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Westpile are a leading Piling Contractor for the UK construction industry with a wealth of experience and can provide vital technical assistance in all areas of piling and drilling.

Our aim is to meet the needs of our clients by offering intelligent solutions at all stages of a project. Bringing the knowledge of a specialist contractor into the project team at an early stage results in cost certainty and Westpile are keen to be involved as early as possible.

Westpile has long been renowned for its expertise in Rotary and CFA Piling and its innovative approach to the design and construction of retaining walls.

We offer bespoke piling solutions designed in house and constructed by our site teams.

Having access to a large fleet of rigs enables Westpile to offer a broad range of piling techniques and services.

Bored Piling:

Cased Flight Auger Piling

Cased CFA piling was developed to improve on traditional CFA techniques and to be able to offer certain benefits of rotary bored piling without the loss of production that would historically have been the case.

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piling

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling was introduced into the United Kingdom in 1966 by Westpile. Our long experience of this system has shown it to be a speedy and cost effective method of bored piling.

Rotary Piling

Rotary bored techniques offe a larger range of pile diameters and depths than any other piling method; permit pile construction through particularly stiff or hard strata; offer concrete placement to below commencing surface level and can allow inspection of the pile during construction.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining Walls

Westpile can design and construct all types of piled retaining walls, using either CFA, Cased CFA or traditional rotary methods.

Contiguous Piled Walls

Contiguous walls can be installed in water bearing soils so long as the water is managed during the temporary and permanent phases of the project.

Secant Bored Piled Walls

Secant piled walls are predominately constructed so that the female piles contain lower strength material than the concrete in the male piles. Walls are installed as hard/firm or hard/soft depending upon the specified requirements for the secant wall and the basement lining wall.

Restricted Access Piling

Westpile has a fleet of rigs that provide the capability to install piles in a number of restricted working conditions.

Please contact us for any further information.


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Westpile Deliver Geotechnical Package at Devonshire Park, Eastbourne

November 2018

Main Contractor: VINCI Construction UK
Consulting Engineer: EDGE Structures


Devonshire Park, with its rich history stretching back over 140 years, has long been an attraction within Eastbourne and the surrounding region. Home to a variety of leisure activities, the area has undergone several transformations, the latest being a £54m redevelopment, which will put Eastbourne on the map as a top cultural, sporting and conference destination.

The new Welcome Building will provide a fully accessible entrance to the Congress Theatre, two new large conference spaces, a central box office, hospitality areas and a coffee and wine bar with views across the tennis lawns to the International Tennis Centre.

Planning and Pre-Construction

Westpile was appointed by VINCI Construction UK to deliver the geotechnical package for the scheme. During the pre-construction phase it was evident that restricted nature of the site and the location of the adjacent properties would play a key role in determining sequencing and rig selection.

The secant piles positions were in close proximity to the Grade II listed buildings and in addition to this, an exclusion zone, applied by the International Lawn Tennis Centre, had to be adhered to. The team had to select a CFA rig that could still construct the required pile size and depth, without adversely affecting the buildings, or infringing on the exclusion zone.

Initial proposals included forming all the piles from a single piling platform level over the course of one visit. However, it soon became apparent that this approach would constrain the subsequent construction of the basement structure and therefore a two-phase programme was adopted.

The secant pile wall was designed as a cantilever in the temporary condition, to enable unrestricted access for the bulk dig prior to the second phase of piling works.
Devonshire Park, Eastbourne CGI
Westpile piling at Devonshire Park, Eastbourne

Piling Construction

Phase one of the project saw the team construct a secant piled retaining wall and a small number bearing piles during a four-month visit. The wall, 255m in length with a maximum retained height of 4.2m, was formed using the following piles:

56m of 750mm diameter CFA piles
199m of 600mm diameter CFA piles

In addition to the wall, the team installed four 600mm diameter CFA piles, providing support for a tower crane base and three 450mm diameter CFA tension piles, all bored to a depth of 13m. During this first phase of works, the secant piles were sequenced in a way that allowed for a seven-day suspension of piling operations so not to impede on the prestigious Eastbourne International Tennis tournament.

Following the construction of secant wall, the capping beam and bulk dig were undertaken by the main contractor and a piling mat was installed ready for phase two. The second visit saw the operation move to inside the basement and consisted of the installation of 87 CFA tension piles, with a diameter of 450mm and an average depth of 10m.

Westpile Appoint New Design Manager

June 2018

Westpile Appoint New Design Manager
Westpile has strengthened their pre-construction team by appointing Jonathan Spyvee to the position of Design Manager.

Having spent the previous four years with Westpile, Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the new role. Key responsibilities include; managing the design team, supporting the pre-construction work-winning teams, supporting on-site operations, developing design methods and mentoring graduates.

Prior to joining Westpile, Jonathan spent eight years in the piling industry having graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Surrey. He was one of the first batch of students to undertake the ICE scholarship scheme and is now actively involved with the University, helping to deliver the scheme and develop the next generation of geotechnical engineers.

Commenting on the recent appointment, Jonathan said: “I’m looking forward to developing our in-house design capabilities to offer engineered solutions for our valued customers. Identifying and reducing risks, along with recommending a range of alternative solutions will be a key part of this new role.”

Business Unit Manager, Matt Walpole, added: “Jonathan’s experience and expertise made him a stand out candidate for this role. His knowledge of geotechnical design and his ability to develop a scheme by offering range of solutions is invaluable to our clients.”

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