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Be Creative with Bespoke Precision Perforated Panels

E E Ingleton are the UK’s leading manufacturer of custom made and specialist perforated panels for the architectural and engineering industries.

Latest Perforating Technology

Our expertise and specialised production technology mean that we can offer highly cost-effective solutions to individual project requirements. Architects and designers need not be constrained by industry standard sizes and specifications – unique and creative panel designs can be tailored for each project, no matter how small the quantities involved, to produce a clearly superior overall visual quality or engineering function.

With many high profile projects to our name, we are used to working with contractors and installers to produce installations of the highest quality for both internal and external applications including panels for balustrades, stairways, infills, walkways, plant screening, cladding, ventilation, bespoke perforated metal infill panels and architectural features.

Bespoke Perforated Panels & Facades

EE Ingleton can produce bespoke perforated images and designs in a variety of materials and finishes to suit the application and budget of any project. We often manufacture within short times to allow for panels to be tailored to meet exact measured dimensions on site, thus eliminating the need for unsightly & costly on-site modifications. This also allows projects to accommodate variation of structural dimensions from ‘as drawn’ plans. We take great pride in providing a quality of product and service which is second to none.

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Perforated Images

Utilized along side our high speed precision punching machines, we can with the latest PicPerf© software, perforate panels and facade cladding panels to any interpretation of photographs and images as perforated and embossed patterns.

When backlit, either by direct light, or by LED lighting, the perforated image panels transform to a stunning effect. These latest features can be seen in a number of our latest high profile projects, please visit our web site for examples.

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The Surprising Benefits of Perforated Balustrade Infill

May 2024

External balustrade infill panels can become an integral feature of any building design and give a great opportunity to stamp your mark on that initial impression of the building.

One of the best ways to do this is to use perforated balustrade infill panels. Perforated panels are a great, low-cost, low-maintenance, and flexible solution to create a bespoke and aesthetically pleasing design.
What Are Perforated Balustrade Infill Panels?

Perforated metal panels can be perforated to your design. Standard patterns are available, or we can manufacture a unique pattern. In addition, powder coating or anodising can introduce great colour statements.

The panels are usually made from Aluminium or Mild Steel. Other materials such as Stainless Steel and Corten can also be used. Protective and decorative powder coating or anodising are usually added.

The infill panels are easy to install on-site with simple fixing hole solutions, and the materials are easy to bend so can accommodate corners or other features.
What Are The Benefits of Perforated Balustrade Infill Panels For Your Company’s Premises?
Aesthetically Pleasing & Customisable

A great thing about using perforated panels is that they are extremely flexible and so allow for a range of designs. They are punched to order, and so are completely customisable to your design.

There are a wide number of standard patterns available. Also, at a reasonable cost, specific tooling can be made to suit your exact pattern.

Panels are punched whilst flat, but are straightforward to bend, so returns can be easily added to suit design. In large panels where wind loading is a factor, then strengthening ribs can be welded to provide extra support.
Extremely Safe

Perforated metal panels are extremely safe. Anodised aluminium panels are BS EN 13501-1 A1 rated non-combustible, and powder coating can be BS EN 13501-1 A2 rated.

One consideration when designing the perforated pattern for balustrade infill panels is that in certain environments they should also be “non-climbable”.

Perforated metal panels are very durable and need only limited maintenance. Water runs off them easily, and with regular cleaning, dirt will not usually lodge.

Powder-coated aluminium will last many years in most UK environments. Special treatments for coastal sites are also available.
Allow Ventilation

By the very nature of perforated panels, the holes allow for airflow and ventilation in any situation.

The open area of the perforation pattern can be manufactured to your specifications. The most common open-area designs are between 30% and 50%. Exceptions are possible, but for open areas higher than 50%, this can lead to distortion and will reduce the strength of the panel.
Offer Privacy

The flexibility of design afforded by perforated balustrade infill panels means that by controlling the “open area” of the screen, privacy can be maintained.

Using a low open area in all or part of the panels means it maintains privacy and protection from the weather, while still allowing light to penetrate and air to flow.

Perforated metal panels can be a very cost-effective design for balustrades. One way to help even more with the cost is to take into consideration the standard flat unperforated panel sizes that are commonly available.

Standard flat aluminium and steel sheet sizes are 2m x 1m, 1.25m x 2.5m and 3m x 1.5m, designs using these sizes will give the best material yields and lead to lower costs per unit.
Bespoke Perforated Balustrade Infill Panels EE Ingleton

We have a wide in house manufacturing capability including, punching, press brake, laser cutting and fabricating.

We also have several years of experience producing perforated metal panels for a wide range of applications. To find out more, please contact our friendly team.

What Are The Most Popular Pic Perf Applications?

May 2024

At EE Ingleton, we specialise in Pic Perf applications for use in various environments and industries.

Perforated metal sheets can be punctured or punched with a pattern of holes or openings featuring almost any design. The holes can vary in size, shape, and spacing to suit the design objective using materials like steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and other metals.

In recent years ‘Pic Perf’ applications, or perforated metal applications, have become increasingly popular in various fields thanks to their aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Some of the most popular pic perf applications include:
Architectural Facades

Pic perf applications are perfect for creating visually appealing yet functional exterior facades for buildings. They can be designed to a specific brief using cladding materials to create stunning and unique exteriors with intricate patterns and shapes.

Pic perf applications can also be used to improve ventilation, create shade in areas whilst still allowing natural light to filter through, and of course provide privacy.
Interior Design

Many interior designers are now turning to pic perf applications to create decorative room dividers and partitions using bespoke designs to create both a visual feature and functional separation. Perforated metal panels are perfect for dividing a space as they can be designed in any shape or height. They also take up less space than stud walls etc.

Pic perf applications are also popular amongst interior designers for use on ceilings and wall coverings, not only to enhance the design of a space, but also to improve acoustics as they can control sound reflection.

Perforated metal sheets or pic perf applications can be used by artists to create detailed sculptures and artworks that create interesting patterns and shadow effects bringing artwork to life.

Pic perf applications can be used in mixed media art with elements such as wood, paint, and lighting effects to create depth and visual interest.
Furniture Design And Lighting Fixtures

For modern or industrial-designed furniture, many are now turning to pic perf applications to create furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves etc. Perforated metal allows for a more creative design to meet the aesthetic needs and objectives of a more modern era.

Another great way to modernise any room is through the use of pic perf applications in lampshades and light fixtures. The light can shine through the perforations, creating unique patterns and focal points – whilst still maintaining functionality.
Retail And Commercial Spaces

Perforated metal is often used in commercial and retail spaces to create unique storage displays, kiosks, and of course signage or logos.

Their customisable and eye-catching designs can be visually striking yet provide practical storage solutions in spaces where practicality is key.
Industrial Applications

Pic perf applications have been commonly used in industrial applications for a number of years and for a number of products. This includes safety guards to protect workers from potentially dangerous machinery and equipment. Using pic perf, the holes can be strategically designed to offer protection whilst not affecting functionality.

They are also used for machine enclosures to control noise and debris created by machinery. Pic perf applications can be commonly used in air filtration systems to create filter housing screens to allow the systems to remove dust, pollutants, and contaminants in the air.

A breakdown of these applications include:

Safety barriers and partitions
Staircase treads and walkways
Material handling and conveying
Acoustic barriers

Specialist Engineers In Pic Perf Applications

At EE Ingleton, we pride ourselves on producing bespoke and high-quality products whilst providing expert technical advice to all our clients, from small to multi-national companies.

We can produce pdf format image files, showing how your chosen image will look when perforated into panels. We will liaise closely with you throughout the process from concept to completion to ensure that the pic perf applications will meet your design requirements.

Our experienced team use state-of-the-art punching machines and quality finishes to bring your designs to life.

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