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Cistermiser have been manufacturing and supplying a high quality range of products and solutions for the treatment and cost effective management of water for over 30 years.

Product Ranges:


Urinal Flushing

Cistermiser is synonymous with urinal control valves. Our range includes flow valves to control the supply to cisterns, plus automatic direct-flushing valves that use infrared sensors to detect user occupancy.

  • Hydraulic Valves: The Hydraulic Valve is an automatic urinal flush control valve. The valve uses a simple patented mechanism which prevents water waste by ensuring that the auto-flush cistern is only filled, and can only flush, when the washroom is used.
  • IRC Valves: The Infrared Urinal Flush Control (IRC) valve automatically manages the supply of water to a urinal cistern. The PIR sensor detects movement and activates the solenoid valve, allowing water into a urinal cistern.
  • Direct Flush: The Direct Flush automatically flushes the individual urinal after use, ensuring the highest level of hygiene from the minimum volume of water. Direct Flush removes the need for the auto-flush cistern and associated plumbing used in traditional urinal installations, which flush all urinals intermittently even if they have not all been used.
  • AV Urinal Flush Control: Our AV Urinal Flush Control Valve, part of the Cistermiser AV range, is a specialist vandal-resistant, touch-activated washroom control for use in high risk or demanding public environments such as prisons, secure hospitals, schools and sports facilities.

WC Flushing

Our WC range includes valves for toilets that use a traditional cistern plus direct-flushing systems for busy washrooms that require immediate re-flush.  We also offer anti-vandal controls for demanding environments.

  • Easyflush: Easyflush is a hands-free and water-conserving WC cistern flush and fill valve, suitable for concealed or exposed cistern
  • Easyflush Direct: Easyflush Direct is an electronic flushing system for WCs that removes the need for a WC cistern, by taking its water feed straight from the mains supply.
  • AV WC Flush Control: Our AV WC Flush Control Valve, part of the Cistermiser AV range, is a specialist vandal-resistant, touch-activated washroom control for use in high risk or demanding public environments such as prisons, secure hospitals, schools and sports facilities.

Taps & Spouts

We manufacture our own range of hands-free taps and spouts. The stylish designs incorporate infrared control; reducing water and energy usage and increasing hygiene through automatic no-touch operation.

  • Infared Taps & Spouts: The Novatap and Vectatap are deck-mounted chrome basin outlets, supplied with sensor and control unit. The Novatap features a valve integral in its body making it extremely simple to install.
  • Anti-Vandal Taps & Showers: Our Anti-Vandal Taps and Showers are part of the Cistermiser Anti-Vandal range, a specialist vandal-resistant, touch-activated washroom control package for use in high risk or demanding public environments such as prisons, secure hospitals, schools and sports facilities.

Washroom Control

Our innovative systems are designed to conserve all water and energy in the washroom. Occupancy is monitored by sensors, optimising the use of hot and cold water, lighting and fans.

  • Sensazone: Cistermiser’s Sensazone system controls the water supply, lighting and extractor fans within the washroom.
  • Anti-Vandal Range: Cistermiser’s Anti-Vandal range is a specialist vandal-resistant range of touch-activated washroom controls for use in high risk or demanding public environments such as prisons, secure hospitals, schools and sports facilities.


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1 - Cistermiser Specification Catalogue
Urinal Flushing, Hydraulic Valve, Infrared Control (IRC) Valve, Direct Flush, Toilet Flushing, Easyflush, Easyflush Direct, Infrared Taps, Novatap and Vectatap, Washroom Controls, Sensazone, Limescale Prevention, Combimate

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2. Cistermiser Anti-Vandal Range
Cistermiser Anti-Vandal Range. Anti-vandal washroom controls, anti vandal flushing controls

Published [01/12/15]File size [359 KB]

3. Cistermiser WC Flushing Range
Cistermiser WC Flushing controls toilet flushing controls

Published [01/12/15]File size [1722 KB]

4. Cistermiser Washroom Control Range
Cistermiser Washroom Control Range Wash room flushing controls

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5. Cistermiser Urinal Flushing Range
Cistermiser Urinal Flushing controls

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Cistermiser Direct Flush Installation Guide

Published [21/11/17]File size [3983 KB]

Cistermiser EasyFlush Direct Install Guide

Published [21/11/17]File size [2344 KB]

Cistermiser EasyFlush Installation Guide

Published [21/11/17]File size [4057 KB]

Cistermiser Infrared TapSpout Install Guide
Infrared Taps

Published [04/04/16]File size [3623 KB]

Cistermiser IRC Urinal Control Install Guide

Published [21/11/17]File size [3701 KB]

Cistermiser IRT15 Infrared Taps & Spouts Installation Guide
Infrared Taps

Published [14/03/17]File size [8179 KB]

Cistermiser Sensazone Exten Installation Guide
intelligent PIR sensor

Published [04/04/16]File size [4655 KB]

Cistermiser Sensazone Installation Guide

Published [21/11/17]File size [4995 KB]

Hydraulic Valve Installation Guide (HSLP model)
Hydraulic Valves

Published [09/05/18]File size [2686 KB]

Hydraulic Valve Installation Guide (STD and LP models)
Hydraulic Valve

Published [09/05/18]File size [2510 KB]

BASIN Spouts .
BASIN Spouts Electronic Proximity Sensing
BASIN Spouts Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
BASIN Spouts Wall Mounted
BASINS Anti-Ligature .
BATHROOM Water Saving Systems Electronic
BATHROOM Water Saving Systems Multi Outlet Central Control
CISTERN Fill Valves .
CISTERN Fill Valves Self-Cleaning
CISTERN Fill Valves WRAS Approved
CISTERN Fittings .
CISTERN Flushing Controls Automatic
CISTERN Flushing Controls BREEAM Credits
CISTERN Flushing Controls Dual Flush
CISTERN Flushing Controls Infrared
CISTERN Flushing Controls Pneumatic Push Button Fittings
CISTERN Flushing Controls Proximity Sensing Touchfree No Touch
CISTERN Flushing Controls Push Button
CISTERN Flushing Controls Push Button Anti-Ligature
CISTERN Flushing Controls Pushplates
CISTERN Flushing Controls Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
CISTERN Wallplates Push Plates
CISTERNS Flushing: .
CISTERNS Flushing: Automatic
CISTERNS Flushing: BS 1125
CISTERNS Flushing: BS 1876:1972
CISTERNS Flushing: BS 7357:1990
CISTERNS Flushing: Ceramic
CISTERNS Flushing: Concealed
CISTERNS Flushing: Delayed Flush
CISTERNS Flushing: Disabled/Elderly Use
CISTERNS Flushing: Dual Flush
CISTERNS Flushing: Flush Mounted
CISTERNS Flushing: Frame Mounted
CISTERNS Flushing: Hands-Free Touch-Free
CISTERNS Flushing: Heavy Duty
CISTERNS Flushing: High Level
CISTERNS Flushing: Infrared Control
CISTERNS Flushing: Lavatory Toilet W.C.
CISTERNS Flushing: Low Level
CISTERNS Flushing: Push Button
CISTERNS Flushing: Push Button Pneumatic
CISTERNS Flushing: Push Plate
CISTERNS Flushing: Remote Control
CISTERNS Flushing: Sealed
CISTERNS Flushing: Trough
CISTERNS Flushing: Urinal
CISTERNS Flushing: Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
CISTERNS Flushing: Water Control
CISTERNS Flushing: Water Saving
FLUSHING Controls .
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems .
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems Design Service
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems Flush Control
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems Urinal
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems Washroom
LIMESCALE INHIBITORS Limescale Protection .
LIMESCALE INHIBITORS Limescale Removal Electric .
PRISON Sanitaryware .
SANITARYWARE For the Disabled .
SANITARYWARE Healthcare Applications .
SANITARYWARE Healthcare Applications HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DoH)
SANITARYWARE Hospital See Also SANITARYWARE: Healthcare Applications
SANITARYWARE Prisons / Custodial Environments .
SANITARYWARE Water Saving Systems .
SHOWER CONTROLS Electronic Touch Control .
SHOWER CONTROLS Inclusive for the Elderly and Disabled .
SHOWER CONTROLS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal .
SHOWER SPRAY HEADS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
TAPS Anti-Ligature .
TAPS Basin: .
TAPS Basin: Adjustable Time Delay
TAPS Basin: Aerated Flow
TAPS Basin: Automated Control
TAPS Basin: Doc M Applications DDA EQUALITY ACT Part M
TAPS Basin: Electronic
TAPS Basin: Electronic DDSA Controlled
TAPS Basin: Electronic Infrared Handsfree Touchfree Sensing
TAPS Basin: Extended Spout
TAPS Basin: For Elderly and Disabled Use
TAPS Basin: For the Partially Sighted
TAPS Basin: Heavy Duty
TAPS Basin: Mixer .Mixing
TAPS Basin: Proximity Sensor Incorporated
TAPS Basin: Remote Control Wireless Radio Controlled
TAPS Basin: School
TAPS Basin: Self Closing
TAPS Basin: Timed Flow Control
TAPS Basin: Touch Sensing
TAPS Basin: Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
TAPS Basin: Water Saving
TAPS Basin: Water Saving BREEAM Credits BREEAM Compliant
TAPS Bath: .
TAPS Bibtaps .
TAPS Commercial .
TAPS Contract .
TAPS Electronic Digital Control
TAPS Healthcare .
TAPS Healthcare HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
TAPS Hospital Medical .
TAPS Infrared .
TAPS Kitchen Sink .
TAPS Proximity Sensing Control .
TAPS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal .
TAPS Vanity Basin .
TAPS WBS Approved .
TAPS WRAS Approved .
TOILETS Water Saving .
URINAL Bio Blocks .
URINAL Cleanser Systems .
URINAL Control Systems Automatic
URINAL Filters .
URINAL Flush Controls Actuation Controls
URINAL Flush Controls Automatic
URINAL Flush Controls BS 6700
URINAL Flush Controls DEFRA ECA Water Technology List
URINAL Flush Controls Direct Flush Valves
URINAL Flush Controls Electronic
URINAL Flush Controls Hydraulic Mechanism
URINAL Flush Controls IRC Infrared Radar Detection PIR Sensor
URINAL Flush Controls Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
URINAL Flush Controls Water Byelaws 82 and 83
URINAL Water Management Systems Electronic
URINALS Water Saving .
VANITY UNITS Pre-Plumbed Modules .
W.C. Flushing Controls See Also CISTERN: Flushing Controls
W.C. Flushing Controls Sensor Activated Mains Flushing
W.C. Syphons Dual Flush
WASHROOM FITTINGS Controls Touch Activated
WASHROOM FITTINGS Controls Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
WASHROOM FITTINGS Installation Systems .
WASHROOM FITTINGS Installation Systems Concealed
WASHROOM FITTINGS Installation Systems Pre-Plumbed Modules
WASHROOM FITTINGS Water Control Systems Electronic
WASHROOM FITTINGS Water Control Systems Electronic BREEAM Credits
WASHROOM SYSTEMS For Children Infants Junior Nursery Primary Schools
WASHROOM SYSTEMS Healthcare Applications .
WASHROOM SYSTEMS Medical Environments .
WASHROOM SYSTEMS Pre-Plumbed Units .
WASHROOM SYSTEMS Prisons / Custodial Environments .
WASHROOM WATER MANAGEMENT Monitoring and Control Systems .
WASHROOM WATER MANAGEMENT Monitoring and Control Systems BREEAM Credits
WASHROOM WATER MANAGEMENT Monitoring and Control Systems Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
WATER SOFTENERS Commercial Automatic .
WATER SOFTENERS Commercial Multiple .
WATER SOFTENERS Domestic Automatic Demand .
WATER TREATMENT Limescale Inhibitors .
WATER TREATMENT Purifiers Domestic
AV RANGE Washroom Control Systems
COMBIMATE Anti-Limescale System
EASYFLUSH Flushing Controls
EASYFLUSH DIRECT Direct Mains WC Flushing Systems
EASYFLUSH WAVE Infra-Red WC Flush Systems
HYDRAULIC VALVE Urinal Flush Control Valves
IRC VALVE Infra-Red Urinal Flush System
NOVASPOUT Water Saving Taps
NOVATAP Water Saving Taps
SENSAZONE Washroom Control Systems
VECTASPOUT Self Closing Taps
VECTATAP Infrared Activated Taps

Cistermiser Keraflo aiming for a bigger splash as it declares ‘Our World is Water’

December 2017

Cistermiser Keraflo aiming for a bigger splash as it declares ‘Our World is Water’

Cistermiser Keraflo, the leading intelligent washroom controls and water efficiency specialist, has unveiled a new brand corporate identity as it gears up for growth with an extended and enhanced product portfolio.

The bold new logo styling reflects a dynamic approach towards the creation of innovative services and solutions to help manage the earth’s most valuable resource, a change that is captured in the company’s new strapline ‘Our World is Water’.

It follows significant investment in product development that includes new ‘information rich’ technologies to help customers better optimise their water management.

David Jones, Managing Director of Cistermiser Keraflo, said: “While some 71% of the earth is covered in water, we recognise it is our most precious resource. That’s why we’ve chosen to embrace new technologies that will enable us to help our customers have even greater control over their use of water and play a part today in conserving it for future generations.”

The company can point to over 35 years of heritage in which some fantastic products have been brought to market for both the Cistermiser and Keraflo brands, he said.

However, he added: “While our established core products will continue to play an important role in the company’s offering; with advances in technology and what you can do with it, we recognise there’s the opportunity to create exciting new products that harness the Internet of Things to deliver ‘added-value-plus’ solutions that are both practical and fit for the future.

“We will introduce intelligent products and services that are informative, that not only control the flow of water but also capture its usage and other data and provide detailed analysis.

“With these enhanced features we can help customers, from installers to facilities managers, to really take control to increase efficiency, cut their overall costs, reduce risk and, of course, manage this valuable resource in a sustainable way.”

To support this new strategy, Cistermiser Keraflo has strengthened the knowledge of its sales team with technical training and workshops.

The new ‘Our World is Water’ concept has been soft launched at a handful of exhibitions and conferences during late 2017 and will be widely promoted in the years to come.

David Jones said: “2018 promises to be one of the most exciting in the company’s history. We will be unveiling a number of new and enhanced products that will fuel our future growth, the majority of which have been designed and will be manufactured in our workshops at Reading, which, as a UK-based company, makes us proud.”


September 2017


Cistermiser, the UK’s leading manufacturer of water management systems, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its pioneering hydraulic valve. Designed to reduce water consumption on a mass scale, the simple mechanism has remained unchanged throughout its lifespan – a testament to its timeless design.

Developed after the drought of 1976, the hydraulic valve was conceived by Alan North, who ran a plastic-injection trade moulding business. The drought caused serious water shortage issues throughout the UK, which led Alan to think about ways to save water. Observing the way water cisterns flushed, he soon realised there was an obvious way to reduce water wastage nationwide. From this, the hydraulic valve was developed.

The valve is fitted on the supply pipe to urinal cisterns in commercial washrooms. It employs an entirely mechanical principle that prevents water wastage by ensuring that an auto-flush cistern is only filled, and can only flush, when the washroom is in use. It works by relying on a short-term pressure drop created by the use of taps or WCs to open, otherwise remaining closed, resulting in significant savings in both water consumption and cost.

David Jones, Managing Director of Cistermiser, said: “The beauty of the hydraulic valve is its simplicity. In the 40 years since its conception, the mechanism hasn’t changed; proof that quality design stands the test of time. Having held a patent for many years, it is the only valve on the market of its kind and remains extremely popular among installers, commissioners and property owners alike.”

The valve’s sustained popularity can be largely attributed to its unique hydraulic mechanism, which means that no electrical supply or batteries are required. The mechanical basis means that it provides ‘fit and forget’ quality, reliability and convenience.

David continued: “We are very proud of the valve’s enduring nature, and how, over the past 40 years, it has become a common fixture in most commercial washrooms. There are now more than 500,000 units installed in restaurants, nightclubs, leisure centres, offices, and many other public buildings.”

Since 1999, it has been recommended by the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations that a hydraulic valve, or another equally effective automatic device, be fitted on every flushing urinal for regulating periods during which the cistern may fill.

Cistermiser offers three different models of the hydraulic valve, each suited to a different range of water supply pressures:

• Standard Valve, designed to accommodate mains water or tank-fed systems above 5m head.
• Low Pressure Valve, designed for tank-fed systems with 3m to 5m head.
• High Sensitivity Low Pressure Valve, a more acute version of the Low Pressure Valve, which can accommodate tank-fed systems with a 0.5m to 3m head.

For ease of identification, the valves come in different coloured packaging – purple for the Standard Valve, green for the Low Pressure, and orange for the High Sensitivity Valve.

For more information on the hydraulic valve, and other washroom water-saving solutions available from Cistermiser, please visit

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