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COBA Flooring (the specialist commercial flooring division of COBA Europe Ltd) are a UK based manufacturer and supplier of flooring products. As part of the dynamic COBA International group of companies you can be rest assured that you are dealing with a professional, global name in the business and one that has many years’ experience in the floor matting industry.

Our knowledgeable staff work closely with our clients and their partners throughout every phase of the specification and purchasing process. Through innovation and design/manufacturing expertise, we can very often support projects by providing cost-effective value engineered flooring solutions for a range of environments.

We are here to help you every step of the way in delivering you the perfect flooring solution.

Our range includes:

  • Barrier Matting - Our extensive range of barrier mats, are used by private and commercial buildings to prevent slips, trips and reduce cleaning costs. Our entrance matting systems are available in Aluminium, Carpet and PVC Tiled.

  • Logo Mats - Logo mats allow you to present your company’s brand logo and/or key messaging at that crucial point where visitors cross the threshold to your business. It is about first impressions and first impressions are always the most memorable.
  • Flooring - Our flooring range includes external and internal floorcovering options for commercial and industrial environments.
  • GRP Flooring - Our COBAGRiP GRP flooring range includes GRP sheets, GRP stair treads and GRP stair nosing, all are available in a selection of sizes. GRP products are a very effective underfoot safety solution for internal and external flooring. Applications include; walkways, ramps, stairs, factory floors and industrial floors.
  • Workplace Matting - Our working mats product range includes anti-fatigue matting and slip resistant mats to suit a wide variety of budgets and needs.
  • Entrance Mats - We have one of the widest ranges of indoor and outdoor entrance mats. Ideal for all seasons and applications, from heavy-duty to domestic entrance mats. Our range includes contemporary and traditional designs to suit most budgets, with options in a wide variety of sizes, colours and wear grades for indoor and outdoor dirt/moisture control.
  • Floor Tapes & Paints - Our range of floor and barrier tapes are an easy, yet effective visual aid for clearly highlighting areas of danger, or for the demarcation of specific zones. Within this category, we also offer anti-slip products for stairs and tiled floors.
  • Rubber Sheeting - A complete range of quality rubber sheet material for countless applications. There are eight options of sheeting rubber, including; Food Quality White Rubber Sheet, Para Shotblast Rubber, Commercial Black Rubber and EPDM Rubber. 
  • ESD Matting & Equipment - we have a wide range of industry tested ESD matting, ESD floor mats and accessories to protect you and your electronic components against the harmful effects of static electricity.
  • Mats for Leisure - We have a wide range of options that reflect our experience in this sector; Hygienic anti-slip matting for swimming pools and changing rooms, quality gym matting and Critical Fall Height tested rubber safety matting for playgrounds give just a flavour of what’s on offer. We also supply a range of equestrian rubber matting for use in stables and equine wash down areas.
  • PVC Strip Curtains – Our PVC Strip Curtains are used for internal and external thermal partitions, as a barrier against fumes, dust or flying insects, birds etc. The range includes a strip curtain specifically developed as welding bay curtains. Our welding curtain meets specification EN1598 and can cope with temperatures -15ºC to +50ºC.

Clear PVC door strips from our range can also be used to reduce noise levels between factory production areas and in warehouses. Within the range there are products suitable for use as industrial plastic curtains, ideal for demanding conditions and where forklifts are in use Our range of PVC Strip Curtains are made from high quality, low toxic, Cadmium free PVC material offering extremely good clarity and consistency of colour and dimensional tolerances. 

Where possible, we like to incorporate the use of recycled materials into our product offering. There are recycled product options in many of our categories to support this.


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Further technical information and guidance is available on the Coba Flooring Website Systems website or via the BPi download Library.

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An Education About Entrance Matting for Schools

February 2020

From pre-schools up to universities, when there is a large amount of footfall in and out of a building, it’s important to get the right entrance matting that can not only handle and endure the constant footfall of student’s feet but also be safe and prevent hazards such as slipping. Not all educational buildings require the same sort of matting, but there are some traits required for entrance matting across all schools. We have entrance matting that caters for different types of schools, helping to maintain a safe environment for students.

Safety and Aluminium
Safety is a huge factor for schools irrespective of age of student. Nurseries and primary schools (those with younger children) need even greater care – after all, children are notoriously accident-prone, especially as they enter or leave or building. An effective entrance matting system can help to make floors safer. Sometimes schools shy away from custom-made systems as they are used to seeing aluminium entrance matting and those with younger children, sometimes feel that a softer surface is preferable.

At COBA Flooring, we have a number of entrance mats that can combat this dilemma. We have the Premier range of PVC entrance tiles for example. One option within this range is Premier Rib. The PVC base tile is made from 100% recycled PVC and it has ribbed rubber inserts for slip-resistance – it can be used at the point of entry and is slip-resistant, making it ideal for schools with younger children. Of course, this can be supplemented by other carpet surface mats such as Premier Plus Tiles, or one of our huge range of loose lay entrance mats.

Size, Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance
With busy buildings such as schools, colleges and universities, it’s important to be able to get entrance matting that is easy to maintain. It should also be taken into account that the bigger the school, the larger the entrance matting will have to be in terms of floor coverage. It also needs to be sufficiently durable to cope with the foot traffic.

Dudley College took advantage of our Premier Track tiles. With the ability to link together to cover all floor sizes, the tile system helps to make floors safer through increased slip resistance and makes for easy installation, cleaning, moving or replacing.

Professional and Attractive
It is also important for the entrance matting to look professional, attractive and suit the appearance of the rest of the school.

Here at COBA Flooring, we are able to provide a number of different entrance matting styles. These include the versatile Plan.a, which is available with three different surface options, such as Alba and Needlepunch inserts or a PVC scraper.

Entrance matting doesn’t have to just be in dark colours such as black, blue or grey. We offer a range of matting that can come in all sorts of colours.

Logo Mats
While Logomats are attractive and can prove to add a professional look to your building, standard loose lay Logomats are generally more suited to medium-duty use. However, we do also offer Logomat Precision, a heavy-duty option for entrances subjected to more rigorous wear and tear, which is a premium custom-made to order entrance mat product.

It is important that educational buildings also have the right entrance matting in order to not only effectively remove dirt and moisture from entering the building, but to also prevent health and safety hazards such as slipping and tripping.

The City of Glasgow College ordered our Plan.a entrance matting which is ideal for heavy amounts of traffic, but the college also took advantage of COBA’s ability to integrate an inlaid, custom-printed Logomat into the system. The result was an entrance that was both practical and professional.

From pre-schools up to universities, educational buildings are very busy environments that maintain a stream of heavy footfall each day, so it is important to choose an entrance matting that is not only professional and attractive but also safe and easy to install and maintain. COBA Flooring has a number of entrance matting systems that are ideal for the education sector. If you would like to shop the range, please visit our website for more information at

Alba Carpet for Leicester City Football Club

January 2020

Client: Leicester City Football Club
Address: Leicester City Football Club, King Power Stadium, Filbert Way
Date Installed: August 2019
Product: Alba Blue
Area Covered: 90m²
Application: Entrance areas

We recently supplied and installed 90m² of blue Alba carpet at Leicester City Football Club. The carpet was installed at the players tunnel entrance on to the pitch, to cope with football boot studs.

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