-mounted, indoor or outdoor, red or white body or lens.

The ENscape AV range doesn’t just offer regulatory compliance to new EN54-23 Standards for Audible Visual Alarm Devices; it enhances on-site safety for all building occupants and delivers fast and intuitive installation. Devices are designed to deliver outstanding omni-directional light and sound performance combined with high quality, reliability and extended operational life.


KAC provides a choice of switching options for all types of automation and control solutions including key switches and push buttons. These are available in the classic KAC housings and can be branded to suit individual requirements.

A wide range of accessories are available to protect against accidental activation, along with mounting aids to improve installation.


Further technical information, image galleries and product specifications are available through the KAC Alarms website or via the BPi Download Library.




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2. KAC Alarms Call Point
KAC Alarms Call Point

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KAC Alarm Ingress Protection Ratings

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KAC Alarm Security Device Range
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KAC Alarms Audible Visible
KAC Alarms Intelligent AV

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KAC Alarms Enscape Brochure
Visual Alarm Devices (VADS)

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KAC Alarms Med Device Range
KAC Alarms MED Device Call Points and Accessories Range

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KAC Audible Visual Range EN54 23 o Class dbss Sales

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KAC EN54 23Intelligent Visual Alarm Device
EN54-23 Intelligent Visual Alarm Device (VAD)

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KAC Enscape Signal Beacon
Conventional Audible Visual Devices

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KAC Indoor Specialist Activation Devices
fire, security devices

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KAC Indoor Specialist Activation Devices Double Pole
double pole keyswitch devices

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KAC Intelligent Detector Base Sounder
Intelligent Detector Base Sounder

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KAC Intelligent Wall Mount Sounder
Intelligent Wall Mount Sounder, Audible Visible Range

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KAC Intelligent Wall Sounder Strobe Rev5
Intelligent Wall Mount Sounder Strobe

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KAC Keyswitch Singlepole
fire, security, smoke devices

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KAC M3a and W3a Extinguishing Call Point en 12094-3
indoor and outdoor call points

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KAC M8 Triple Pole Indoor Call Point
Indoor Call Point

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KAC MCP Indoor Call Point Range
Fire alarm call points

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KAC Smoke Vent Range
Call Points and Switches

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MCP RANGE Fire Alarm Call Points

KAC Extends AV Range with New EN54-23 Intelligent VAD

February 2017

KAC Extends AV Range with New EN54-23 Intelligent VAD

January 2016

KAC Alarm Company has extended its market leading Audible Visual Device range with the launch of a new EN54-23 approved Intelligent Visual Alarm Device (VAD). The product is designed to aid safe evacuations in a variety of applications including those where ambient noise is high and people with hearing difficulties may be alone.

KAC offers an extensive range of AV devices including Intelligent variants for use with addressable fire alarm systems and the Conventional EN54-23 approved ENscape range. The new Intelligent VAD is suitable for both wall and ceiling mount applications and utilises a universal base for enhanced installation flexibility and reduced inventory.

Incorporating advanced LEDs, the new VAD provides 360 ͦlight output, eliminating the need for device orientation during installation. A variety of installer-friendly features are also included such as large cable entries, tamper-proof operation, ‘poke yoke’ engagement and inbuilt isolation options, along with backwards compatibility.

Raxa Chauhan, KAC Product Manager, comments on the benefits of the new device: “Our new EN54-23 Intelligent VAD provides fire system designers and installers with a fully compliant, addressable fire alarm system which meets current installation codes of practice. Like all products in our Intelligent and Conventional AV ranges, the new VAD offers great value to the installer and facility manager, both in terms of performance and system design flexibility.

“We have seen a significant increase in EN54-23 compliant device sales across Europe since the standard became mandatory. The addition of the new VAD will enable us to continue to support our large and diverse customer base with a complete range of fully compliant fire safety solutions including our market leading call points and AV devices. It also supports our ongoing commitment to ensuring safe evacuations for all building occupants.”

KAC Manual Call Points for legacy mains voltage fire systems

July 2014

The latest addition to KAC's range of manual call points for specialist applications is the MCP6V, an indoor call point for flush or surface mounting that will switch up to 2A at 240VAC mains voltage. Whilst the overwhelming majority of fire systems in Europe and around the world operate at 24VDC, there are a significant number of legacy mains voltage systems still in commission. These systems are located primarily in the Far East or in countries that have recently joined the EU, and they require continuing support for routine maintenance and replacement of devices.

The MCP6V is a specially terminated unit fitted with a mains voltage microswitch. Externally identical in size and user interface with the normal low voltage version, it features warning signs, visible when the operating cassette is removed, to alert installers and service engineers to the presence of high voltage. The internal layout of the unit has been designed specifically to minimize any opportunity for inadvertent contact with the terminals. The product is tested and approved by LPCB to EN54-11.

KAC Marketing Manager, Mark Thomson, said, "The new mains voltage unit joins KAC's market leading range of call points designed to meet the needs of specific installation environments. Our recently launched MED approved devices for use in marine fire systems and ATEX approved call points for hazardous areas are two further examples of our commitment to developing product variants that offer additional features or enhanced performance over our standard product range."

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