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Suppliers of: DDA compliant vertical platform lifts, Part M platform lifts, disabled access platform lifts, wheelchair access lifts, step lifts, wheelchair lifts, platform lifts.

Cibes Lift UK is one of the UK’s leading supplier of platform lifts. As part of the Cibes Lift Group, the largest platform lift company in Europe, we have considerable resources in service and development to proudly offer the most versatile, and cost effective, range of vertical and incline platform lifts available.

With an established history of experience in design and installation, the Cibes Lift UK team are leading authorities in providing flexible access solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces.  Our free consultation service provides the opportunity to discuss individual needs with one of our expert technical team, ensuring a cost effective solution that will not only meet your practical requirements but also your aesthetic expectations.

Platform Lifts:

Cibes Lift UK provide a solutions for any project, regardless of the architectural style or structural constraints of your building. We offer a large choice of lift sizes, our standard lifts are the DDA lift which is Part M compliant for public as well as commercial use. We also offer a selection of incredibly compact residential lifts.

The Cibes Air

The Cibes Air lift is a space-saving, modular home lift solution, which is much faster and easier to install than a conventional lift. The great choice of colours and materials makes it easy to tailor the design of the Cibes Air home lift to your taste and unique sense of style.

A5000 Platform Lift by Cibes UK

With the standard EN81-41, MD2006/42/EC used and the platform space 1467mm 1100mm, this really is the lift for all solutions. Another advantage of the A5000 Platform Lift is the 3 day installation time - an effecient turnaround for a high spec lift!

A5000 Outdoor Lift by Cibes UK

The Cibes A5000 Outdoor concept includes anti-corrosion protection of exposed elements, reinforced cross-beams and fixing brackets in order to offer you an optimal outdoor solution.

A4000 Home Lift by Cibes UK

The A4000 Home Lift is Cibes UK’s smallest platform lift and improves the comfort and value of your home.

B3000 Open Platform Lift by Cibes UK

With the standard MD2006/42/EC used and flexible platform spaces including 900mm x 1400mm, 1100mm x 1400mm and 1500mm x 1600mm, this really is the lift for hard wearing conditions.

A8000 Stretcher lift

The perfect lift for care homes, physical rehabilitation centers, shops and restaurants.

Cabin Lifts

Cibes is currently the only provider of premium comfort screw-driven cabin lifts, not only in the UK, but in the world. This makes our cabin lifts quite unique. The screw-driven system of our cabin lifts is extremely robust and reliable, but also has the advantage of a very low pit (70-100 mm). This means that Cibes cabin lifts are much easier to integrate in existing buildings than conventional cabin lifts and are ideal lift solution.

The Cibes C1 Pure Cabin Lift

The Cibes C1 Pure is the world’s only screw-driven cabin lift with premium comfort. It can be installed in just a few days and is available with and without a shaft.

Goods Lifts / DDA Lifts

We offer the best Goods lifts in the UK. The Cibes A8000 platform lift is certified for the transportation of goods and complies with DDA requirements. This makes it a large and powerful lift, an excellent choice for any business or public building which requires a lift to handle both situations with compromise.


Most buildings contain several different levels. A few steps here, a staircase there. For most people this is not a problem, but for a wheelchair users every level can be a challenge. Installing a Cibes stairlift UK is a space saving and smart way to solve any accessibility problem. The Cibes Stairlift is a uniquely designed to fit in areas where conventional stairlifts would block passage access. 

The S6 Stairlift

The lift follows your stairs’ unique curvature and can turn up to 180 degrees to move across any landings. The S6 Lift has front and back safety arms and flaps and has also been equipped with a jamming sensor which will cease movement to ensure passenger safety. The S6 Lift has a modern, aluminium rail system which looks like a banister and therefore complements the existing décor of your home or commercial building. At the same time, the lift and rail system is designed in a way that makes them easy to reuse.

The S7 Stairlift

The Cibes S7 has a driving mechanism of a rack with an over-speed governor. The wheelchair lift design features safety arms and flaps on the front and back of the platform. When the is not in use, the barriers, flaps and platform are neatly folded away electronically. The Cibes S7 stairlift is designed for straight staircases and is built bespokely to the legnth and width of your staircase. Suitable for both domestic and commercial properties the S7 stairlift can be installed both as an indoor lift or outdoor lift. 


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Cibes Acquires American Elevator Of Atlanta

October 2021

Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, with a sales office in South Carolina, American Elevator of Atlanta has grown to become one of the main suppliers of home lifts in the Southeast.

“American Elevator was one of our dealers, and we were very impressed by their dedication, professionalism and strong customer focus. I am very happy that American Elevator is joining forces with us to grow our footprint in the United States”, says Lucas Moraes, Managing Director of Cibes Lift US inc.

American Elevator of Atlanta offers a wide range of home elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts and LULA elevators*, as well as installation, maintenance, and modernization services throughout the Southeast US.

“This acquisition will broaden our sales network, increase our geographical presence and strengthen our after sales services throughout the Southeast. We are delighted to welcome American Elevator to the Cibes family” Per Lidström, CEO & President of Cibes Lift Group, continues.

American Elevator of Atlanta was founded in 1997 by James Graff and has about 30 employees. At present, his brother Michael Graff, is President of the company.

“My brother and I have worked very hard to build a strong family business and we are very happy that our company has found the perfect partner to take our business to the next level. I am excited about our future together with Cibes”, Michael Graff, President of American Elevator of Atlanta, concludes.

Cibes Lift US Inc. acquires 100% of American Elevator of Atlanta Inc. The acquisition was effective as of October 5th, 2021.

*Limited Use Limited Application elevators

For more information, please contact: Per Lidström, CEO & President of Cibes Lift Group, +46 26 17 14 00 or visit

Cibes Lift Upgrade Kits Now Available

October 2021

Cibes Lift Group releases the Cibes Air upgrade kit. The Cibes Air home lift has an exquisitely elegant design, offering you a unique user experience where form and function work together to guide your senses. Thanks to its combination of timeless Scandinavian design, intuitive function and natural materials, the Cibes Air platform design blends in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle.

Touchscreen call buttons
Upgraded flooring
Floor indicators
Smart messages in 12 languages
Concealed door openers
Stunning new materials and colour choices

Carefully designed and tested from the Cibes R&D team in Gävle Sweden, the new upgrade kits mean that current lift owners can modernise their lift, without the costs of replacing it. It is now available and you can contact Cibes lift UK on 0800 085 0269, or visit the lift modernisation webpage , visit the lift modernisation webpage or download the brochure for more information and how to purchase.

Cibes Lift Upgrade Kit

“It is fantastic to see the reaction from our current customers over the new options available with the upgrade kit. Our mission has always been to support our customers with the latest in design and safety features our industry can offer.”

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