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Since our establishment in 1903 we have become experts in hardwood flooring. With so many years under our belt Atkinson & Kirby have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at our finger tips and have supplied floors for a variety of projects including residential, hospitality and retail. Over the years we have experimented with various types and styles of wood in order to bring you the finest offerings in hardwood flooring.


We have worked closely with architects for a number of years on a variety of projects, from large scale commercial developments to domestic properties. With a range of products in solid, engineered or vinyl construction and different finishes to work with current trends. Our flooring experts ensure we have the right range and products to meet your specification needs.

Our product range includes: 

And all of our ranges come in a variety of different grades to meet your demands:

Atkinson & Kirby understand that you need an intelligently selected range of wood flooring options, for the freedom to achieve exactly the right aesthetic for every project. And with our huge variety of finishes we are confident you can find exactly what you are looking for:


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Urban Hermitage by Spheron Architects - Concept Flooring Range

August 2018

Project - Urban Hermitage
Product - Concept
Location - London
Installed by - Ashville Inc.

Leading flooring manufacturer Atkinson & Kirby has helped to recreate the tranquil ambience of a “remote monastery in Belgium” in a domestic studio flat in the heart of Clapham, London.

The Urban Hermitage project, designed by Spheron Architects and executed by Ashville Inc., is a 26 sqm room adapted for an artist to live and work in.

Completed in 2016, the micro apartment/studio is simply a single room on the first floor of a Victorian semi-detached house, but has been transformed to an open-plan, contemporary room to act as a tranquil space to remove the owner from the busy hustle and bustle of London life.

Atkinson & Kirby supplied its Concept range of flooring, which is made in the UK, for the Urban Hermitage project, which helped to add depth and character to the room. Styled using wall to ceiling mirrors, light wood cabinets and white net curtains, the studio epitomises the simplicity and tranquillity of a religious retreat.

A spokesperson for Spheron Architects said: “Our client is very pleased with the final outcome of the project, as they feel the compact room has been transformed into a space which encapsulates the feeling of remoteness, creating a secluded haven in a busy urban setting”.

Zara Prescott, Communications Executive for Atkinson & Kirby said: “We are thrilled with the final outcome of the Urban Hermitage project. The Concept range of flooring chosen by Ashville Inc. has really helped to add warmth to the room, and the high-quality finish of the product means it will stand the test of time”.

For more information on this project or any of our ranges please visit our website at or alternatively contact us on tel: 01695 573234 to discuss your specific requirements


July 2018

With a variety of flooring finishes available, it's important to weigh up the options and decide on the best flooring design and style for your specific application, particularly at the early planning stages of the project.

When considering hardwood flooring, the choice of finish can have a major impact on the overall look and feel of the flooring, which is crucial when providing a premium service for a client.

There are three coatings available for hardwood flooring; lacquered, UV oiled or natural oiled. Alternatively, solid boards can also be supplied unfinished for finishing in situ, whilst a textured and 'craft look' can be added to boards with a brushed or handscraped finish.

Lacquered finish is a perfect addition to hardwood flooring, in that it can provide a protective hardwearing layer that can be applied in production, making fitting a quick and simple task. Unfortunately, lacquered finished floors can't be spot cleaned, so consider whether the space will have a lot of footfall, as any scratches or marks means the floor must be sanded again and re-lacquered.

A natural oil finish is firstly applied in the factory process, and a second coat is applied during installation, so this means the process is much more time intensive. The oils are allowed to cure into the wood and so become part of the flooring. This means that the floor becomes more durable. Floors with this finish must also be regularly maintained with special soap and regularly re-oiled to keep its stunning look, but the overall maintenance of scratches and marks can be easily removed and buffed out to look as good as new.

A UV oil finish is applied in production making it quick and easy to install. The oils sit in a thin flexible layer on the surface of the wood similar to a lacquer. As the top layer is flexible UV oiled floors are more difficult to scratch and flake. In addition the low gloss level of UV oiled floors makes scratched harder to notice. The maintenance of UV oiled floors is the same as for natural oil.

Brushed and handscraped finishes are perfect to really bring out the natural look of wood flooring. A brushed finish is designed to highlight the grain in the timber, and has a much more rustic, textured finish. Handscraped goes one step further to really bring out this textured look, and emphasises the aged appearance of the floor. A particularly popular addition to more traditional properties, this is a perfect addition for clients looking to create the look of an aged floor, without years of wear and tear.

Finally, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are available as an alternative to hardwood flooring, and are much cheaper than the previous options. LVT is perfect if you are looking to create the look of wooden floors in your home without using real wood. LVT that has a 'registered in emboss' finish adds a textural dimension to give the look and feel of real wood.

For more information on our products please visit our website at or call us today on: 01695 573234

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