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Be Creative with Bespoke Precision Perforated Panels

E E Ingleton are the UK’s leading manufacturer of custom made and specialist perforated panels for the architectural and engineering industries.

Latest Perforating Technology

Our expertise and specialised production technology mean that we can offer highly cost-effective solutions to individual project requirements. Architects and designers need not be constrained by industry standard sizes and specifications – unique and creative panel designs can be tailored for each project, no matter how small the quantities involved, to produce a clearly superior overall visual quality or engineering function.

With many high profile projects to our name, we are used to working with contractors and installers to produce installations of the highest quality for both internal and external applications including panels for balustrades, stairways, infills, walkways, plant screening, cladding, ventilation, bespoke perforated metal infill panels and architectural features.

Bespoke Perforated Panels & Facades

EE Ingleton can produce bespoke perforated images and designs in a variety of materials and finishes to suit the application and budget of any project. We often manufacture within short times to allow for panels to be tailored to meet exact measured dimensions on site, thus eliminating the need for unsightly & costly on-site modifications. This also allows projects to accommodate variation of structural dimensions from ‘as drawn’ plans. We take great pride in providing a quality of product and service which is second to none.

Perforated Images

Utilized along side our high speed precision punching machines, we can with the latest PicPerf© software, perforate panels and facade cladding panels to any interpretation of photographs and images as perforated and embossed patterns.

When backlit, either by direct light, or by LED lighting, the perforated image panels transform to a stunning effect. These latest features can be seen in a number of our latest high profile projects, please visit our web site for examples.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

ACOUSTIC CEILING PANELS Perforated Aluminium .
ACOUSTIC PANELS Harsh Environments .
ACOUSTIC PANELS Healthcare Applications .
ACOUSTIC PANELS Perforated Steel Encased .
ARCHITECTURAL Perforated Panels .
BALCONY Balustrade Systems .
BALCONY Guardrail Systems .See Also BALCONY: Balustrade Systems
BALCONY Infill Panels Architectural Grating
BALCONY Infill Panels Perforated
BALCONY Panels .
BALUSTRADE Infill Panels .
BALUSTRADE Infill Panels Architectural Grating
BALUSTRADE Infill Panels Perforated Aluminium Sheet
BALUSTRADE Infill Panels Perforated Metal
BALUSTRADES Perforated Sheet Infill .
CEILING TILES Metal Perforated
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Aluminium Perforated Sheet
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Copper Perforated Sheet
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Galvanised Steel Perforated Sheet
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Perforated Metal Sheet .
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Stainless Steel Perforated
FABRICATIONS Perforated Panel .
FACADES Copper Perforated Sheet
FACADES Perforated Sheet .
GRATINGS Walkway .
INFILL PANELS Colourcoated Metal .
INFILL PANELS Perforated .
INFILL PANELS Purpose Made: Aluminium
INFILL PANELS Purpose Made: Aluminium Colourcoated
INFILL PANELS Purpose Made: Composite
INFILL PANELS Purpose Made: Replacement
INFILL PANELS Purpose Made: Stainless Steel
INFILL PANELS Purpose Made: Zinc
INFILL PANELS Stainless Steel .
MACHINE HAMMERS Industrial Applications .
MESH Perforated Copper .
MESH Perforated Metal .
PANELS Perforated .
PANELS Perforated Copper
PANELS Perforated Metal
PANELS Perforated Plastics
PANELS Perforated Purpose Made
RAILING Infill Panels .
SCREENS Aluminium Perforated
SCREENS Decorative .
SCREENS Engineering Applications .
SCREENS Granuator .
SCREENS Industrial Applications .
SCREENS Perforated Panel .
SCREENS Perforated Panel Purpose Made
SHEET METAL FLAT Decorative Perforated
WALKWAY Gratings .

UK’s Most Innovative Supplier of Perforated Image Panels

January 2019

E E Ingleton have been recognised with another innovation award for their perforated panel products, this time as the ‘Most Innovative Supplier of Perforated Panels’ at the Build 2018 Construction and Engineering Awards.

The new award comes as the company have recently completed further projects using their PicPerf© image perforation system.

Using the new software, more than 3,500 sq metres of decorative aluminium panels were manufactured for Laing O’Rourke’s major upgrade of Meadowhall for owners British Land in Ingleton’s hometown of Sheffield.

Laing O’Rourke’s Project Leader, Mark Lazenby said of Ingleton’s role in this prestigious project, “EE Ingleton have proved to be an invaluable part of the LOR team, delivering high quality bespoke perforated cladding here at Meadowhall. As a local SME, their extensive engineering knowledge and manufacturing skills proved crucial in turning complex architectural conceptual designs in to engineered reality. Their collaborative and early inputs into the product significantly improved and optimised both the pattern design and the manufacturing process delivering a final product which met the architects demanding concept.”

Further colour anodised PicPerf ©panels have also recently been supplied to Prism Architectural for their latest project at Tonbridge Science School.

Previously, anodised aluminium panels were manufactured for Thames Architectural, and installed in Berkeley Homes Victory Pier luxury apartment development in Gillingham, as well as for ambulance bay screen panels at University College Hospital in London.

Both projects called for very high open area panels to meet ventilation requirements, whilst retaining striking images and patterns.

The Victory Pier panels feature seven different waterbirds along the car park frontage, whilst the UCL installation was based on the architect’s ‘funky trees’ concept.

The PicPerf© system is proving highly effective where designers require a visually striking and unique installation, and has been used for a number of prestigious projects including Debenham’s flagship Oxford Street store for Dane Architectural and Kingston’s Riverside development in Kingston upon Thames for Cadisch MDA.

The Kingston Riverside panels were based on a scenic photograph and also a classic motion study by the Victorian photographer Eadweard Mybridge.

The Project Lions perforated panels & embossed soffit panels were based on a classic French Lace pattern.

In both these projects, the panels have been LED back-lit to stunning effect, whilst the panels for the Victory Pier & UCL projects were designed for effect in natural light.

With the increasing success of the PicPerf© system and a number of ongoing new projects, Ingletons are adding to major investment in plant made over the past 5 years, now installing further capacity with the addition of a new generation state of the art Trumpf perforating machine, which will be the first of its type in the UK.

Managing Director Tony Hodges said “our investment in new equipment over the last few years has really opened up the market for us, and the latest additions to our plant represent a very exciting development, significantly increasing the size and complexity of panels that we can produce. This is key to our further development in the architectural panel market, particularly cladding type applications.”

Ingleton’s are currently working on a number of new projects using the PicPerf© system, ranging from small artwork installations to large public buildings.

Custom Designed Perforated Panels & Perforated Metal Products

August 2018

Custom Designed Perforated Panels & Perforated Metal Products

custom hole shape
custom hole pattern
custom panel shape
custom material specification
custom fixing & forming requirements
perforated steel
perforated aluminium
perforated stainless steel
from Engineering & Process to Architecture & Environment

With extensive knowledge of both applications and the required manufacturing technology, we use highly flexible CAD-CAM sectional perforating technology, together with laser profiling and CNC forming machines to offer cost effective custom solutions to your requirements, from aesthetic architectural applications to engineering components for use in arduous & hostile environments.

Our background is ideal for the development of such a specialised service.
We are able to draw on our design and manufacturing experience in supplying perforated panels to the animal feed and by-products, quarrying and reclamation industries.
All of these industries have extensive requirements for perforated sheet products for grinding, mixing and screening applications, providing us with the necessary knowledge and experience to advise and design your panels and components for the best results.

The growing demand for “non-standard” perforation specifications comes from an industry requirement for improved designs and more efficient performance.

Your requirements determine our design parameters.

Our perforating division provides a specialised advice and manufacturing service designed to meet each customer’s individual perforation requirements.
We have no standard hole sizes or shapes and no standard sheet dimension; these are all determined by your needs.

Manufacturing on C.N.C. controlled machines linked to off line CAD/CAM programming gives accuracy and consistency of product on production. We can perforate most ferrous and non ferrous materials, plastics and polypropylene and we have no minimum order quantity.

For more information or to discuss your own requirements please feel free to contact us on 0114 275 7834 or visit our website at www.eeingleton.co.uk

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