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Suppliers of: DDA compliant vertical platform lifts, Part M platform lifts, disabled access platform lifts, wheelchair access lifts, step lifts, wheelchair lifts, platform lifts.

Cibes Lift UK is one of the UK’s leading supplier of platform lifts. As part of the Cibes Lift Group, the largest platform lift company in Europe, we have considerable resources in service and development to proudly offer the most versatile, and cost effective, range of vertical and incline platform lifts available.

With an established history of experience in design and installation, the Cibes Lift UK team are leading authorities in providing flexible access solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces.  Our free consultation service provides the opportunity to discuss individual needs with one of our expert technical team, ensuring a cost effective solution that will not only meet your practical requirements but also your aesthetic expectations.

Platform Lifts:

Cibes Lift UK provide a solutions for any project, regardless of the architectural style or structural constraints of your building. We offer a large choice of lift sizes, our standard lifts are the DDA lift which is Part M compliant for public as well as commercial use. We also offer a selection of incredibly compact residential lifts.

A5000 Platform Lift by Cibes UK

With the standard EN81-41, MD2006/42/EC used and the platform space 1467mm 1100mm, this really is the lift for all solutions. Another advantage of the A5000 Platform Lift is the 3 day installation time - an effecient turnaround for a high spec lift!

A5000 Outdoor Lift by Cibes UK

The Cibes A5000 Outdoor concept includes anti-corrosion protection of exposed elements, reinforced cross-beams and fixing brackets in order to offer you an optimal outdoor solution.

A4000 Home Lift by Cibes UK

The A4000 Home Lift is Cibes UK’s smallest platform lift and improves the comfort and value of your home.

B3000 Open Platform Lift by Cibes UK

With the standard MD2006/42/EC used and flexible platform spaces including 900mm x 1400mm, 1100mm x 1400mm and 1500mm x 1600mm, this really is the lift for hard wearing conditions.

A8000 Stretcher lift

The perfect lift for care homes, physical rehabilitation centers, shops and restaurants.

Cabin Lifts

Cibes is currently the only provider of screw-driven cabin lifts, not only in the UK, but in the world. This makes our cabin lifts quite unique. The screw-driven system of our cabin lifts is extremely robust and reliable, but also has the advantage of a very low pit (70-100 mm). This means that Cibes cabin lifts are much easier to integrate in existing buildings than conventional cabin lifts and are ideal lift solution.

A6000 Cabin Lift

The new elegant cabin lift for existing shafts.

A6000S Cabin Lift

Cabin lift to be installed as a free-standing unit.

A6000+ Cabin Lift

Our luxurious cabin lift with ready-made shaft comes in easy to install modules incorporating everything you need to get you up and running within a few days. Just plug it in to a normal household socket and off you go (no complicated electrical installation needed). 

Goods Lifts / DDA Lifts

We offer the best Goods lifts in the UK. The Cibes A8000 platform lift is certified for the transportation of goods and complies with DDA requirements. This makes it a large and powerful lift, an excellent choice for any business or public building which requires a lift to handle both situations with compromise.


Most buildings contain several different levels. A few steps here, a staircase there. For most people this is not a problem, but for a wheelchair users every level can be a challenge. Installing a Cibes stairlift UK is a space saving and smart way to solve any accessibility problem. The Cibes SwingOn Stairlift is a unique stairlift designed to fit in areas where conventional stairlifts would block passage access. 

Further technical information is available to download from the BPi download Library or from the manufacturer’s own website.


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Cibes Lift - 5 benefits of having a home lift installed

February 2020

The benefits of having a home lift installed are vast and numerous. For those who are perhaps looking to add a layer of luxury to their home or to make their house just a little easier to get around, an elegant home lift installation truly is the way to go. If opting for the home lift route is something that you are considering, whether for your own home or that of a loved one, this guide is for you. Below we have listed five major benefits of having a home lift installed, perhaps highlighting a few things you hadn’t thought of, hopefully encouraging you to make the change.
What are the benefits of having a home lift installed?
Increased accessibility

One incredible benefit of adding a domestic lift to your home is that they can increase the level of accessibility of the building. For those who may struggle with stairs or moving between floors due to limited mobility (something with impacts one half of adults 65 or older), opting for a home lift could be a very elegant solution. No longer will you have to worry about needing help up the stairs or dealing with cumbersome stairlifts, you can travel easily between floors in your personal elevator! For those who are living with elderly relatives, the increased level of accessibility will be a winning feature.
Improved safety

Installing a home lift can also improve the safety of your home. Stairs can be a dangerous business, leading to trips and falls, bumps and scrapes, especially for children and those of older age. If you are keen on increasing safety precautions around the house, perhaps with small children around or an elderly parent, installing a lift can negate the problem staircases cause and provide a safe method of travel between floors. You can even restrict access to certain floors with a lift passcode, making your home more secure and protected against intruders.
A sense of luxury

Domestic Lift

One of the very best reasons to have a lift installed at your home is because of the sense of luxury they contribute. Nothing screams style, elegance, and luxury quite like your very own lift opening up into your beautiful lounge or into the master bedroom. How many people do you know who have a lift at home? So, why not stand out from the crowd and bring something truly unique to your home? If you are feeling tired or just too lazy to haul yourself upstairs, you have your own personal lift waiting for you. What’s more luxurious than that?

Want more tips for making your home more luxurious? Make sure to read our guide.
Future-proofing your home

Right now, you might be thinking that a home lift isn’t really necessary but by choosing to install one at this time, you can make sure that your home is ready for the future. Situations and circumstances change with time, especially the older we get. So why not prepare for the future? By adding a lift to your home today, you won’t have to worry about not being able to use your stairs as you age. Why wait until you are struggling to get up the stairs? Get everything in place now, enjoy the luxury and style that home lifts bring, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your future is taken care of.
Increased resale value

Another fantastic benefit of installing a home lift that must be highlighted is that they can add real resale value to your home. If you think that at some point in the future you might like to sell your home (even if that’s a long way off), it’s always a good idea to make an improvement to your house so it fetches a bigger price. Having a unique feature like a home lift will certainly accomplish this, helping your house stand out from the crowd when it goes on the marketplace. Style and versatility are two big factors when people look to purchase a home and if yours has a domestic lift installed, those two boxes will be checked in a serious way.
Why should I install a home lift?

Home Lift Into Dining Room

Increased accessibility
Improved safety
A sense of luxury
To future proof your home
Increased resale value

As you can see, there are a great number of reasons to install a home lift. From adding a flavour of luxury to your home to making sure that your house is a safe and accessible place to live, a home lift is an excellent option to consider.

Whatever reason you might be considering installing a home lift, we at Cibes Lift UK would love to help make it happen with our beautiful cabin lifts and platform lifts.

For more advice and tips, make sure to take a look at our news page.

Expert Interior Design Tips for Integrating a Home Lift

February 2020

At Cibes, we feel that interior design is such an important aspect to consider when integrating a home lift into your décor and a little helping hand is always useful.

Styling your interior can incur a lot of research; one thing that always helps is expert advice, to help you find your style for every space and budget.

We spoke to interior design expert, Peter Turner, Managing Director at Cocoon & Bauer and Megan Geddis, Marketing Executive at Cibes, to share their best interior design tips around installing a Cibes home lift.
Design tips from Cocoon & Bauer
Positioning a lift

The position of the entrance to the lift is key, along with its location within the house. The entrance should be clear of any obstacles and feel like a natural progression from the floor into the lift – instead of forcing the user to awkwardly navigate themselves to the opening.

Its location will depend on the type of property you own, but it makes sense to keep this close to the staircase, so that it is integrated into family life and not completely removed or seem alien.
Choosing a colour scheme

Choosing colours for your home should always be based on natural light, size of the room/space and the style you’re wanting to achieve. Monochrome shades with a dash of colour can give a very modern, clean look, whereas warm, natural colours can appear relaxing and more welcoming. The trick is to consider everything, including the colour of the lift, rather than concentrating on one area.

This means the full scheme will appear ‘complete’ and make sure the lift doesn’t feel like a foreign object within the room. For that modern, monochrome look, Gothic Graphite Black will create a striking impression in the room, or Azurite 4 being the bold pop of colour.

For something simpler, you could try Oriental Oyster White which has a beautiful warm colour that would blend into most homes. However, our favourite must be January 4 and Amethyst 2 from the Mineral Series. These colours are bold yet subdued and would create a focal point in any room.
Matching flooring

If you can’t match the flooring in the lift with that you already have in your home, then something which contrasts or adds something ‘extra’ to your space will work brilliantly. Black Seagrass will add sophistication in any setting, whereas Material Quartz Stone will appear like natural tiles in the lift and work in most schemes.

If you choose your own flooring, it’s important to consider one that is hard wearing and easy to maintain, much like you would for the rest of your home. There are many flooring options and you can even use your own, making your lift the perfect continuation of the space. All you need to consider is the additional weight a heavier flooring choice may make, however there are many solutions for this in our experience.
Design tips from Cibes

What to think about

A Cibes A400 home lift is a fantastic investment to add value to your home and add future proofing. Choosing a style and finish that suits both you and your home will help ensure that you’ll be happy with your lift for a very long time.

Space would be the biggest consideration when installing a home lift. Creating the right balance between practicality and an impressive feature, relies on the location and positioning of the lift. We offer free floor plans so that you can test your lift in as many areas of your home as you like, making sure you find the best solution for you.

Our lift configurator is a great tool to test out design ideas for your home lift. You can make colour and glazing changes which really showcases the freedom you have. We can also send you a brochure and provide a home visit to ensure you feel confident and assured throughout the design and installation stages.
Variations and features of the A4000 home lift

All Cibes products come with a range of additional features that allow you to truly make your lift your own. The shaft can be glazed on all sides to give you a 360-degree panoramic view which can be unique.

There are plenty of door options available, from half-gates to really open your space, to doors that are mainly glazed. Communications can be added via a phone or a direct dialler, which makes a stylish and practical statement.

Level indicators display which floor your lift is at in a sleek and modern design which can be complimented by a voice announcement to really give your lift a luxurious touch.

Our lifts can be installed in as little as 3-5 days and come with a range of service plans that’ll ensure your lift performs to the highest standard.

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