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Suppliers of: Health & Safety Signs, architectural signs, site safety signs, internal signs, healthcare signs, custom made signs, printed signs, vitreous enamel signs, transport signs, site safety signs, hazard signs.

The Stocksigns Group is one of the UK’s leading signage companies. Based in Surrey, the group comprises of three separate business streams. Stocksigns Limited, the leading provider of Health and Safety Signage, First Call Signs providers of temporary signage to the construction industry and Messagemaker Displays, specialists manufacturers and suppliers of LED signs and displays.

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Stocksigns Limited - Health & Safety Signs

At Stocksigns we pride ourselves on our experience across many industries. We’ve successfully managed projects from airports and quarries, to schools and rail projects. We have experience with an extensive range of materials, from vinyl manifestations through to large illuminated monoliths and everything in between. Our staff are full trained to ensure the best advice and guidance for our customers, including newly developed and traditional sign systems.

With Stocksigns 60 years in the signage industry, we can guide you through your project from concept and design, through to manufacture and installation.

Fire Safety Signs:

An extensive range of Fire Safety Signs for all applications & Industries.

Hazard Signs:

A wide range of Hazard Signage for both internal and external locations.

Mandatory Signs:

Reinforce your safety policies and procedures.

Prohibition Signs:

A wide range of signage suited for installation throughout any site or office.

Custom Made Signs:

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our shop, we will be happy to create it for you, whether it’s just one sign or an entire project.


First Call Signs - Temporary Signs

First Call Signs is a leading provider in quality temporary signage for the construction, events and festival industries.

  • Construction site safety & security signs
  • Parking signs
  • Fire security signs
  • First aid signs
  • Noticeboards
  • Events signage
  • Corporate branded signs


Messagemaker - LED signs and displays

Whether you need a simple Scrolling LED Sign or Moving Message LED, a fully approved Variable Message LED Sign or a Programmable LED as a passenger information network, a stunning large format LED Video screen, or anything in between, Messagemaker have a solution for you.

  • Speed and Traffic Management Signs
  • Portable Trailer Message Signs
  • Bespoke and Customised Displays
  • Intelligent Indoor Advertising Screens


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Stocksigns Group Highlighting the Importance of Winter Signage in Cold Months Ahead.

July 2019

Stocksigns Group Highlighting the Importance of Winter Signage in Cold Months Ahead.

To prepare for the inevitable cold rush this season, Surrey-based Stocksigns Group has developed a range of various signage solutions for the winter months ahead to tackle extreme weather conditions. Over the last few years, the weather in the UK has been increasingly volatile, leading to busy roads and car parks being iced over at peak times.
According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips, trips and falls accident increase in the winter months for reasons such as reduced daylight or footpaths covered in wet leaves. These become serious slip hazards which allows ice and snow to build up.

There are effective solutions that can reduce the risk of a slip, trip or accident. Stocksigns provide a wide range of affordable ice and snow signs which can be produced on 1mm rigid plastic, 22swg (0.75mm) aluminium or self-adhesive vinyl to encourage drivers and pedestrians to be more aware of their surroundings in extreme weather.

Icy roads and car parks can prove tricky for both pedestrians and motorists, so signage can play a big part in improving safety for all. A popular product from Stocksigns is their range of temperature reactive ice warning signs. Ideal for car parks, the signs are available in two models; an LED model which with flashing blue lights in icy conditions, and a reflector model which turns from grey to blue to warn of possible icy surfaces.

On a larger scale, Messagemaker Displays, a subdivision of the Stocksigns Group who specialise in LED signage has developed a full colour fixed variable message sign (VMS), which displays the latest traffic information to motorists on roads and highways in real-time. This allows road users to know of occurrences such as road closures, queues ahead and upcoming events in the area, aiding the shortening of journey times to improve the overall travelling experience, especially when weather conditions worsen and driver behaviour is more difficult to anticipate.

Managing Director of the Stocksigns Group, Danny Adamson said “As a leading provider of safety signage to the industry, it is in our best interest to keep members of the public safe in the coming weeks and months when the weather takes a turn for the worse. It is important to make people aware with regards to the methods of coping with ice and snow, while educating others on how to stay conscious of these changing conditions.

“It is vital for warning signs to be eye-catching, so it is no surprise that our temperature reactive ice signs have proved very popular. Both the LED and reflector models are effective ways to indicate freezing temperatures and encourage more precautions to be taken by the individuals in close proximity. This can be a life-saving tool for those working outdoors, any one using a car parks and even those simply walking along footpaths.

Our Messagemaker Displays brand has various sign solutions for the winter months, but also for general accident prevention thereafter. Icy roads, closures and diversions can be communicated instantly to road users with our VMS signs, whether it’s a large-scale screen on the motorway, or a smaller sign for industrial estate roads.
Perhaps sometimes over-looked, signage plays an enormous role in accident prevention. We are committed to improving safety everywhere from the home, to work and on the road.”

To view the full range of safety signage for the cold months ahead, please visit the Stocksigns website here:, and the Messagemaker Displays website here:

Health and Safety Executive Statistics:
Messagemaker Displays:
Messagemaker Displays Clock and Timers:
Messagemaker Displays VMS:
Stocksigns Ice Signage:

Stocksigns Group Putting in Place Regimes to Combat Slips, Trips and Falls

July 2019

Stocksigns Group Putting in Place Regimes to Combat Slips, Trips and Falls

Wintery conditions increase the risk of slips and falls outdoors, leading to potentially serious and life-changing injuries. On a national scale, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report that 31% of all non-fatal injuries are caused as a result of slips, trips or falls on the same floor level. With a reduction in daylight hours over this winter period, outdoor workers need to be more aware of their surroundings.

To combat these statistics, Surrey-based signage specialists Stocksigns Group has a wide range of outdoor construction safety signage in preparation for the weather taking a turn for the worst. Contractors and other people who oversee the control of a construction site must work together to manage the potential risks and eliminate these, allowing people to move safely around the site.

The main causes for slips and trips on these sites include uneven surfaces, obstacles, trailing leads and cables, wet or slippery surfaces and unexpected changes in the flooring level. Implementing the appropriate signage in locations where risks are high is a crucial safety tool to save injuries and even lives.

Many individuals take traditional signage for granted across construction industry, but these are legal requirements by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) which requires employers to protect against these hazards in the workplace. The UK has an aging workforce, as the number of people aged 65 and over is projected to rise by nearly 50 per cent by 2024, and by 2050 a quarter of the UK population will be aged over 65, therefore the preparations for not only this winter, but future harsh weather conditions must be taken now.

Stocksigns Group’s essential hazard signs help alert and warn of potential dangers in and around a site. Hazard signs cover three main areas; Danger, Warning and Caution dependent on the severity of the threat. Made available in aluminium and rigid plastic, the Stocksigns Group range of construction safety signage are fully compliant with ISO 7010. The signage specialists are committee members of the Heath and Safety Sign Association, as well as being an active supporter and partner of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Managing Director of the Stocksigns Group, Danny Adamson said “It’s crucial for both employers and employees to be made aware of the risks when working in treacherous conditions outdoors. We have a duty as signage professionals to guide individuals in making the correct choices when implementing signage around a site, maximising the levels of safety and reducing the potential risks to themselves and others around them.

“We are determined as a business to combat these underlying statistics for accidents in the industry. Many people don’t spot the dangers on a worksite and we feel that it is part of our responsibility at Stocksigns to educate all individuals on a wide array of signage that can prevent serious accidents or worse.”

To view the full range of safety signage for the cold months ahead, please visit the Stocksigns Group website here:

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