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Be Creative with Bespoke Precision Perforated Panels

E E Ingleton are the UK’s leading manufacturer of custom made and specialist perforated panels for the architectural and engineering industries.

Latest Perforating Technology

Our expertise and specialised production technology mean that we can offer highly cost-effective solutions to individual project requirements. Architects and designers need not be constrained by industry standard sizes and specifications – unique and creative panel designs can be tailored for each project, no matter how small the quantities involved, to produce a clearly superior overall visual quality or engineering function.

With many high profile projects to our name, we are used to working with contractors and installers to produce installations of the highest quality for both internal and external applications including panels for balustrades, stairways, infills, walkways, plant screening, cladding, ventilation, bespoke perforated metal infill panels and architectural features.

Bespoke Perforated Panels & Facades

EE Ingleton can produce bespoke perforated images and designs in a variety of materials and finishes to suit the application and budget of any project. We often manufacture within short times to allow for panels to be tailored to meet exact measured dimensions on site, thus eliminating the need for unsightly & costly on-site modifications. This also allows projects to accommodate variation of structural dimensions from ‘as drawn’ plans. We take great pride in providing a quality of product and service which is second to none.

Perforated Images

Utilized along side our high speed precision punching machines, we can with the latest PicPerf© software, perforate panels and facade cladding panels to any interpretation of photographs and images as perforated and embossed patterns.

When backlit, either by direct light, or by LED lighting, the perforated image panels transform to a stunning effect. These latest features can be seen in a number of our latest high profile projects, please visit our web site for examples.

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PicPerf image panels Help redevelop Portrush railway station.

January 2020

EEI complete supply of PicPerf image panels for Graham Construction’s redevelopment of Portrush railway station.

Graham Construction’s Project Manager John Deery;

“ Tony and his team from EE Ingleton delivered a superior product and service from the outset of Portrush Train Station project. Ingleton’s were engaging, creative, and forthcoming during the tender stage of the project, which set them out from their competitors when the contract was awarded. When the sub contract was let for the design of the perforated aluminium panels, the team works diligently with the project management and delivery team to achieve the most aesthetically please interpretation of the images that were selected through the public consultation.

The overall level of service and commitment by the team at EE Ingleton to the project was second to none.”

UK’s Best Supplier of Perforated Panels – AGAIN!

October 2019

E E Ingleton have been recognised with yet another award for their perforated panel products, this time for ‘Best in Perforated Products’ in the Build 2019 Construction and Engineering Awards.

The new award comes on top of those won in 2018 and previous years for their innovative perforated panel products, as the company have recently completed further projects using their PicPerf© image perforation system.

With the increasing success of the PicPerf© system and a number of ongoing new projects, the company have added to major investment in plant made over the past 5 years, having recently installed further capacity with the addition of a new generation state-of-the art Trumpf perforating machine in their Sheffield facility, which is the first of its type in the UK.

The company have been awarded the contract to supply perforated panels and associated frameworks to John Graham Construction for their development project at Portrush railway station prior this year’s 148th Golf Open Championship.

The project includes the design and supply of twelve sets of perforated image panels, each of 23 square metres, showing various aspects of the local sights, events and railway heritage, working closely with John Graham’ s design team to produce an eye-catching and inspiring installation on the station platforms.

Ingleton’s are currently working on a number of new projects using the PicPerf© system, ranging from small artwork installations to large public buildings and facilities.

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