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Suppliers of: Suppliers of commercial lifting products including passenger lifts, platform access lifts for disabled access, service and goods lifts, escalators and moving walkways and also domestic stair lifts.

Stannah Lifts design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of passenger and platform access lifts.

Stannah Lifts design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of lifts across the UK. We have been making products to move people and goods since 1867. We are proud of our engineering heritage, the fact that we are still a family run business five generations on and we’re proud of the strong values and ethics that guide us.

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Passenger Lifts - 6 - 33 persons

Each passenger lift uses the latest innovative lift engineering and is manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of The Equality Act, Part M, EN81-70 and BS8300.

Stannah passenger lifts can be supplied wall-mounted or structure-supported, hydraulic or traction, with motor room-less options and with a superb range of stunning lift car finishes – all on time and within budget.

Stannah Platform Lifts

Stannah platform wheelchair lifts help improve access for people with impaired mobility. Our platform wheelchair lifts are ideal for installation in public buildings in leisure, education, retail and office market sectors.

Each wheelchair platform lift will help your premises meet the requirements of the Equality Act, BS8300 and Building Regulations Part ’M’ (England & Wales) or Part ‘S’ (Scotland). Choose from our Access Wheelchair Lift ranges of Stannah Midilift vertical platform lifts or Stannah Stairiser inclined wheelchair platform lifts for straight or curved stairs

Goods & Service Lifts - from 50kg to 3000kg

Home to a complete range of dumb waiters (dumbwaiters), larger service lifts and goods lifts carrying from 50kg to 1500kg. All of our lift products, whether a small dumbwaiter or service lift, or a larger goods lift will help you meet the requirements of the Manual Handling Regulations.

At Stannah we pride ourselves on the range and quality of our lift products, our highly skilled lift installation engineers and our excellent customer service. This all-round lift expertise has helped us to complete over twenty thousand goods and service lifts installations in sites throughout the UK, supported by our nationwide network of service branches.

Escalators & Moving Walkways

Stannah supply, install and maintain escalators and moving walkways (sometimes called travelators, moving pavements, conveyors or autowalks) all over the UK.

Our products are ideal for retail premises where the addition of mezzanine levels to expand retail space needs easy access; for the easy movement of people across transport systems such as airports and railways and for large leisure complexes.

Stannah lift refurbishment, maintenance & repair

At Stannah Lift Services we maintain, service, repair, modernise and refurbish all types of lifts, escalators and moving walkways, not only those from our own product range, but also other lift manufacturers equipment.

Stannah helps people to get on with their lives. Whether it’s a lift at the station, a dumbwaiter at the coffee shop, a passenger lift at the office, a platform lift at the library, an escalator in the shopping centre, a moving walkway at the supermarket, a goods lift at the pub or a stairlift at home – we are there quietly helping life happen.

We design, manufacture, supply and install lifts to help life flow. Our products are quality engineered, safe and reliable and supplied in the knowledge that we can maintain them 24/7 – efficiently via our 11 service branches right across the UK. We take care - to work smartly and above all safely, and appropriately within all our marketplaces. By continually investing in new technologies, new products and our highly trained nationwide workforce, we deliver value-for-money excellence.

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A Stannah wheelchair platform lift supports access in Castle Howard

February 2020

Only a Stannah Stairiser CR (Curved Rail) wheelchair platform lift could help support the mobility requirements of Castle Howard in North Yorkshire—the stately home of the Howard family for over 300 years.

Matthew Nicholson, Head of Commercial Operations at Castle Howard, explains why:

“The previous lift was supplied by an overseas supplier. Whilst it had served us well it had come to the point where it was unreliable and repair parts had become impossible to source. The lift had been in place for many years and with the high volume of paying visitors (+250,000 annually) it was business-critical that we replaced it.”

First for market-leading status, competitive cost and timescale performance

“We approached three main suppliers, including the company who were maintaining the existing lift for us. All of the suppliers had experience in installing stairisers into Grade I-listed buildings. Stannah is recognised as a UK market leader in this area and was the most competitively priced. The schedule of works from point of ordering was also a key issue and Stannah was able to meet our timescales.”

First for bespoke capability

“In keeping with English Heritage guidelines, our conservation architect, curator and the Howard family insisted that no further drill holes were made into the historic and protected Grand Staircase. Stannah was very open to this and installed the lift stanchions to the fixing points of its predecessor. Stannah also closely matched the lift colour with the natural stone walls.”


Client: Castle Howard Estate Limited
Architect: Sir John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor
Internal area: 140,000 square feet
Grounds: 3,561 hectares (8,800 acres); a mix of farmland, woodland and parkland
Visitors per annum: 250,000 and growing


Installed in just a few days, ahead of time and budget—in time for Christmas 2019…

“Whilst we remained open to the public, Stannah rose to the challenge with aplomb and even worked outside normal business hours to ensure minimal disruption to our visitors. The installation was completed ahead of schedule and was crucial to our Christmas operation—our busiest time of year— where we welcomed over 67,000 visitors to the house.”

A 17th-century heritage

Castle Howard is the Grade I-listed ancestral home of the Howard family. Construction began in 1699 and took over 100 years to complete.

Set in sumptuous grounds, the House is accustomed to the limelight when it comes to films and television appearances. These include Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited and, most recently, ITV’s Victoria.

Part of the Treasure Houses of England, this Baroque/Palladian masterpiece is both the family’s private residence and an iconic tourist attraction with over 250,000 visitors per year.

"The installation of the Stannah Stairiser access lift is a vital component in a constant programme of conservation, restoration and maintenance that ensures the House and wider Estate is safeguarded for future generations."

Accessible to All

To cater for visitors of all mobility levels, Castle Howard has a comprehensive accessibility policy. This comprises many elements including car parking, a hearing loop, on-site manual wheelchairs and the Stannah Stairiser CR wheelchair platform lift.

“Accessibility is key to the visitor experience and so the Stannah Stairiser CR has had a huge impact on the enjoyment and ease with which visitors with mobility restriction can experience the wonders of Castle Howard and its collection of art and antiquities.

"Additionally, the lift has taken a great deal of stress away from the staff who welcome the visitors to the House, knowing that they can easily move wheelchair users and mobility restricted guests up to the principal floor of the house."

About the Stannah Stairiser CR

Centre stage when it comes to its role—but appropriately discreet in its presence—this disabled lift takes visitors up the Grand Staircase to the main floor of the House and to most of the rooms.

One of the slimmest wheelchair platform lifts on the market, it provides discreet, efficient movement for mobility compromised people, either one person in a wheelchair or a person seated on the lift seat provided.

The curved rail allows this access lift to navigate the staircase that rises in two stages, with a linking level that lends a natural grace to the incline and where visitors can stop to admire the family portraits lining the walls.

When not in use, the folding platform and barrier arm ensure that the lift compacts away neatly and leaves the stairway free for pedestrian use.

Safe to use

Built-in safety features mean it's impossible to operate the lift until the barrier arms and ramps are folded in place.

Easy to operate

Easy-to-use constant-pressure controls allow the lift-users to operate it independently.

The lift stops automatically at the upper and lower landings and the intuitive controls allow the user to stop the lift at any time.

A Stannah platform lift future-proofs a new home in Somerset

December 2019

A first-hand experience by homeowners, Alan and Christine Wiseman

Making your home accessible for as long as possible is becoming standard practice in the UK. It’s called future-proofing and it’s practical, efficient and affordable, which is why Alan and Christine Wiseman had their new-build Somerset home designed and built around a Stannah Midilift SL vertical platform lift.

Meet the Wisemans

Alan and Christine Wiseman are in their mid-sixties and have lived in rural Dorset since the early 2000s. They retired early from careers in banking and journalism and have enjoyed an active retirement but the remoteness of their Dorset home, coupled with the knowledge that they have no immediate family to help in the event of problems, prompted them to move to an area with more convenient facilities.

Having designed and built their previous home, they felt confident in embarking on a project to build a prefabricated Hanse Haus home from Germany, in conjunction with the firm’s local UK representative. The whole scheme took nearly three years from start to finish, including finding a suitable building plot, obtaining planning permission, designing the house and its infrastructure and overseeing the building work and fitting-out. They moved into the house in August 2019.

The forward-thinking Wisemans thoroughly researched all bases before committing to their new Stannah homelift.

How easy was the lift installation process?

“Because the house itself took much work to complete and because we started with the lift, the process necessarily took many months from start to finish. Despite this, the various staff we dealt with at Stannah were helpful and friendly throughout and guided us smoothly through their often-complex requirements for the lift shaft. Stannah’s engineering team liaised directly with our architect and the building company on all the technical work which was a great help for us. The result was a perfect fit when the installation was carried out, which only took three days to complete because the lift is supplied within its own structure and does not require a shaft or pit.”
What were the design criteria?

“As well as making the house as environmentally friendly as possible, the brief was to ‘future-proof’ it for our later life. Over the years, we have seen many friends and older relatives succumb to disabilities and mobility problems that caused problems for them in accessing the upper floors of their homes. Often, the need for help in getting upstairs came quickly; one day they were fit and able, the next they were unable to use the stairs.

“With a wish to maintain our independence high on our list of priorities, we realised that some form of lift should be an integral part of our house design. It’s fair to say that we started with the lift and then designed the rest of the house around it.”

Isn’t a home lift a bit of a luxury?

“When we told our friends that we were installing an access lift in our new house, there were some raised eyebrows. After all, we are fit and healthy and have no obvious need of a lift now, but we could see that designing this into our home right from the start was entirely sensible. Doing it later on, if or when the need for a lift arose, would involve adapting the house with all the cost and mess this entails. It would also take time to achieve, which is not ideal at the very time there is urgency to provide an aid to accessing the first floor. Doing the job as part of a new-build scheme also has the added attraction of being zero-rated for VAT. For most domestic situations, this is a concession that currently does not apply to retrospective installations.”

Why choose Stannah?

“We investigated alternatives, but the options offered by Stannah made them the front runners for us. As a British company with over 150 years’ experience, Stannah is almost a byword for home lifts and we also knew that they have a strong presence in all lifting products including commercial lift installations. This pedigree was important for us but, crucially, we were able to visit the company’s Andover factory by appointment to see the range of lifts before making our final choice. We found this immensely useful as we could see and experience exactly what we would be getting before making a commitment.”
Why choose the Midilift SL?

“Having made the decision to incorporate a lift, we opted for the hydraulic-drive Midilift SL because it was available in a size that allowed a person in a wheelchair plus carer to travel comfortably in the cabin. It’s a situation we hope will never materialise for us, but it seemed better to allow for a worst-case scenario at the outset.”

Are the Wisemans pleased with the Midilift SL?

“Absolutely delighted. Because we incorporated this domestic lift into our new-build house at an early stage, it fits perfectly and unobtrusively with our décor. Its stylish, modern design and quality of materials are excellent. Bright, concealed lighting, a panoramic fully glazed door at both levels and audible information inspire confidence and actively encourage users to open the door and take a ride. The fact that there is a built-in phone and alarm gives added reassurance.

And those raised eyebrows?

“Once they’ve experienced our Midilift, our friends see the sense in providing for whatever the future might bring.”

Alan and Christine Wiseman—living up to their name by future-proofing their new-build home with a Stannah Midilift platform lift.

As with all Stannah lift products, the Midilift SL vertical platform lift is covered by Stannah’s comprehensive lift service plan, which includes four service visits in the first year, with continued lift maintenance by the South West England and South Wales branch of Stannah Lift Services, part of a nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.
Stannah Midilifts feature in new residential developments and retrofit private homes throughout the UK, for example:

Imperial Green, Kent: a high-specification development of 75, two-, three- and four-bedroom townhouses and apartments.
Tunbridge Wells: a detached, 2-storey, 5-bedroom designer home.
Winchester: a detached, 2-storey family home adapted for the needs of a disabled child.

Midilifts are predominantly used as wheelchair lifts or disabled lifts and are also ideal for public and commercial buildings. There is a half-height gate option and an external model. For full information on the Midilift range: download the brochure.

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