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Suppliers of: Access Platforms, Access Towers, Roof ladders, Roof ladders, Rooftop access.

Easi-Dec Access Systems supply a range of products to provide Safe Working At Height.

Part of Kee Safety. Easi-Dec have may years of experience in providing access platforms, ladders, low level & interior platforms, solar installation product and roof access systems. With a nationwide Sales & Hire network, Esi-Dec provides Access Solutions for the Contruction, Maintenance, Windows and Roofing Industries.

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Main Products Ranges:

Access Platforms:

  • Easi-Dec: The original Easi-Dec platform provides simple, safe rapid access up to roof line level, whilst spanning building obstructions such as porches and bay windows. 
  • Roofline: The Roofline System is one or more Easi-Dec platforms linked securely with our Catwalk to form a continuous fully-guarded platform.
  • Mono-Dec: Mono-Dec provides simple, rapid access to roofline level, for a single worker in a matter of minutes.
  • Trimline: The Trimline System has been designed specifically for fascia, soffit or gutter replacement on average sized homes.
  • Window-Dec: Window-Dec, a purpose designed access platform, incorporating a lifting mechanism for replacement windows.

Solar Installation Products:

  • Solar Platform: The Solar Platform is purpose designed with the help of the solar industry.
  • Solar Access System: Our Solar Access System has been designed to gain safe access up to roof level, releasing installers from dependence on scaffolding.
  • Solar Ladder: Easy and safe access over solar panels during installation and maintenance.

Roof Access Equipment:

  • Roof-Walk: A fully guarded rolling work platform mounted on twin tracks to enable you to move up and down the roof.
  • Body-Guard: The Body-Guard system is designed specifically for domestic edge protection, with a choice of either resting against the fascia or on the roof edge.
  • Valley-Walk: Lightweight mobile cage for one or two persons, specifically designed for light maintenance of valley gutters.
  • Board-Walk: A lightweight aluminium walkway, which allows access from eaves to ridge whilst spreading the load on support battens and provides the user with a safer working position.

Low Level & Interior Access:

  • Walk-Thru Stairwell Access: The clever design of Walk-Thru provides users with a stable working platform above a staircase, whilst still allowing access up the stairs to the first floor.
  • Platerer’s Mate: The Plasterer’s Mate safety platform is designed specifically for low level interior work to walls and ceilings.
  • Loft Hatchway Safety Cover: The Loft Hatchway Safety Cover is intended to provide a strong, safe simple to use temporary cover for protection during work in domestic lofts.
  • Joist Safety Matting: Our Joist Safety Matting is designed specifically for the safe laying of loft insulation between joists.

Ladder Products:

  • Conservatory Roof Ladder: The clever Conservatory Roof Ladder provides access to every area of the conservatory, making all maintenance work easier, swifter, and safer.
  • Painter’s Mate: Painter’s Mate is a very fast, lightweight and safe personal mini access platform ideal not just for painting, but for any external short duration work at heights of up to 8M (reach).
  • Hands Free Ladder: Hands-free working is possible with our high-quality, lightweight Hands-Free Ladder.
  • Ladder Spurs: Ladder Spurs are designed to increase the base width of your ladder and prevent outward slip.
  • Ladder Stand-Off: The Ladder Stand-Off is manufactured entirely of aluminium and is designed to safety access corners, obstacles, eaves and up onto roof edges.
  • Anchor-Fix: Anchor-Fix is designed to widen the base of your ladder and greatly help stability on sloping ground.
  • Sign & Panel Lifter: Sign & Panel Lifter is based upon a quality 2 or 3 section aluminium extension ladder manufactured to EN131 with a permantly fitted Rope and Pulley Hoist to enable up to 50Kg to be safely lifted.

Further technical information, prices and Accessories are available through the Easi-Dec Website.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

1. Easi-Dec Product Brochure 2017
Roof Access Platforms

Published [27/06/17]File size [3649 KB]

Easi Dec Conservatory Roof Access System
Conservatory Roof Access

Published [27/06/17]File size [6648 KB]

Easi Dec Self Closing Gate Brochure
Safety Gates

Published [27/06/17]File size [334 KB]

Easi-Dec Access Platform
access platform

Published [27/06/17]File size [719 KB]

Easi-Dec Access Platform Systems

Published [27/06/17]File size [768 KB]

Easi-Dec Anchor Fix Assembly

Published [27/06/17]File size [394 KB]

Easi-Dec Basic Assembly Platform

Published [27/06/17]File size [648 KB]

Easi-Dec Board Walk Assembly

Published [27/06/17]File size [3240 KB]

Easi-Dec Catwalk Assembly Brochure

Published [27/06/17]File size [418 KB]

Easi-Dec Catwalk End Support Frame Assembly

Published [27/06/17]File size [427 KB]

Easi-Dec Corner Access Kit Assembly

Published [27/06/17]File size [694 KB]

Easi-Dec Dormer Platform Assembly

Published [27/06/17]File size [721 KB]

Easi-Dec Double Dormers Assembly Guide
Double Dormer Platform

Published [27/06/17]File size [979 KB]

Easi-Dec Hands Free Ladder
Hands Free Ladder

Published [27/06/17]File size [385 KB]

Easi-Dec Industrial Roof Access
Board-Walk, Roof Walk, Valley Walk

Published [26/04/16]File size [704 KB]

Easi-Dec Ladder Safety Accessories

Published [22/07/15]File size [693 KB]

Easi-Dec Loft Safety Cover & Joist Matting
Loft Safety Cover & Joist Matting

Published [30/06/16]File size [543 KB]

Easi-Dec Mono-Dec Rapid Access to Roofline

Published [26/04/16]File size [623 KB]

Easi-Dec Plasterers Mate Ladder
Safe, professional, low-level working solution

Published [22/07/15]File size [539 KB]

Easi-Dec Roofline Platform Systems

Published [27/06/17]File size [818 KB]

Easi-Dec Sign and Panel Lifter
Safe, quick means of lifting lightweight objects up to ladder height

Published [27/06/17]File size [345 KB]

Easi-Dec Solar Access System
safe access up to roof level

Published [26/04/16]File size [811 KB]

Easi-Dec Solar Panel Bridging Ladder

Published [26/04/16]File size [473 KB]

Easi-Dec Solar Platform
platform on adjustable telescopic legs

Published [26/04/16]File size [774 KB]

Easi-Dec Trim Line System
professional work platform, access platform

Published [26/04/16]File size [724 KB]

Easi-Dec Valley Walk Assembly

Published [27/06/17]File size [520 KB]

Easi-Dec Walk Thru Stairwell Access

Published [22/07/15]File size [465 KB]

ACCESS LADDERS Conservatory Roof Access .
ACCESS LADDERS Safety Hoops Combined .
ACCESS PLATFORMS Catwalk Systems Combined .
ACCESS PLATFORMS Dormer Window Double Dormer
ACCESS PLATFORMS Lifting Hoist Combined .
ACCESS PLATFORMS Lifting Hoist Combined Window Lifting Mechanism
ACCESS PLATFORMS Lightweight Portable Detachable Ladder
ACCESS PLATFORMS Lightweight Portable Roofline Level
ACCESS PLATFORMS Low Level Safety Platforms Roll-Up Decking
ACCESS PLATFORMS Rolling Window Bar .
ACCESS PLATFORMS Roof Mounted Roof Safety
ACCESS PLATFORMS Solar Installation Applications .
ACCESS PLATFORMS Stairwell Maintenance Roll-Up Decking
ANCHORAGE SYSTEM Ladder Foot Fixing Ladder Footing Fixing System
GATES Safety Gates EN 13374 Class A CE Marked
GATES Safety Gates EN ISO 14122 Parts 3 and 4
GATES Safety Gates External
GATES Safety Gates Industrial
GATES Safety Gates Self-Closing
JOIST Portable Safety Matting Loft Insulation Laying Applications
LADDER Accessories .
LADDER Levellers .
LADDER Safety Accessories Retrofit HSE Guidelines
LADDER Safety Braces .
LADDER Stabilisers .
LADDER Stand-Off Devices .
LADDERS Hands-Free Safety Harness and Wall Tie-In Combined
LADDERS Lifting Hoist Combined Security Screen Positioning
LADDERS Lifting Hoist Combined Sign and Panel Lifters
LADDERS Lifting Hoist Combined Up to 50kg
LADDERS Mini Access Platform Combined .
LOFT ACCESS DOORS Hatchway Safety Covers Temporary
ROOF LADDERS Solar Panel Bridging .
ROOF WALKWAYS Rooftop Walkway Systems .
ROOF WALKWAYS Rooftop Walkway Systems Safety Walkways
ANCHOR-FIX Ladder Safety Accessories
BOARD-WALK Rooftop Walkways
KEE GATE Self Closing Gate Closer
LADDER-SPURS Ladder Safety Accessories
MONO-DEC Access Platforms
PAINTERS MATE Access Platforms
PLASTERERS MATE Mobile Access Platforms
ROOF-WALK Rooftop Walkways
ROOFLINE Roof Access Systems
SOLAR Roof Access Systems
SOLAR-DEC Access Platforms
STAND-OFF Ladder Safety Accessories
TRIMLINE Access Platforms
VALLEY-WALK Rooftop Walkways
WALK THRU Access Systems
WALK-THROUGH Access Platforms
WINDOW-DEC Access Platforms

Easi-Dec - Come and see us at Safety & Health Expo 2018!

May 2018

17 April 2018
Come and see us at Safety & Health Expo 2018!

Easi-Dec will be exhibiting at Safety & Health Expo, ExCel, London from 19th-21st June 2018. Come along and see us on Stand M370!

Safety & Health Expo 2018 is a leading event for health and safety, where key associations, manufacturers, distributors and industry leaders come together to discuss how to change the perception of health and safety and keep workers and environments safe.

Easi-Dec developed a high-tech alternative to scaffolding in 1985 after the introduction of stringent safety laws, and ever since then the development of innovative solutions for safe working at height has been the ethos of the company. Easi-Dec now produces a range of products for both roofline or low level access designed to provide access solutions for on-site working.

Our Easi-Dec Access Platform offers simple, safe rapid access up to roofline level, whilst spanning building obstructions such as porches and bay windows.

Visit us on Stand M370 and drop off your business card for a chance to win a magnum of Champagne.

Our product experts will be on hand to give you all the information you need.

To book your ticket to the Safety and Health Expo to make sure you don’t miss out.

Safe painting and decorating from Easi-Dec

May 2018

3 April 2018
Safe painting and decorating from Easi-Dec

By Soni Sheimar, Easi-Dec General Manager

Exterior painting and decorating is a challenging job at best and risky, if not dangerous, at worst. It often combines the risks associated with decorating with the dangers of working at height, which we all know is inherently dangerous.

Alongside all the usual risks of painting and decorating, such as accidental electrocution, exposure to asbestos, manual handling and machinery and tools, you will often find yourself in a position where a task cannot be completed from the ground, as recommended in the work at height hierarchy.

When confronted by these tasks, such as gutterwork and painting the upper storey of a house, you might think a ladder is the best solution. However, ladders come with their own risks, and ladders account for around 40% of falls from height accidents investigated by the Health & Safety Executive in workplaces in the UK each year.

That’s where our Painters Mate comes in. Also known as the ‘Platform Ladder’, the Painters Mate is a very fast, lightweight and safe personal mini access platform ideal for any external short duration work at heights of up to 8 metres (reach).

Featuring a secure gated platform and a special detachable ladder, the Painters Mate is both light enough to 'lift and shift' whilst still assembled, and easily transportable.

At its core, the Painters Mate is an extendable aluminium ladder with a mini-access platform on the top and additional support at the base. Though this might sound strange to some, the platform at the top helps minimise the disorientation which can occur when you lean to the left or right on a regular, everyday ladder, providing a sense of security to the user.

In an independent product review for Tool Business + Hire magazine, Peter Brett said: "I am a self-confessed scaredy-cat on ladders, but was immensely impressed with Platform Ladder. In my opinion it is a brilliant device that increases the safety of working at height by a large margin. The quality of the product is self-evident and I am sure will last a lifetime."

The Painters Mate also features rear stabilisers, an auto-locking safety gate, large rubber levelling feet and a wall tie-off. The ladder and platform themselves consist of just a few lightweight components making the whole system easy to build, move and store. It is perfect for the decorator on the move.

For more information on the Painters Mate, or any of our products, call us on 01767 691812 or use our online

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