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Double Parking Systems, in partnership with KLAUS the leading worldwide supplier of Mechanical car parking systems, provide practical solutions to your Parking problems.

With over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of state of the art car stackers, together with unrivalled after-sales and maintenance services, we offer individual bespoke solutions to every car parking situation.

Design know-how, industry experience and a pro-active personal service enable us to work with our Clients from initial concept to project completion.



The units we supply are fully compliant with all EEC directives and are Quality Assured to ISO 9001 and adhere to Health & Safety regulations.

Stack parking systems

This type of system is ideal for increasing the parking capacity for residential and commercial properties. The car stacker is fully galvanised making it suitable for internal or external use. Double-stacking and triple-stacking models are available.

Semi Automatic Parking Systems:

Semi Automatic Systems provide maximimum flexibility with horizontal of vertical sliding behind secure doors for user safety. The system can be fully automated and customised to suite all applications.

Fully Automatic parking Systems:

This system makes parking spaces accessible via one single entry box. The system automatically measures the vehicle’s dimensions electronically and locates it to a suitable parking space. This system does not require any ramps or carriageways.

Parking Pallets:

Parking pallets provide maximum flexibility for increasing the space available for parking. Pallets enable vehicles to be easily moved in a confined space.

Parking Turntables:

Many garages lack the necessary space for turning a vehicle, which often causes you to reverse into or out of the parking space. The Turntable overcomes this problem ... at the press of a button, your vehicle is turned around on the spot, allowing you to drive off in forward gear.


Further technical information is available through the Double Parking Website or on the BPi Download Library

CAR PARKING LIFTS Car Lifting Systems Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant
CAR PARKING LIFTS Car Lifting Systems Machinery Directive 98/37/EC Compliant
CAR PARKING LIFTS Car Lifting Systems Vertical Transportation
CAR PARKING LIFTS Double Platform .
CAR PARKING LIFTS Freestanding .
CAR PARKING LIFTS Machinery Directive 98/37/EC Compliant .
CAR PARKING LIFTS Single Platform .
CAR PARKING PLATFORMS Vertical/Horizontal Shifting .
CAR PARKING SYSTEMS Automatic Multirow Surface Systems Horizontal Conveying Unit and Elevator
CAR PARKING SYSTEMS Automatic Stacking Systems .
CAR PARKING SYSTEMS Longitudinally Shifting Pallet Systems .
CAR PARKING SYSTEMS Mobility Access Parking Spaces DIN 18025 Construction of Accessible Buildings
CAR PARKING SYSTEMS Storage and Retrieval .
CAR PARKING TOWERS Automatic Shelf Systems .
CAR PARKING TOWERS Automatic Stacking Systems .
CAR PARKING TOWERS Building Interiors .
CAR PARKING TOWERS Vehicle Display Systems .
CAR PARKING TOWERS Vehicle Storage Systems .
CAR PORTS Underground Hydraulic Lift
CAR STACKING SYSTEMS Automatic High Bay Systems .
CAR STACKING SYSTEMS Automatic Shelf Systems .
DRIVEWAY Parking Underground Hydraulic Lifts
GARAGES Underground Hydraulic Lift
PLATFORM LIFTS Scissor Lifting Systems .
SCISSOR LIFTS Automative .
SCISSOR LIFTS Vehicle Loading .
TABLES Scissor Lift .
VEHICLE Platforms Aluminium Sections
ALULONGLIFE Aluminium Parking Platform
AUTOMATIC PARKER Car Parking Systems
HILINE Protective Coating
KLAUS MULTIPARKING Automatic Car Parking Systems
MASTERVARIO Shelf Car Parking Systems
MASTERVARIO Car Parking Tower Systems
MULTIBASE Car Stacking System
MULTIVARIO Car Parking Systems
PARK Car Parking Systems
PARK AND SMILE Car Parking App
PARKBOARD Car Stacking Pallets
PARKDISC Car Parking Turntables
PARKING AUTOMAT Car Parking Systems
SINGLEUP Car Parking Systems
SINGLEVARIO Car Parking Systems
SMARTHOME Automatic Car Parking Operatoring Systems
STACK PARKER Car Stacking System
TRENDVARIO Car Parking Systems
TRENDVARIO 4000 Car Stacking Systems
TRINITY Car Park Decking System
VARIOPARKER Car Park Decking System

Storing your car collection with our SingleUp 3015

November 2020

The Klaus SingleUp 3015 is a real towering stacker system. If sufficient head height is available it accommodates three mid-size vehicles in a very confined space. It is ideal for car dealerships or a vintage car collection such as our recent installation for our client based in Jersey, Channel Islands.

All the parking spaces have a generous height of up to 180 cm. The entire construction is robust and low-maintenance. All of the system's parking spaces are accessed from below. The lower parking space must be empty before the upper platforms can be lowered and used. Therefore, the upper platforms are ideal for long-term parking, e.g. display vehicles, while the lower parking space can be accessed at any time for short-term parking.

103 parking spaces created for prime location in Canary Wharf

November 2020

Another recent installation by DPS of the Klaus Trendvario 4100 Semi-Automatic System for Galliard Construction, providing 103 parking spaces to this prime location in Canary Wharf. The system is accessed at ground level. It can accommodate two vehicles one above the other, one of which is lowered into the pit. It requires less room height as a result. The parking spaces are moved vertically and horizontally, and the automatic control system transports the selected parking space to the desired position. For maximum operating safety, the access level is secured from the entire system by gates. This also protects the vehicles from theft and vandalism.

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