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Suppliers of: Polycarbonate Sheets,coloured Polycarbonate Sheet, curved polycarbonate Polycarbonate Glazing Systems, Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet, Reinforced Polycarbonate roofing, profiled Polycarbonate Domed Rooflights,

Rockwell Sheet Sales Limited is a specialist supplier of plastics for UK building industry. The company operates from two centrally located sites in the West Midlands, including a 3 hectare HQ/distribution centre in Millisons Wood, Coventry.

Rockwell offer a wide range of polycarbonate and plastic building materials and we specialise in the supply of bespoke multiwall polycarbonate glazing systems for pitched or curved roofing and vertical glazing applications. We also supply ranges of coloured polycarbonate sheets.

Coloured / Curved Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets.

We supply multiwall polycarbonate sheet in a choice of thickness’s which is supplied manufactured to the required length without quantity restrictions. With pitched and vertical glazing systems, the glazing channels and polycarbonate sheets can be supplied in lengths up to 10Mtrs, curved sheet systems can be supplied to free span openings up to 5Mtrs. To help satisfy HSE & CDM regulations we are also able to offer Class B ‘Non Fragile’ roofing assemblies to ACR(M)001:2005.

Our Products include but are not limited to:


Canopy & Walkway Coverings

  • Colourful canopy coverings - System 655 is available from our UK stock in 9 attractive translucent coloured sheet finishes

  • Pitched / Flat canopy coverings - With 9 sheet finishes and rated a Class B Non-Fragile roofing assembly, System 655/16 is a popular choice for canopies and walkway structures within schools and municipal/public buildings, where as System R600/R1000 with its unique polycarbonate jointing bar is the perfect cover for multi-use games and sports areas. For budget applications, choose from a number of OndaPLUS+GrecaPLUS+ and SmartPLUS+ multi-wall corrugated polycarbonate sheet profiles and our new ’glazing bar free’ EasyCLIK.

  • Curved / Barrel canopy coverings - Available to free span openings up to 5mtr, System 655/16 Curved is a bespoke glazing system suitable for barrel vault coverings of various radii. For budget applications, both OndaPLUS+ and GrecaPLUS+ multi-wall corrugated polycarbonate sheet profiles can be supplied pre-curved to 3500mm and 6000mm radii.
  • Cantilevered canopies - REACH is a bespoke cantilevered canopy system which is manufactured to the required length with projections between 650mm and 2000mm. Offered in a choice of sheet colours and profile finishes, the REACH canopy has a number of possible uses.

Rooflights & Northlights:

  • Curved / Barel rooflights - Available to free span openings up to 5mtr, System 655/16 Curved is a bespoke glazing system suitable for barrel vault rooflights of various radii. For budget applications, OndaPLUS+, GrecaPLUS+ and TecnoPLUS+ multi-wall corrugated polycarbonate sheet profiles can also be supplied pre-curved to 3500mm and 6000mm radii.
  • Pitched / Flat rooflights - System 655/16 and System R600/R1000 are complete polycarbonate glazing systems suitable for extended runs of flat rooflights and northlights.

Vertical Glazing Systems

Rockwell supply a variety of systems suitable for vertical glazing applications. Module 500-40 is our flagship 40mm thick interlocking polycarbonate sheet system which offers excellent thermal insulation and light transmission. Module 500-16 is a 16mm thick sheet which features the same interlocking design as its 40mm namesake and is suitable for shorter/internal spans which require lower insulation values. System 655-16 is a traditional 16mm sheet & glazing bar system which has the added benefit of being available from our stock without quantity restriction in various translucent coloured sheet finishes. Rockwell’s glazing systems include a unique ‘hooked edge’ sheet design that by simply snapping down into open topped plastic coated steel glazing channel our glazing system allows panels to be secured without additional fixing. Our hooked edge system is quick to fit and does not require specialist installers. EasyCLIK - a simple 250mm wide x 16mm thick snap together multiwall polycarbonate sheet that is supplied manufactured to length or in standard stock lengths. 

Rainscreen Cladding

Rockwell supply a variety of polycarbonate sheets and glazing systems which are suitable for rainscreen cladding. Module 500/40 is a modern glazing system incorporating 40mm thick interlocking polycarbonate sheets. Manufactured to the required length/height in 500mm sheet widths, the durable multiwall panels have the ability to transmit the maximum available natural light into any building whilst providing excellent thermal insulation. Ideally suited for use as clerestory glazing, northlights, facades and feature rainscreens, System 655/16 is a multiwall polycarbonate vertical glazing system that combines good thermal insulation and natural light transmission with streamline aesthetics.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet

  • SmartPLUS+ - A 2.5 mm thick twinwall polycarbonate sheet for general roofing and vertical glazing.
  • OndaPLUS+ - A corrugated triplewall polycarbonate sheet extruded in 4mm and 6mm sheet thicknesses to a standard European profile (Euro 177/51).
  • GrecaPLUS+ - Is a range of a corrugated polycarbonate sheet, 1000mm wide, available in a range of thicknesses and profiles, with either a triplewall or honeycomb internal structure.
  • TechnoPLUS+ - Offering the standard benefits of GrecaPLUS+ multiwall corrugated polycarbonate sheet, TechnoPLUS+ also incorporates a preassembled anti fall grid to provide additional security to soft bodied impacts.

Flat Polycarbonate Sheet

  • CarboPLUS+ 20mm - A perfect replacement for any 20mm polycarbonate sheet typically found as a standard sheet thickness on conservatories supplied by a large DIY chain in the late c.1990’s - CarboPLUS+ 20mm is a standard multiwall polycarbonate sheet readily available from our UK stock.
  • CarboPLUS+ ULTRA - Is a multiwall polycarbonate sheet reinforced with a 1.4mm thick UV protected external layer.
  • EasyCLIK - Featuring double sided UV protection, EasyCLIK is an ideal choice for lightweight, low cost canopy and lean-to roofing as well as general vertical glazing, partitions and interior/set design applications.

Interior & Set Design

Rockwell supply a huge range of roofing and glazing products which are also successfully utilised for interiors, shopfitting, exhibition and set design applications.

Commercial Lining Products

  • Railway arch lining - Rockwell’s established lining system can transform railway arches from dark and damp environments into pleasant work, storage, retail or leisure space.

Agricultural Building Products

  • PERFOLUX - a corrosion resistant windbreak system which provides excellent light transmission whilst enabling draught-free ventilation.

  • PERFO2 - Is the first 100% non-corroding, antibacterial ventilating ceiling for livestock buildings.

Technical Advise.

The Millisons Wood HQ is home to the company’s specialist technical team who are happy to offer advice to architects, specifiers and contractors on the suitability of Rockwell products.

Our Comprehensive Range.

Rockwell’s other products include Glazing Bars, Multiwall polycarbonate sheet in thickness’s from 4mm to 35mm in a choice of sheet sizes and colours; Polygreca corrugated polycarbonate sheet; Polystar - snap together, polycarbonate ‘glass blocks’, Hard surface coated solid polycarbonate sheet; Safe-six ‘non fragile’ Pvc and Grp Big Six profiled rooflights and Hygienic wall and ceiling linings. For further information please visit or call 0330 057 9550


Further technical information and guidance is available on the BPi download Library

ARCHITECTURAL Glazing Systems .
CANOPIES Architectural .
CANOPIES Architectural Barrelvault
CANOPIES Cantilevered .
CANOPIES Commercial .
CANOPIES Polycarbonate Glazing .
CANOPIES Purpose Made .
CANOPIES Solar Shades Shading / Sunshades .
CANOPIES Walkways .
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Profiled Sheets Corrugated
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Profiled Sheets Curved
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Profiled Sheets Polycarbonate
CONSERVATORY ROOFS Roofing Systems Polycarbonate
CONSERVATORY ROOFS Roofing Systems Polycarbonate Multiwall
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Fire Rated EN 13501-1 B-s1, d0 (UK Class 0)
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Profile Types 3 Inch Profile Replacement
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Profile Types 6 Inch Profile Replacement
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Profile Types Asbestos Cement Replacement
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Translucent: Polycarbonate
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Translucent: Polycarbonate Curved
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Translucent: Polycarbonate Multiwall
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Translucent: Polycarbonate UV Protection
CORRUGATED PANELS/SHEETS Translucent: Rooflight Applications
DECKING Composite Timber .
DECKING Composite Timber Slip Resistant
DECKING Composite Timber Wood Plastic Composite
DECKING Recycled Material Wood Appearance
GEOGRIDS Earth Retention .
GEOGRIDS Erosion Control .
GEOGRIDS Ground Stabilisation .
GEOGRIDS Soil Reinforcement .
GLAZING Accessories .
GLAZING Anti-Vandal .
GLAZING Bar Systems .
GLAZING Bar Systems Structural
GLAZING Bars: Aluminium
GLAZING Bars: Aluminium Coloured
GLAZING Bars: Aluminium for Polycarbonate Sheet
GLAZING Northlight Replacement Polycarbonate Insulating
GLAZING Panel Systems .
GLAZING Panels Polycarbonate
GLAZING Polycarbonate .
GLAZING Polycarbonate Arena Applications
GLAZING Polycarbonate Coloured
GLAZING Polycarbonate Greenhouses
GLAZING Polycarbonate High Light Transmission
GLAZING Polycarbonate Industrial
GLAZING Polycarbonate Insulating
GLAZING Polycarbonate Interlocking Systems
GLAZING Polycarbonate Multiwall
GLAZING Polycarbonate Multiwall Curved
GLAZING Polycarbonate Solar Control
GLAZING Polycarbonate Stadium Roof Applications
GLAZING Security Glazing .
GLAZING Sheets Unbreakable .
GLAZING Systems .
GLAZING Systems Aluminium Framed Polycarbonate
GLAZING Systems Barrelvault
GLAZING Systems Canopy
GLAZING Systems Covered Walkway
GLAZING Systems Steel Framed Polycarbonate
GLAZING Systems Steel Framed Polycarbonate, Curved
GLAZING Systems Steel Framed Polycarbonate, Purpose Made
GLAZING Vertical: .
GLAZING Vertical: Polycarbonate Interlocking
GRASS REINFORCEMENT Pavers Recycled Plastic
GRAVEL Stabilisation Systems .
GROUND REINFORCEMENT Lightweight Plastic Tiles .
INSULATION BOARDS Roof Lining Warm Roofs
PAVERS Grass Reinforcing .
PAVERS Grass Reinforcing Recycled Plastic
RAILWAY ARCHES Lining Systems .
ROAD CONSTRUCTION SubBase Stabilisation .
ROOFING SHEETS Polycarbonate .
ROOFING SHEETS Polycarbonate Insulating .
ROOFING SHEETS Polycarbonate Multiwall .
ROOFING SHEETS Profiled GRP Translucent
ROOFING SHEETS Translucent .
ROOFING SHEETS Translucent Profiled .
ROOFLIGHT Sheets Polycarbonate
ROOFLIGHTS Acrylic ACR(M)001:2000 Class B .
ROOFLIGHTS Barrelvault Double Pitch
ROOFLIGHTS Barrelvault Low Profile .
ROOFLIGHTS Barrelvault Semi-Circular .
ROOFLIGHTS Continuous Double Pitch, Barrel
ROOFLIGHTS Corrugated .
ROOFLIGHTS Covered Ways .
ROOFLIGHTS Energy Efficient Part L Compliant .
ROOFLIGHTS Flat Fixed Flat Flush
ROOFLIGHTS Glazing Bar Systems .
ROOFLIGHTS Insulating Double, Triple Skin Insulated, Insulation
ROOFLIGHTS Northlight Replacement .
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate .
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Anti-Glare .
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Industrial .
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Opal .
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Quadruple Wall Fourwall Qiad Skin
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Solar Control .
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Tinted Bronze Diffused
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Triplewall Triple Skin
ROOFLIGHTS Polycarbonate Twinwall Double Skin
ROOFLIGHTS Purpose Made Bespoke Non Standard Sizes
SECURITY Glazing See Also GLAZING: Security Glazing
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Acrylic Coloured
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate .
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Abrasion Resistant
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Coloured
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Curved
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Decorative
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Fire Rated EN 13501-1 Class B-s1, d0 (UK Class 0)
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Fire Retardant
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Formable
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Four Wall
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Insulating
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Interlocking
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Multiwall
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Solar Control
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Solar Inserts
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Triple Wall
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate Twin Wall
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Polycarbonate UV Resistant
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Acrylic
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Cellular Polycarbonate
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Coloured
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Diffused Lighting Applications
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Direct Light
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Fire Retardant
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Fire Retardant BS 476
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Multiwalled
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Opal Finish
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Polycarbonate -See Also SHEETS:FLAT:Polycarbonate
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: Twin Wall
SHEETS: FLAT: RIGID Translucent: UV Screening
SKYLIGHT Glazing Multiwall Polycarbonate
SKYLIGHTS Barrelvault .
SKYLIGHTS For Profiled Roof Sheets .
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WALKWAYS Glazed Walkways
WALKWAYS Polycarbonate Glazed .
WALKWAYS Purpose Made .
DYNOGRID Ground Reinforcement
EASYCLICK Polycarbonate Glazing
EASYPIU Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
GRECAPLUS Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
HEATGUARD Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
MODULAR Polycarbonate Sheets
MODULAR 500/16 Interlocking Polycarbonate Glazing
MODULAR 500/40 Interlocking Polycarbonate Glazing
MODULE 500/16 Interlocking Polycarbonate Glazing
MODULE 500/40 Interlocking Polycarbonate Glazing
ONDAPLUS Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
PALGUARD Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets
PALRAM Polycarbonate Sheets
PALSUN Polycarbonate Sheets
PALTUF Polycarbonate Sheets
PANELPIU Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
PERFOLUX Polycarbonate Sheets
PERSPEX Cast Acrylic
POLYGRECA Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets
POLYWAVE Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets
REVERSPIU Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets
SMARTPLUS Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets
SUNLITE Polycarbonate Sheets
SYSTEM 655/16 Polycarbonate Glazing Systems

Rockwell Exchanges Contracts on Prime Elephant & Castle Site

March 2020

Rockwell Exchanges Contracts on Prime Elephant & Castle Site

Rockwell has exchanged contracts on the Salvation Army Headquarters at 101 Newington Causeway in the London Borough of Southwark. The freehold purchase, in the heart of Elephant and Castle, is one of the last major opportunities in the regeneration of the area and offers outstanding scope to redevelop the existing office buildings. The disposal is to support Salvation Army’s relocation to new headquarters within the Borough at Denmark Hill.

Elephant and Castle has benefitted from major investment in recent years, with redevelopment proposals including the Shopping Centre and Elephant Park set to deliver a substantial amount of new residential, office and commercial space. In total, more than £4bn is being invested into the area’s regeneration, with redevelopment of the former Salvation Army headquarters able to contribute significantly to the vibrancy and vitality of the town centre.

Rockwell has had an impressive start to 2020 with planning permission secured for Quay House in Canary Wharf alongside the commencement of development at 82 West India Dock Road, adjacent to Westferry DLR station, following a £106m investment deal with Aviva Investors.

Rockwell has established a reputation for its commitment to local communities, going above and beyond to ensure they benefit from investment in their area. This is achieved through partnership with local organisations, such as the London Training Centre and Boundary Community School, who are currently delivering training programmes to ensure that local people have the skills and confidence necessary to find employment in forthcoming developments.

Donal Mulryan, Founder of Rockwell commented: “Elephant and Castle is undoubtedly one of the most exciting areas in London and the Salvation Army headquarters is an exceptional site which we’re delighted to be bringing forward. Rockwell has an absolute commitment to ensuring that local people benefit directly from each proposal and to working in partnership with local organisations to achieve this. I’m excited to begin work on a scheme which will have a positive impact on the lives of local people and the vibrancy of the town centre.”

The Salvation Army has been advised on the disposal of 101 Newington Causeway by Savills.

Andrew Cox, Savills Development Director, says: “Savills undertook an extensive marketing campaign that generated huge interest in this landmark site. The Salvation Army believe that Rockwell had enough vision and track record to deliver on the site. Elephant and Castle is undergoing significant regeneration. This sale clearly demonstrates the depth of the market in this part of south London and the improved confidence in the London land market. We are delighted to transact with Rockwell on behalf of our key client The Salvation Army”.

Construction begins on Rockwell’s 30 storey tower in Canary Wharf

January 2020

London: 15 January 2020: Rockwell has today begun construction on the scheme at 82 West India Dock Road which will include London’s largest and tallest Premier Inn hotel, alongside new homes, adjacent to Westferry DLR station. The £151m project will mark Westferry as a destination and rejuvenate the formerly derelict site.

The new mixed-use scheme, which sits between West India Dock and Limehouse Causeway, was granted planning permission in October 2018 by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. John Sisk & Son are the appointed contractors for the development, which is scheduled for completion in early 2022.

Rockwell will create the landmark scheme at Canary Wharf which will also include a restaurant, café, gym facilities and a landscaped pocket park, alongside communal gardens for new residents. Designed by architects SimpsonHaugh, the 30-storey mixed-use development is a gateway to Canary Wharf’s central cluster.

A marker for the area, the scheme will create significant employment opportunities in the hospitality and leisure industry and will create 66 new residential properties, of which 18 will be affordable homes, located within the same building - responding to the growing demand for affordable housing in the borough.

Donal Mulryan, Founder of Rockwell commented: “We are immensely proud to break ground on this landmark building which will be an important asset for the area, providing significant benefits for the local community with the creation of numerous jobs for local people, enhanced public realm and much needed new homes. We look forward to working with our contractors John Sisk & Son to deliver this high-quality hotel-led scheme, and look forward to delivering similar high-quality schemes in the future.”

Ajaz Shafi, Regional Managing Director at John Sisk & Son added: “We are delighted to be working with the Rockwell team on this exceptional project. We have used smart thinking and an innovative approach to the design, planning and delivery of this high rise building on a tight footprint in London. Sisk works in close collaboration with all the key stakeholders to ensure we deliver quality projects, safely, which meet the needs of the community and our client. Our track record in this type of project and our strong supply chain partnerships in the region are key to the successful delivery of this development.”

Louise Woodruff, Property Acquisitions Manager - Outer London, Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants explained: “This is a landmark hotel for us as it will be the tallest Premier Inn in the UK and, aside from our hotels at Gatwick and Heathrow Airports, it will also be our largest in London at 400 bedrooms. It’s great to see construction begin on such a fantastic development which will make a positive contribution to Tower Hamlets by creating local jobs alongside new public areas and affordable homes.”

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