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Suppliers of: DDA compliant vertical platform lifts, Part M platform lifts, disabled access platform lifts, wheelchair access lifts, step lifts, wheelchair lifts, platform lifts.

Cibes Lift UK is one of the UK’s leading supplier of platform lifts. As part of the Cibes Lift Group, the largest platform lift company in Europe, we have considerable resources in service and development to proudly offer the most versatile, and cost effective, range of vertical and incline platform lifts available.

With an established history of experience in design and installation, the Cibes Lifts UK team are leading authorities in providing flexible access solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces.  Our free consultation service provides the opportunity to discuss individual needs with one of our expert technical team, ensuring a cost effective solution that will not only meet your practical requirements but also your aesthetic expectations.

Platform Lifts:

Cibes Lift UK provide a solutions for any project, regardless of the architectural style or structural constraints of your building. We offer a large choice of lift sizes, our standard lifts are the DDA lift which is Part M compliant for public as well as commercial use. We also offer a selection of incredibly compact residential lifts.

A5000 Platform Lift by Cibes UK

With the standard EN81-41, MD2006/42/EC used and the platform space 1467mm 1100mm, this really is the lift for all solutions. Another advantage of the A5000 Platform Lift is the 3 day installation time - an effecient turnaround for a high spec lift!

A5000 Outdoor Lift by Cibes UK

The Cibes A5000 Outdoor concept includes anti-corrosion protection of exposed elements, reinforced cross-beams and fixing brackets in order to offer you an optimal outdoor solution.

A4000 Home Lift by Cibes UK

The A4000 Home Lift is Cibes UK’s smallest platform lift and improves the comfort and value of your home.

B3000 Open Platform Lift by Cibes UK

With the standard MD2006/42/EC used and flexible platform spaces including 900mm x 1400mm, 1100mm x 1400mm and 1500mm x 1600mm, this really is the lift for hard wearing conditions.

A8000 Stretcher lift

The perfect lift for care homes, physical rehabilitation centers, shops and restaurants.

Cabin Lifts

Cibes is currently the only provider of screw-driven cabin lifts, not only in the UK, but in the world. This makes our cabin lifts quite unique. The screw-driven system of our cabin lifts is extremely robust and reliable, but also has the advantage of a very low pit (70-100 mm). This means that Cibes cabin lifts are much easier to integrate in existing buildings than conventional cabin lifts and are ideal lift solution.

A6000 Cabin Lift

The new elegant cabin lift for existing shafts.

A6000S Cabin Lift

Cabin lift to be installed as a free-standing unit.

A9000 630KG Platform Lift

Our luxurious cabin lift with ready-made shaft.

Goods Lifts / DDA Lifts

We offer the best Goods lifts in the UK. The Cibes A8000 platform lift is certified for the transportation of goods and complies with DDA requirements. This makes it a large and powerful lift, an excellent choice for any business or public building which requires a lift to handle both situations with compromise.


Most buildings contain several different levels. A few steps here, a staircase there. For most people this is not a problem, but for a wheelchair users every level can be a challenge. Installing a Cibes stairlift UK is a space saving and smart way to solve any accessibility problem. We provides three different UK stairlift solutions: the Cibes S200 and S300 stairlifts, designed for straight staircases and the unique Cibes R90, that can lift and turn and platform both vertically and on an incline at the same time around corners.

Further technical information is available to download from the BPi download Library or from the manufacturer’s own website.


These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

1. CIBES Lifts for All Types of Buildings
lifts,Home lift, Passenger lifts, Cabin lifts, Open platform lift, Goods and passenger lift, Outdoor concept, Stairlift for straight stairways

Published [08/12/17]File size [2410 KB]

2. A8000 Industrial Platform Lift Brochure
A8000 Platform Lift Industrial Brochure

Published [28/04/17]File size [2810 KB]

3. Cibes Ecosilent Lifts
EcoSilent Lifts

Published [23/11/18]File size [4731 KB]

4. Cibes Lifts in Public
Platform and cabin lifts Accessibility solutions for public and commercial buildings

Published [23/11/18]File size [2341 KB]

5. Cibes Lifts Product Guide
CIBES LIFT PRODUCT GUIDE – Platform and cabin lifts Lift solutions for accesibility in private, public and commercial buildings

Published [23/11/18]File size [1810 KB]

6. A8000 1000Kg Platform Lift Brochure

Published [28/04/17]File size [2451 KB]

A5000 Door options for Platform Lift
Platform Lift A5000 Door options

Published [28/04/17]File size [790 KB]

A5000 Typical 3 Stop through car drawing

Published [28/04/17]File size [694 KB]

A8000 1105mm X 2180mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Fire Doors
Platform Lift A8000 Fire Doors 1000Kg

Published [28/04/17]File size [322 KB]

A8000 1105mm X 2180mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Glass Shaft
Platform Lift A8000 Glass Shaft

Published [28/04/17]File size [315 KB]

A8000 1105mm X 2180mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Solid Panels
Platform Lift A8000 Solid Panels 1000Kg

Published [28/04/17]File size [324 KB]

A8000 1405mm X 1980mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Fire Doors
Platform Lift A8000 with Fire Doors 1000Kg Platform Lift

Published [28/04/17]File size [322 KB]

A8000 1405mm X 1980mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Glass Panels
A8000 Platform Lift with Glass Panels

Published [28/04/17]File size [317 KB]

A8000 1405mm X 2480mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Fire Doors
A8000 Platform Lift with Fire Doors

Published [28/04/17]File size [324 KB]

A8000 1405mm X 2480mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Glass Shaft
Platform Lift A8000 with Glass shaft 1000Kg Platform Lift

Published [28/04/17]File size [318 KB]

A8000 1405mm X 2480mm Typical drawing 1000Kg Steel Panels
Platform Lift A8000 Steel Panels

Published [28/04/17]File size [329 KB]

Cabin Style A6000 Platform Lift Single Entry
Cabin Style Platform Lift A6000

Published [28/04/17]File size [1202 KB]

Cabin Style A6000 Platform Lift Single Entry 3 Stop

Published [28/04/17]File size [1295 KB]

Cabin Style A6000 Platform Lift Through Car
Cabin Style Platform Lift Through car cabin style platform lift

Published [28/04/17]File size [1169 KB]

Cabin Style A6000 Platform Lift Through Car 3 Stop
Cabin style platform lift A6000 through car 3 landings

Published [28/04/17]File size [1247 KB]

CIBES A5000 Platform Lift
Cibes A5000 is a platform lift that offers the perfect accessibility solution for all kind of building environments: public, commercial and private.

Published [08/12/17]File size [263 KB]

Cibes A5000 Typical 2 stop adjacent enrty drawing
Platform A5000 Adjacent

Published [27/04/17]File size [649 KB]

Cibes A5000 Typical 2 stop single entry drawing
Platform A5000

Published [28/04/17]File size [658 KB]

Cibes A5000 Typical 2 stop single entry fire door drawing
Platform Lift A5000 with Fire Doors

Published [28/04/17]File size [664 KB]

Cibes A5000 Typical 2 stop through car drawing
Platform Lift A5000

Published [28/04/17]File size [650 KB]

Cibes A5000 Typical 3 stop single entry drawing
Platform Lift A5000 £ Stop

Published [28/04/17]File size [506 KB]

CIBES A6000 Spacious, Elegant Cabin Lift
Cibes A6000 is a spacious and elegant cabin lift that offers the perfect accessibility solution for public, commercial and private buildings.

Published [08/12/17]File size [168 KB]

CIBES A6000S Spacious and Elegant Cabin Lift
Cibes A6000S is a spacious and elegant cabin lift that offers the perfect accessibility solution for public, commercial and private buildings.

Published [08/12/17]File size [235 KB]

CIBES A8000 Large Platform Lift
robust large capacity platform lift when high loads are required

Published [08/12/17]File size [208 KB]

CIBES A9000 Cabin Lift
Cibes A9000 The Cabin lift – for comfort and style

Published [08/12/17]File size [223 KB]

CIBES B385 Platform Lifts
The perfect accessibility solution, with an open platform lift for all kind of building environments

Published [08/12/17]File size [304 KB]

CIBES Outdoor External Lift Installations
A weather resistant outdoor concept for external lift installations

Published [08/12/17]File size [223 KB]

CIBES S200 Straight Stairway Lift
Cibes S200 – a smart solution for straight stairways

Published [08/12/17]File size [232 KB]

CIBES S300 Platform Stairlift
Cibes S300 Inclined Platform Stairlift for straight stairs

Published [08/12/17]File size [191 KB]

CIBES Swing On Unique Stairlift
Cibes Swing On is a unique lift-and-turn stairlift solution for public, commercial and private environments.

Published [08/12/17]File size [532 KB]

R90 Inclided Platform Lift
R90 Swing-On Platform Lift

Published [28/04/17]File size [249 KB]

GOODS LIFTS Goods/Passenger .
GOODS LIFTS Platform Goods Lifts .
LIFTS Disabled Access .
LIFTS Electric Drive .
LIFTS External Exterior Applications Outdoor Conditions
LIFTS Freestanding Units .
LIFTS Hydraulic Drive .
LIFTS Mobility Impaired .
LIFTS Part M Compliant .
LIFTS Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made Designs
LIFTS Stainless Steel .
PASSENGER LIFTS Disabled Access .
PASSENGER LIFTS Domestic Home Lifts .Residential Applications
PASSENGER LIFTS Electric Drive .
PASSENGER LIFTS Part M Compliant .
PASSENGER LIFTS Wheelchair Domestic Home Lifts
PLATFORM LIFTS Architectural .
PLATFORM LIFTS Cabin Lifts For Installation into Existing Shaft
PLATFORM LIFTS Cabin Lifts Lift Shaft Incorporated
PLATFORM LIFTS Class III Health Care Sizes (Class 3) .
PLATFORM LIFTS Compact Platform Small Footprint
PLATFORM LIFTS Custom Finishes Purpose Made Finishes Bespoke Finishes
PLATFORM LIFTS Disabled Access .
PLATFORM LIFTS Domestic Home Lifts Residential Applications
PLATFORM LIFTS Dual Purpose Light Goods and Passengers
PLATFORM LIFTS Electric Drive .
PLATFORM LIFTS Equality Act Compliant (formerly DDA Compliant) DOC M
PLATFORM LIFTS European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant .
PLATFORM LIFTS European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant CE Marked
PLATFORM LIFTS External Exterior Applications Outdoor Conditions
PLATFORM LIFTS Fire and Smoke Rated Doors .
PLATFORM LIFTS Glass Panelled .
PLATFORM LIFTS Hospital Bed and Stretcher Accessible .
PLATFORM LIFTS Hydraulic Drive .
PLATFORM LIFTS Inclined CE Marked/Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant
PLATFORM LIFTS Internal Interior Applications
PLATFORM LIFTS Large Capacity .
PLATFORM LIFTS Low Rise, Low Height Small Lift/Rise Mini Lift
PLATFORM LIFTS Multi-Storey 6 Landings / 13m Travel Height
PLATFORM LIFTS Open Platform .
PLATFORM LIFTS Part M Compliant .
PLATFORM LIFTS Stainless Steel .
PLATFORM LIFTS Stainless Steel Glazed
PLATFORM LIFTS Stainless Steel RAL Colourcoated
STAIRLIFTS Inclined Platform .
STAIRLIFTS Inclined Platform CE Marked/Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant
STAIRLIFTS Inclined Platform Foldaway Systems
STAIRLIFTS Multiple Landings .
STAIRLIFTS Outdoor Chair .
STAIRLIFTS Outdoor Platform .
STAIRLIFTS Outdoor Platform Low Rise Foldaway
STAIRLIFTS Outdoor Platform Low Rise Lift and Turn
STAIRLIFTS Outdoor Platform Straight Stairway
STAIRLIFTS Wheelchair .
STAIRLIFTS Wheelchair Platform .
STEP LIFTS Adjacent Entry .
STEP LIFTS Exterior External Applications
STEP LIFTS Integrated Safety Access Ramp .
STEP LIFTS Interior Internal Applications
STEP LIFTS Wheelchair .
WHEELCHAIR LIFTS Domestic Home Lifts .
A1000 Stairlift
A2000 Step Lifts
A3000 Platform Lifts
A4000 Platform Lifts
A5000 Platform Lifts
A6000 Platform Lifts
A7000 Platform Lifts
A8000 Disabled and Wheelchair Lifts
A8000 Large Capacity Platform Lifts
A9000 Platform Lifts
CIBES B385 Open Platform Lifts
CIBES R90 Stairlifts
CIBES S200 Stairlifts
CIBES S300 Stairlifts
CIBES SWING ON Low Rise Stairlifts

Cibes Lift - How to choose the right lift

December 2018

How to choose the right lift

Are you looking to upgrade your home or improve the mobility of your store? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need a Cibes lift! With so many mobility options, you need to ensure that you choose the right lift for your needs. That’s where Cibes comes in, we have over 70 years experience within the lift industry, so we know exactly how to cater for all of our clients needs.

There are a number of popular lifts than can aid mobility. Some of our top lifts include:
Home Lifts

In recent years there has been an increasing trend of people getting home lifts installed in their home to make life more convenient. This will come as no surprise to most as the need for technology and home gadgets is on the rise.
The A4000 Hime Lift by Cibes

If you’re looking for the perfect company to install a home lift into your home, look no further than Cibes. We are one of the leading manufacturers of home lifts in the UK and out superbly crafted Swedish designed lifts can even be manufactured small enough to fit into your wardrobe! To find out more about our home lifts, check out our Home Lift page here>
Eco Silent Revolution

Not sure if a home lift is right for you? When you discover the Eco Silent lift, this will revolutionise the way you live and you won’t know how you ever lived without an Eco Silent lift. The Eco Silent lift does exactly what you would expect it to do, operates virtually silent. It also uses sustainable smart technology to stay energy efficient so you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost to run. Perfect for everyday life.

Cibes Eco Silent Lift

If you love your home but mobility is becoming more difficult then the Cibes Stairlift allows you to upgrade your home without having to move. With its Scandinavian design and renowned safety, the Cibes R90 Stairlift can be made to measure and fit into any buildings architectural style or structure. If you’re looking for a Stairlift solution, view our range of Cibes Stairlifts here >
And much more…

That’s not all. With many years in the industry, we can guarantee to provide you with the lift solution for your needs! We also offer a range of high quality goods lifts, platform lifts and passenger lift solutions. So to find the right lift for your needs, check out Lift Comparison tool

Platform Lifts
Goods Lifts
Passenger Lifts

There are different style lifts to suit anyone’s needs. Hopefully this article has shed some light on what main features these lifts offer. Now that you know exactly what type of lift you’re after why not contact the experts for free on: 0800 085 0269.

Discover the advantages of a Cibes home lift.

November 2018

Discover the advantages of a Cibes home lift.

From the newest electronic gadgets, to the latest interior fashions, who doesn’t want a little bit of luxury within their home?

It therefore comes as no surprise that designers, architects and homeowners are taking it to the next level, investing in value-adding amenities for convenience.

The popularity of home lifts has grown significantly over recent years, improving the accessibility of the upper levels of a house, improving the overall value of the property, and simply making life that little bit easier.

A home with a residential lift really does stand out from the crowd, which is why Cibes Lifts UK has worked with housing designers and homeowners across the country to install the highest quality platform lifts.

Homes come in and all shapes and sizes, which is why our platform lifts do to. Our A4000 home lift has four platform sizes to choose from, depending on the space available, is capable of safely moving three people or a wheelchair user between levels (300kg), and can travel between two and six floors.

Cibes Lift UK also offers external domestic lifts, that can be seamlessly installed on the outside of your property. Whether it’s to link a basement garage to the ground floor of your home, or to move between the upper floors of a property that has minimal space to spare inside, an external lift could be the perfect option.

Installations are quick, cost-effective and with little disturbance to your home

A residential lift is the ideal way to add that extra element of comfort and convenience to your home, whilst future proofing it for your later years of life. The alternative option of moving to a new house is not only very stressful, especially if it’s a family home full of memories, in an area which you love, but it’s a lot more expensive than the cost of having a Cibes Home Lift installed.

It may not be clear straight away where your lift will fit within your home which is why when people think of a domestic lift, they tend to think of an obstructive eyesore that ruins the aesthetics of the property.
This is far from the case, a A4000 is not only small enough to take up minimum space in your home, it can be easily designed to fit in perfectly with your home’s interior.

The A4000 is delivered ready to install, with the main installation work completed in just a matter of days, causing minimal disruption to your home and daily routine. The A4000 home lift also comes with its own full prefabricated shaft, which means no costly construction work is needed to create a lift shaft.

One of the greatest features of a Cibes home lift, which makes it the perfect addition to your home, is that it can be fully customised to ensure it fits beautifully with the interior or exterior of your home.

From the lift shaft, to the door, to the panelling inside and out, you can choose exactly how you want it to look. We have a variety of RAL colours to choose from so that the lift fits in seamlessly with its surroundings.

We can also create a unique four-sided glass lift shaft structure if you are looking for a modern and sleek look. This design is also ideal for people who may not like being in confined spaces.

With over 70 years’ experience working within the lift industry, you can be sure that Cibes is a great choice for your residential lift installation. The maintenance and servicing of your new home lift within the first year of installations comes as standard, and after that we offer a selection of unrivalled life maintenance care and support packages to ensure you are satisfied with your lift for as long as you have it.

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