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Suppliers of: Health & Safety Signs, architectural signs, site safety signs, internal signs, healthcare signs, custom made signs, printed signs, vitreous enamel signs, transport signs, site safety signs, hazard signs.

The Stocksigns Group is one of the UK’s leading signage companies. Based in Surrey, the group comprises of three separate business streams. Stocksigns Limited, the leading provider of Health and Safety Signage, First Call Signs providers of temporary signage to the construction industry and Messagemaker Displays, specialists manufacturers and suppliers of LED signs and displays.

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Stocksigns Limited - Health & Safety Signs

At Stocksigns we pride ourselves on our experience across many industries. We’ve successfully managed projects from airports and quarries, to schools and rail projects. We have experience with an extensive range of materials, from vinyl manifestations through to large illuminated monoliths and everything in between. Our staff are full trained to ensure the best advice and guidance for our customers, including newly developed and traditional sign systems.

With Stocksigns 60 years in the signage industry, we can guide you through your project from concept and design, through to manufacture and installation.

Fire Safety Signs:

An extensive range of Fire Safety Signs for all applications & Industries.

Hazard Signs:

A wide range of Hazard Signage for both internal and external locations.

Mandatory Signs:

Reinforce your safety policies and procedures.

Prohibition Signs:

A wide range of signage suited for installation throughout any site or office.

Custom Made Signs:

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our shop, we will be happy to create it for you, whether it’s just one sign or an entire project.


First Call Signs - Temporary Signs

First Call Signs is a leading provider in quality temporary signage for the construction, events and festival industries.

  • Construction site safety & security signs
  • Parking signs
  • Fire security signs
  • First aid signs
  • Noticeboards
  • Events signage
  • Corporate branded signs


Messagemaker - LED signs and displays

Whether you need a simple Scrolling LED Sign or Moving Message LED, a fully approved Variable Message LED Sign or a Programmable LED as a passenger information network, a stunning large format LED Video screen, or anything in between, Messagemaker have a solution for you.

  • Speed and Traffic Management Signs
  • Portable Trailer Message Signs
  • Bespoke and Customised Displays
  • Intelligent Indoor Advertising Screens


Further technical information & Assistance is available on our Website or via the BPi Download Libary

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- Stocksigns - Community Signage
Community Signs

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- Stocksigns - Construction Signage
Construction Site Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [4178 KB]

- Stocksigns - Countryside and Agriculture Signage
Countryside signs and Agriculture Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [1675 KB]

- Stocksigns - Custom and Promotional Signage
Custom signs and Promotional Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [3690 KB]

- Stocksigns - Disability and Equality Signage
Disability signs and Equality Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [2398 KB]

- Stocksigns - Education Signage
Education Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [3269 KB]

- Stocksigns - Fire Safety Signs
Fire Safety Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [14665 KB]

- Stocksigns - First Aid Safety Posters Signage
First Aid Safety Posters Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [13899 KB]

- Stocksigns - Freestanding Signage
Freestanding Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [2108 KB]

- Stocksigns - Hazard and Warning Signage
Hazard signs and Warning Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [7966 KB]

- Stocksigns - Hazardous Substances Signs
Hazard Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [4431 KB]

- Stocksigns - Informational Signage
Informational Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [2805 KB]

- Stocksigns - Mandatory Signage
Mandatory Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [6520 KB]

- Stocksigns - Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs
Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [4956 KB]

- Stocksigns - Prestige Corporate Signage
Corporate Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [1096 KB]

- Stocksigns - Prohibition Signage
Prohibition Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [4843 KB]

- Stocksigns - Recycling Signage
Recycling Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [4061 KB]

- Stocksigns - Security and CCTV Signage
Security signs and CCTV Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [2573 KB]

- Stocksigns - Supported Living Signage
Supported Living Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [2833 KB]

- Stocksigns - Traffic and Car Park Signage
Traffic signs and Car Park Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [5078 KB]

- Stocksigns - Window Signage
Window Signage Window Signs

Published [23/11/18]File size [1107 KB]

Messagemaker - Highway approved Vehicle Activated Signs VAS 2018
Messagemaker - Highway approved Vehicle Activated Signs. Speed Check Signs Highways approved

Published [22/11/18]File size [439 KB]

Messagemaker - TFO series outdoor matrix display leaflet 2018
Messagemaker - TFO series outdoor matrix display signs

Published [22/11/18]File size [371 KB]

Messagemaker - ANPR leaflet 2018
Messagemaker - ANPR leaflet Numberplate recognition cameras Speed cameras ANPR Speed camera

Published [22/11/18]File size [463 KB]

Messagemaker - Indoor displays Cruz Leaflet
Messagemaker - Indoor displays Cruz Leaflet LED Advertising displays LED Displays LED signs

Published [22/11/18]File size [2481 KB]

Messagemaker - Large Full Colour LED Screens & Displays
Large Full Colour LED Screens & LED Displays

Published [22/11/18]File size [2268 KB]

Messagemaker - LED car park Signs leaflet 2018
Messagemaker - LED car park Signs LED Car parking signs Car park capacity displays

Published [22/11/18]File size [359 KB]

Messagemaker - Single line tickers leaflet 2018
Messagemaker - Single line tickers leaflet LED Displays LED signs

Published [22/11/18]File size [426 KB]

Messagemaker - Spec sheet indoor / outdoor tickers 2018
Messagemaker - Spec sheet indoor / outdoor tickers Ticker display signs Ticker displays

Published [22/11/18]File size [105 KB]

Messagemaker - Variable Message Sign Trailers VMS trailer leaflet 2018
Messagemaker - Variable Message Sign Trailers VMS Traffic Displays

Published [22/11/18]File size [486 KB]

Messagemaker - Vehicle Activated Speed Signs VAS leaflet 2018
Messagemaker - Vehicle Activated Speed Signs VAS Speed checker

Published [22/11/18]File size [430 KB]

BARRIERS Expanding .
BARRIERS Parking .
BARRIERS Post and Chain .
BARRIERS Queue Management .
BARRIERS Temporary .
BARRIERS Temporary Hazard .
CAR PARK Lane Marking Tapes .
CAR PARK Signs .
COSHH Safety Information Supplies .
DISPLAY BOARDS LED Text Display Signs .
DISPLAY BOARDS LED Text Display Signs Tickers
DOOR PLATES Pictograph Symbol Signs .
DOOR SIGNS Aluminium .
DOOR SIGNS Braille .
DOOR SIGNS Pictograph Symbols .
DOOR SIGNS Stainless Steel .
DOOR SIGNS Tactile Symbol .
FLAGS Customised .
FLAGS National .
FLAGSTAFFS Cone Tapered .
FLAGSTAFFS Glassfibre (GRP) .
HAZARD Marking Tapes .
HAZARD Signs .
HEALTH and SAFETY Visual Aids .
LABELS Hazard Warning .
LABELS Purpose Made .
LABELS Self-Adhesive .
LABELS Tamper Evident .
LINE MARKING Equipment .
MIRRORS Industrial .
MIRRORS Search .
MIRRORS Security .
MIRRORS Surveillance .
MIRRORS Traffic .
NOTICE BOARDS Educational Establishments .
NOTICE BOARDS Exterior External
NOTICE BOARDS Fire Resistant Flame Retardant
NOTICE BOARDS Illuminated .
NOTICE BOARDS Illuminated Motion Activated
NOTICE BOARDS Interior Internal
NOTICE BOARDS Natural Wood Framed .
NOTICE BOARDS Post Mounted Freestanding
NOTICE BOARDS Purpose Made Bespoke
NOTICE BOARDS Wall Mounted .
PIPE Identification Tapes .
ROAD Marking Signs .
ROAD Marking Systems .
SERVICE PIPES Underground Tape Visual Warning
SIGN Fixing Bands .
SIGN Letters/Lettering .
SIGN Letters/Lettering Anodised Aluminium
SIGN Letters/Lettering Brass
SIGN Letters/Lettering MDF
SIGN Letters/Lettering Moulded Acrylic
SIGN Letters/Lettering Polystyrene
SIGN Letters/Lettering PVC Self Adhesive
SIGN Letters/Lettering Stainless Steel
SIGN Letters/Lettering Vinyl
SIGN Plates .
SIGNS A-Board .
SIGNS Acrylic .
SIGNS Aisle Marking .
SIGNS Aluminium Powder Coated
SIGNS Aluminium Purpose Made
SIGNS Aluminium Vinyl Laminate Finish
SIGNS Anodised Aluminium .
SIGNS Anti-Slip .
SIGNS Architectural .
SIGNS Banner .
SIGNS Banner Pole Cast Iron
SIGNS Barrier Combined .
SIGNS Braille .
SIGNS Braille Customised
SIGNS Braille Standard
SIGNS Brewery .
SIGNS BS 4281 .
SIGNS BS 5378 .
SIGNS BS 5499 PART 1 1990 .
SIGNS Car Park .
SIGNS Car Park LED Display
SIGNS Car Park LED Display EN 12966
SIGNS Cast Metal .
SIGNS Cast Metal Illuminated
SIGNS Cast Metal Purpose Made
SIGNS Chewing Gum .
SIGNS Clear View .
SIGNS Clip-Frame .
SIGNS Commemorative Plaques .
SIGNS Construction Site .
SIGNS Corporate .
SIGNS Countryside and Agricultural .
SIGNS Custom Made .
SIGNS Cut Out Letters .
SIGNS Decorative .
SIGNS Desk .
SIGNS Digital Graphics .
SIGNS Digital Signage Digital Display
SIGNS Digital Signage Media Screens
SIGNS Digital Signage Media Screens Outdoor Applications IP 67
SIGNS Directional .
SIGNS Directional Arms .
SIGNS Directional Arms Cast Aluminium
SIGNS Directional Arms Cast Iron
SIGNS Directory .
SIGNS Disability .
SIGNS Display Message Board Purpose Made Customised
SIGNS Dog Home Office Regs. 1987
SIGNS Dog Not Allowed
SIGNS Door Handle .
SIGNS Dry Wipe .
SIGNS Dual Language .
SIGNS EC Council Directive 92/58/EEC .
SIGNS Education .
SIGNS Electrical Safety .
SIGNS Electronic .
SIGNS Emergency Exit .
SIGNS Emergency Exit Illuminated
SIGNS Encapsulation .
SIGNS Engraved .
SIGNS Entrance .
SIGNS Entrance Feature
SIGNS Environmental .
SIGNS Escape Route .
SIGNS Escape Route Luminous
SIGNS Etched .
SIGNS Exhibition Displays .
SIGNS Exit Self Illuminating
SIGNS External .
SIGNS Factory .
SIGNS Fingerposts .
SIGNS Fingerposts Aluminium
SIGNS Fingerposts Aluminium Powder Coated
SIGNS Fingerposts Cast Iron
SIGNS Fingerposts Purpose Made
SIGNS Fire Assembly Point .
SIGNS Fire Emergency Exit .
SIGNS Fire Emergency Exit BS 5266
SIGNS Fire Emergency Exit Photoluminescent
SIGNS Fire Equipment .
SIGNS Fire Equipment BS 5499:2002 Part 1 Luminous
SIGNS Fire Safety .
SIGNS Fire Safety BS 5499:2002 Part 1
SIGNS Fire Safety HTM 65
SIGNS Fire Safety Luminous
SIGNS First Aid .
SIGNS Forecourt .
SIGNS Freestanding .
SIGNS Frosted Glass Appearance .
SIGNS Glass Door .
SIGNS Hardwood .
SIGNS Hazard Warning .
SIGNS Hazard Warning Blank Format
SIGNS Hazardous Area Plan Kits .
SIGNS Hazchem Panel .
SIGNS Health .
SIGNS Highstreet Retail and Commercial .
SIGNS Hotel .
SIGNS Hygiene .
SIGNS Illuminated .
SIGNS Illuminated LED Lighting
SIGNS Illuminated Neon Tubing
SIGNS Illuminated Purpose Made
SIGNS Industrial .
SIGNS Interchangeable System .
SIGNS Internal Interior .
SIGNS Laboratory .
SIGNS Large Scale LED Screens .
SIGNS Leisure .
SIGNS Life Saving .
SIGNS Light Box Digital Prints .
SIGNS Luminous .
SIGNS Magnetic .
SIGNS Maintenance .
SIGNS Mandatory .
SIGNS Mandatory BS 5378
SIGNS Mandatory BS 5499:1990 Part 1
SIGNS Mandatory EC Council Directive 92/58/EEC
SIGNS Mandatory Purpose Made
SIGNS Marker Post .
SIGNS Memorial Plaques .
SIGNS Mobile Variable Message .
SIGNS Modular Systems .
SIGNS Monolithic .
SIGNS Multi Lingual .
SIGNS Nameplate .
SIGNS Numbers .
SIGNS Oak Framed .
SIGNS Office .
SIGNS Pedestal .
SIGNS Petrol Forecourt .
SIGNS Photoluminescent .
SIGNS Photoluminescent BS 5499 Part 4
SIGNS Photoluminescent Class 1
SIGNS Point of Sale .
SIGNS Polycarbonate .
SIGNS Portable .
SIGNS Post and Panel .
SIGNS Post Mounted .
SIGNS Poster .
SIGNS Prohibition .
SIGNS Prohibition Blank Format
SIGNS Prohibition BS 5378:1980 Part 1
SIGNS Projecting Signs .
SIGNS Public Houses/Breweries .
SIGNS Public Information .
SIGNS Purpose Made Bespoke Signage .
SIGNS Quality Control .
SIGNS Recycling Information .
SIGNS Reflective .
SIGNS Retail .
SIGNS Road Warning .
SIGNS Safety .
SIGNS Safety Aluminium
SIGNS Safety Brass
SIGNS Safety BS 5378:1980 Part 1
SIGNS Safety BS 5499:1980 Part 1
SIGNS Safety Cones 1981 Traffic and Signs Act
SIGNS Safety Double Sided
SIGNS Safety Dual Language
SIGNS Safety EC Council Directive 92/58/EEC
SIGNS Safety Explosive Atmosphere
SIGNS Safety Factory Notice
SIGNS Safety Foreign Language
SIGNS Safety Health and Safety Regs. 1996
SIGNS Safety Ionizing Radiation Regs.
SIGNS Safety Luminous
SIGNS Safety Maritime 1974 Solas Convention/
SIGNS Safety National Water Safety Signs:1987 BS 5499-11
SIGNS Safety No Smoking
SIGNS Safety Noise at Work Regs. 1989
SIGNS Safety Plastic
SIGNS Safety Polycarbonate
SIGNS Safety Poster
SIGNS Safety Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Signage
SIGNS Safety Self-Adhesive Plastic
SIGNS Safety Self-Adhesive Vinyl
SIGNS Safety Site Survey Service
SIGNS Safety Smoking
SIGNS Safety Tactile
SIGNS Safety Temporary
SIGNS Safety Tie on
SIGNS Safety Way Guidance
SIGNS Scaffolding Detachable
SIGNS School .
SIGNS Security .
SIGNS Security Camera .
SIGNS Self Adhesive .
SIGNS Self Adhesive Door and Window Glazing Interior Application
SIGNS Shop Fitting .
SIGNS Shopping Centres .
SIGNS Site .
SIGNS Site Marking Dangerous Substances Regs. 1990
SIGNS Sliding Indicator .
SIGNS Smoking Area .
SIGNS Smoking Ban .
SIGNS Spectacular .
SIGNS Speed Ramp Caution
SIGNS Stainless Steel .
SIGNS Stanchion .
SIGNS Street Signs .
SIGNS Street Signs Street Furniture
SIGNS Street Signs Street Nameplates
SIGNS Supermarket .
SIGNS Supported Living/Care Home .
SIGNS Suspended .
SIGNS Tactile .
SIGNS Tactile Danger BS 7280
SIGNS Temporary Barrier .
SIGNS Traffic .
SIGNS Traffic BS 873
SIGNS Traffic Temporary
SIGNS Traffic Trailer Mounted Temporary Roadside Information LED Screens
SIGNS Traffic Vehicle Activated Signs Highway Agency Certified EN 12966
SIGNS Traffic Vehicle Activated Speed Signs
SIGNS Vandal Resistant .
SIGNS Vehicle .
SIGNS Verge Marking Traffic Signs Regs 1994
SIGNS Vinyl Graphics .
SIGNS Vitreous Enamel .
SIGNS Wall Plaques .
SIGNS Wallplate .
SIGNS Water Safety .
SIGNS Wayfinding .
SIGNS Wayfinding Purpose Made
SIGNS Window Self-Adhesive .
SIGNS Workplace Warehouse
SIGNS Works Traffic .
SITE Advertising Boards Professional
STENCILS Sign Marking .
TAPES Barrier .
TAPES Electrical Insulating .
TAPES Floor Marking .
TAPES Hazard Warning .
TAPES Identification .
TAPES Packaging .
TAPES Reflective .
TAPES Self Adhesive .
TAPES Underground Warning Trench Warning Tape
TRAFFIC Cone Reflectors, Rotating
TRAFFIC Cone Safety Signs
TRAFFIC Cones BS 873:Part 8 D2
TRAFFIC Signs .See Also SIGNS: Traffic
VEHICLE Signplates Dangerous Substance Marking
VEHICLE Signplates Rear Marker BS.AU 152
VEHICLE Signs Self Adhesive
WHEEL Clamp Warning Labels
WHEEL Clamp Warning Signs
BEE RAMPS Speed Ramp
CRUZ LED Displays
CURVETECH Raised Profile Signs
E111 Outdoor LED Advertising Messaging Screens
EASYLINE Line Marking System
GUARDIAN Barrier Systems
HILUME Photoluminescent Safety Material
LITE 11 LED Advertising Messaging Display Screens
PERIMETER SERIES Outdoor LED Advertising Messaging Screens
PLUS SERIES Outdoor LED Advertising Messaging Screens
SCOTCHLITE Road Marking System
SPEED STOP SYSTEM Traffic Calming ANPR Systems
TENSACONE Barrier System
TENSATOR Barrier System
VISION SERIES Outdoor LED Advertising Messaging Screens

Messagemaker Displays Highlighting the Importance of Road Signage

November 2018

Messagemaker Displays Highlighting the Importance of Road Signage for Speed Awareness Week:

As more vehicles are venturing out onto British roads each year, health and safety precautions are becoming of paramount importance across all industries. On 20 miles per hour roads, 81% of car drivers exceed the speed limit, with 44% of these exceeding 25 miles per hour. Similarly on 30 miles per hour roads in built-up towns and cities, 53% of car drivers exceed 30mph, with 19% of drivers exceeding 35mph, leading to local communities expecting this trend is set to continue as the population grows at an alarming rate.

Combatting these statistics to make British roads a safer place, Surrey-based Messagemaker Displays, a subdivision of the Stocksigns Group has developed a range of electronic speed reduction safety signs which have been installed on numerous roads outside schools across Wales. Following a pledge by the Welsh Traffic Minister, Messagemaker Displays rose to the challenge to supply remote programmable speed reduction signs to reduce the speed limit of local roads surrounding schools to 20 miles per hour, during school start and finish times.

These LED signs are designed to protect parents and schoolchildren alike in areas of heavy traffic during peak hours. Implementing speed reduction safety signs has a positive influence on the driver’s behaviour when compared to the traditional speed camera. Anecdotally, the introduction of these signs across Wales significantly altered driving behaviour in local communities, as drivers were made more socially aware of their speed and their surroundings for the long-term future.

Between the 19th and 25th November 2018, Messagemaker Displays is participating in the national Road Safety Week, which aims to inspire thousands of schools, organisations and communities to act on road safety and promote crucial life-saving messages. As part of raising awareness, Messagemaker Displays are highlighting the importance of road safety signage as part of their newly developed website through their news section.

Managing Director of the Stocksigns Group, Danny Adamson said “As sign-specialists in the industry, it is our duty to support the local community by raising awareness for an important cause. Having raised awareness for our national partnered charity, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA /, we are re-enforcing the importance of speed signs as the safety of children and families are important to us. We are proud to have had such a positive influence in the local schools across Wales with students and parents alike.

“The magic of these safety signs is that it can be remotely configured. The optics for this new generation of signage are fully compliant with EN 12966 and have a narrower, yet brighter beam which reduces light pollution in adjacent buildings and houses. These LED signs have 128 displays of brightness to suit all conditions from broad daylight to night time. Using 3G modems, it allows the user to remotely set sign parameters and for retrieval of collected speed data. This is fantastic for local schools and communities as the effectiveness of the speed limits and signs can be monitored and assessed.”

To view the latest developments for the signage industry, please visit the Messagemaker Displays website here:

Putting a STOP to sign Vandalism

November 2018

Putting a STOP to sign Vandalism:

f all graffiti could be as artistic as Banksy, people might not have such a problem with it. Unfortunately, a lot of graffiti is rude, unsettling or just unsightly and it is something that should be abolished. Graffiti can ruin the family friendly feel of villages or the feeling of safety in cities and is associated with crime and bad behaviour.

The cost of vandalism…

Beyond this, vandalism can destroy personal, company and local government property. Even if the attacked item is not destroyed, it nonetheless is very inconvenient and costly to remove. Network Rail spends approximately £5million per year cleaning up graffiti, while the London Underground spends close to a staggering £10million per year, proving that vandalism is a huge problem. Markings that obscure the purpose of the sign can be dangerous so it is essential that the messages of road signs or warnings are clear to the public.

At the Stocksigns Group we aim to reduce the inconvenience and cost associated with graffiti by offering signage that is graffiti and permanent marker resistant. These qualities are particularly useful as removing graffiti rapidly has been shown to help reduce the likelihood of re-offending, as vandals thrive off the chance to showcase their work.

How can graffiti resistant products help…

Although no sign can claim to be completely damage proof, we offer a wide range of graffiti resistant products. One of these products is Vitreous Enamel, a product that has been present for over 100 years and is renowned as one of the most hard-wearing, vandal resistant signage options.

The process of creating a Vitreous Enamel sign involves the fusion of an image onto glass coated steel in a furnace at temperatures up to 800oC, creating a sign with a lifespan of over 40 years. The finished sign has a high quality, vibrant, lustrous finish with fire retardant and fade resistant qualities,making them a popular choice for places where signs need to be long lasting in harsh environments.

Stocksigns can also supply a range of durable signs which provide many of the benefits of Vitreous Enamel. With vibrant colours, hard-wearing coatings and various metal options, they are robust and convenient vandal resistant signage and will last for over 10 years.
Extend the life of your signs…

Keen to offer products that are suitable for all applications, Stocksigns can also apply a protective overlay film (POF) on the majority of standard signs to extend the lifespan by up to 3 years. These are commonly used on construction sites and around local communities as the POF creates a surface which can be easily cleaned to rid graffiti with the use of specialist graffiti remover or just a simple microfiber cloth and water or acetone.

Managing Director of the Stocksigns Group, Danny Adamson said, “Vandalism always poses problems in society, so we aim to maintain and discourage damage to signage with our range of vandal resistant solutions, suitable for all levels of requirements. Recovering signs from incidences of graffiti creates a much longer lifespan making them more cost efficient. Speed of removal also decreases time spent cleaning and restoring signage, diverting staff resources and money back to areas that require them.”

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